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Gamer's Health Guide: 3 Products Every Gamer Needs

12 March 2021

If you are an avid game, spending long hours in front of the screen is probably part of the daily routine. A gamer's grind is constant! While nothing beats the feeling of unlocking the next level, we understand that e-gaming can be challenging and eventually take a toll on your body and health.

Stiff muscles, neck pain, carpal tunnel, incorrect posture, aching joints, and back pain are some of the most common effects experienced by gamers all around. And let's be honest – we are all tired of it and want nothing more than a more comfortable experience to double the fun.

The good news is that the right gaming gear and accessories can help minimize the risks and elevate your gaming experience. To make things easy for you, we present you with a list of the top 3 products that will allow you to upgrade the gaming hours without compromising your health.

Top 3 Products to Elevate the Gaming Experience

Here are the top three products and gaming accessories that will not only enhance your comfort level but will also help boost your performance. Without further ado – let's dive in!

1. Ergonomic Office Chair

This one may sound confusing – why an office chair when you can simply opt for a gaming chair? Well, for one, you may find ergonomic office chairs to be less expensive as compared to gaming chairs. Plus, they are also designed for prolonged sitting with features that prevent common discomforts associated with gaming. Research has shown the benefits of ergonomic furniture on not only physical but also mental wellbeing.

Generally, ergonomic chairs conform to the body's shape to provide better support to the spine and keep your joints and tissue in a neutral and natural position. They are customizable, so you may be able to adjust the seat height, depth, tilt angle, etc. To support good posture, it is recommended to adjust the height of the chair in a way that allows you to place your feet flat on the ground and your knees at a 90° angle in the sitting position.

Furthermore, an ergo office chair with mesh offers better ventilation, which means you can forget about sweaty gaming sessions and stay cool and calm at all times. One of the most affordable ergo office chairs with all necessary features for gamers is FlexiSpot Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair. With its sleek and modern look, this ergo office chair will fit right in with your gaming station.

Featuring a cutting-edge ergo design, this office chair provides a highly comfortable sitting experience. Thanks to the next-level 3D lumbar support system, you can finally say goodbye to the back pain. It features a soft-rebound system, bionic-engineered curve, and 3-tier height adjustment options to ensure maximum benefits.

Apart from that, the advanced 4D armrest is also adjustable in four dimensions. The chair is also fully customizable. While everything about this chair is great, one thing that we particularly love is the mesh backrest that allows your body to dissipate heat naturally. The best quality striped polyester used in the construction allows air to circulate behind the back, keeping sweat at bay.


FlexiSpot Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair

2. Dual Monitor Mount for Better

Who doesn't love dual monitors? Double screens double the fun! It's even better if you can configure the monitors in any way you want. This is where a dual monitor mount comes in. It features two monitor arms that can hold the monitor screen for endless configuration options.

Being able to adjust the height, angle, and depth of the monitors can make a world of difference in the gaming environment. According to Esports Health Care, the size of the monitor in inches is the ideal distance you should position the screen from your face. However, regardless of the screen size, the distance should not increase by more than 20 inches. Also, try to level 1/3 to 1/4 of the monitor with your eyes, tilting the screen slightly upwards.

It can help maintain a good gaming posture to reduce back pain, neck pain, shoulder stiffness, eye strain, and other similar pains and discomforts. Considering all, a dual monitor mount is a necessity for gamers who love the views on the double screen.

Whether you want to create a widescreen by joining two monitors horizontally or prefer a portrait view offered by vertically adjoined monitors, the dual mount has got you covered. You can also adjust the monitors in different modes simultaneously. Furthermore, the mount allows you to position the monitors back to back and even use different-sized monitors. It also perfect for tasks beyond gaming. For instance, you can use your dual monitor mount when designing or editing to compare different versions side by side on different screens.

However, keep in mind that all dual monitors are not built the same way. Therefore, for maximum benefit, make sure you invest in only the best product. Flexispot Dual Monitor Mount F7D/F8LD is one of our top picks. It is fully adjustable and highly responsive, meaning you can rotate, swivel, extend, or tilt the screen with the lightest touch of the finger.

It comes with a built-in cable management system to hide and organize the annoying and potentially dangerous cables. The experience will elevate once you remove the clutter from your gaming station – and your headspace.

Another reason why we love these monitor mounts is that they are super easy to install. Unlike some other products in the market that takes Bob-the-Builder level skills, these monitors ensure hassle-free installation. You will have your monitor on the mount in just a few minutes!


3. Good Quality Speakers

Audio is an important part of the gaming experience. Most gamers choose headphones. However, wearing headphones for extended periods can eventually lead to pain and pressure in the head area. Studies have shown that extensive use, especially with loud sound settings, can also cause hearing problems and ear infections. Therefore, a better option is to invest in speakers. It will eliminate the hassle of wearing headphones and give you the same high-level audio experience!



Bonus: RGB Lighting!

While RGB lights are usually used for aesthetic purposes, pro gamers know that the lighting setup can also affect your performance. RGB lighting keyboards are currently extremely popular amongst gamers because while they may not offer many health benefits, they look super cool and aesthetically appealing. The soft light also makes it easy to locate the keys even in the dark. RGB lights are a bonus product that can level up your gaming setup!



The Bottom Line

This brings us to the end of our health guide for gamers. With the above-mentioned products and accessories in your gaming arsenal, you can upgrade your experience, avoid needless pain and aches, and take care of your body. Remember, your health should always be your top priority. For more ergonomic and gaming products and accessories, visit FlexiSpot.

Happy gaming!