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Gaming Chairs: Are They Helpful for Your Back?

13 July 2021

For people who work or stay seated most of their days, it is a known fact that their bodies are confined to stationary movements or even suffer from poor posture. The issue is further heightened for gamers. 

Those who stay in one position or slouch while playing their beloved computer games increase the risk for backaches and sore neck and shoulders.

Because of those concerns, the market has paved the way for introducing ergonomic chairs for a more comfortable experience. Ergonomics indeed can help the user become more comfortable even while seated for hours on end.

Gamers might have come across the idea of getting an ergonomic gaming chair but not sure if that is all it could offer. Some may even think that once they took a break from gaming that these chairs would not serve their purpose anymore.

The most typical question is whether to choose a standard office chair or a less modest gaming chair with its undoubtedly flashy attributes.

Even if you are not a gamer, there are a few convincing reasons why a gaming chair should be your next workplace chair if you have lower back pain. However, as is always the case, the devil is in the details.

Continue reading to learn when a gaming chair is better for your back than a regular office chair.

What are the many types of postures that cause back pain?

To begin with, extended sitting as part of a sedentary lifestyle puts you at a higher risk of getting back discomfort, regardless of how you sit. This is because any sitting posture puts greater pressure on your spine than standing does 

When you combine increased backpressure with decreased blood circulation, it is easy to see why people who sit for long periods are significantly more likely to develop back pain.

What distinguishes gaming chairs from standard office chairs?

Modern gaming chairs are primarily modeled after racing car seats, making them easily distinguishable.

Here is a short comparison of the two sorts of chairs before we get into whether gaming chairs are good – or better – for your back than ordinary office chairs:

Gaming chairs have bucket seat pan designs while office chairs are flat. Most of these premier ergonomic chairs have a high level of recline together with fixed headrests. Typical office chairs have plain and simple colors and styles with average ergonomic qualities.

Some of the design decisions made by gaming seats are ergonomically beneficial, while others are not.

Gaming Chairs: Are They What You Need for a Proper Posture?

Yes, gaming seats are healthy for your back, especially when compared to less expensive office or task chairs. 

High backrests and neck pillows are common design features in gaming seats, and they all contribute to giving optimum back support while encouraging proper posture.

Gaming chairs frequently have a high back. This means it provides comprehensive back support, as well as support for your head, neck, and shoulders.

High backrest gaming chair

The vertebral column, sometimes known as the spine, runs the length of your back. If you suffer back problems, a chair with a tall backrest would better support your entire column when you sit, rather than just your lower back, as many office chairs are meant to do.

Backrest heights in gaming chairs commonly range from 30′′ to 33′′. Make sure it is tall enough to cover your complete torso by measuring yourself.

The backrests of most gaming chairs have "wings" that are simply decorative, styled after those on race car seats that keep the driver in place when he swirls left and right.

If you are a big person, search for a backrest with no wings or one that is especially wide so your back has ample room to move about while you sit.

Recline with a Sturdy Backrest

Most gaming chairs have substantial tilting and reclining capabilities, which is one of the qualities that makes them so wonderful for your back.

Even a sub-$100 gaming chair allows you to tilt, rock, and recline the backrest past 135 degrees, with some even allowing you to recline to nearly 180 degrees. When compared to cheap office chairs, you will typically discover a mid-backrest that just tilts 10 – 15 degrees back, and that is about it.

You can reach a back-friendly recline angle with almost all gaming chairs, although this is normally only achievable with more expensive office chairs.

Slouching is not the same as reclining. Slouching causes your entire body to move forward, compressing your neck, chest, and lower back. One of the worst positions for back discomfort is slouching.

Because you are compelled to slide forward to relieve strain on your back, you are unknowingly adding to it. Office chairs with backrests that do not recline might encourage slouching and poor posture.

Neck Pillow for External Use

Almost all gaming seats come with an external neck pillow that supports your neck well, especially when you are reclining. As a result, your shoulders and upper back will be more relaxed.

Because all gaming chairs are height adjustable, the neck cushion on one fits perfectly into the curvature of your cervical spine. This allows you to lean back while keeping your spine in its natural position and maintaining a neutral posture.

However, some office chairs offer even better neck support because the neck support is a separate component that can be adjusted in both height and angle. 

Even yet, the cervical spine support seen in gaming chairs is a step in the right way in terms of ergonomics.

What to Look for in a Back-friendly Gaming Chair

While the overall design of gaming seats can aid with back problems, there are a few things to look for when selecting a gaming chair.

Nothing is more crucial than ensuring that the gaming chair's dimensions are correct for your body. Everything from neck pain to back pain to sciatica can be aggravated by a mismatched chair.

Final Verdict

Using a gaming chair will not help you win games, but it will protect your back, encourage appropriate posture, and reduce your risk of getting back and neck problems. 

Gaming chairs, in comparison to cheap office chairs, are often more comfortable and ergonomic. The Gaming Chair GC02 of FlexiSpot will make you one satisfied gamer, try it now for yourself!