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George Mueller: A Man of Great Faith

07 July 2021

Living today is more difficult than before. We are facing more uncertainties about the future and surprisingly even disasters happen sporadically in some parts of the world which are of great magnitude causing loss of lives and limbs. Most scientists claim these disastrous weather conditions and calamities like earthquakes happen due to climate change and most of them are man-made.  

Our environment is badly damaged because most people do not care about it such that nature seems to fight us back. The damage we did to nature obviously backfires and the effect on us is sometimes monstrous and catastrophic such as powerful earthquakes and storms, heavy flooding, and flash floods. In the midst of all of these, we are still facing the coronavirus pandemic that is taking a heavy toll on our lives.

I do not want to sound like I am preaching. But it seems that we do not have any alternative for these eventualities but to turn to God for guidance and safety. We can no longer rely on people alone or scientists to do something about natural calamities because they are sometimes baffled why these things are happening around us and almost around the world. We are in situations that are so severe and people sometimes feel helpless.

Climate change and global warming turn temperatures so high that many people are adversely affected.

Some are even losing their lives because of the intensely hot weather conditions. In another part of the world, people suffer from heavy flooding and landslides that also claimed people’s lives. 

I think it is not too late for us to focus on our environment and contribute something. Even marine animals are affected by the plastic and other kinds of trash we dump and dispose of unceasingly to the bodies of water causing bodies of water to be more polluted and damaging for marine life.

On the positive side of things, we can resolve environmental problems if we have the resolve to do so even in our small way such as dumping our garbage properly including products that are made of plastic which really adversely affect not only our surroundings but marine life as well.

This is also the time to turn to the Supreme Being for guidance and faith to help us in these times of turmoil and anxiety that beset us. I repeat I am not really preaching for any kind of religion here.  

This is just my point of view and if these ideas were run counter to yours, it is fine for we have our own individual differences with different ways of thinking about things around us and our personal lives. I just want you to be inspired like me, by a man who made great things without asking directly for financial help from others. 

I came across the name of George Mueller through my friend who told me about him.

She said that this great man was able to build houses for thousands of children and orphans without asking for financial aid from other people. Donations come through his unceasing and long hours of prayer for all the things he needed to establish buildings to house the poor children and orphans in England that began in 1836.  

The orphanage began in his rented house in |Bristol to accommodate some girls and then later had some houses to shelter boys and other younger children. To take care of more children he established more houses as orphanages without requesting for donations and he did not incur debt to build them. 

He did it through constant prayers to obtain financial help through spiritual means and his great belief in God made it possible to take care, feed, clothe, and educate the orphaned children with the help of his wife and other people who voluntarily made donations for his projects. Teaching children included academics and bible reading. 

After his death, The George Mueller Foundation pursued his work” maintaining the key principle of seeking money through prayer alone.” (

The life of George Mueller for me is an immense inspiration for one to pray to God when all else fails and when we could not find any solution to our personal problems and eventualities involving nature such as severe storms and heavy flooding, powerful earthquakes that we may experience that could adversely affect us. 

We can avoid stress and other emotional problems through prayers and faith in God. Like George Mueller, we can also overcome financial difficulties by turning to constant prayers with doubtless faith and your prayers will be answered in God’s time and the best for you.

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Having enormous faith like George Mueller’s is achievable when you have that great faith in God and that all things are possible with Him. You can surmount life’s ups and downs through incessant prayers with faith and meditation. Doing these while sitting on the Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair will be the most comfortable sitting experience you will ever have.