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Get Your Green On: How Plants Are Good For You

16 April 2021

Furnishing your home with plants is one of the best trends. Plants show to minimize tension, increase indoor air quality, and even quiet background noise. Because of the benefits they provide, we should consider them a must rather than an ornamental piece because good health should never go outdated. While the current trend dictates a lighter touch with the greenery, the reality is that houseplants should be timeless. 

Indoor plants benefit your mental and physical health you might not be aware of. These perks have existed long before our newfound love for greenery.



Better air

According to research, indoor plants help remove common contaminants and indoor pollutants like formaldehyde and benzene from the air. Furniture and flooring, as well as household items you may not think of, such as air fresheners and nail polish, can release formaldehyde into the air. 

The ability of plants to filter the air depends on a variety of circumstances, including the size of the plant and area and the amount of pollutants in the air, but 6 to 8 medium to large plants placed in a large room should be sufficient to make a significant difference in the air quality.

Rubber plants are among the most reliable house plants for removing contaminants like formaldehyde from your indoor air. The rubber plant grows more effective at reducing toxic elements from the environment as time passes.


A study showed that patients recuperating from surgery who had plants in their rooms wanted less pain medication, had lower blood pressure and heart rate, and felt less anxiety and weariness than those who did not have greenery in their rooms. It can help you recover faster from an illness, injury, or surgery if you can look at plants, flowers, or natural views.

Some plants can also help with physical ailments. The aloe vera plant has a variety of medicinal properties, including the ability to clean the air. Aloe vera is used to heal skin inflammations. The gel contained inside an aloe plant can help heal cuts and treat burns, including sunburn. 


Plants in the home or work have shown to have a beneficial impact on the inhabitants, diminishing tension and exhaustion while also increasing productivity. Plants were vital to human survival. Today, this natural link to them manifested as a decrease in anxiety and an increase in calmness and health, which affects a person's ability to be imaginative and focus on duties. 

Mental Health

Plants help us feel more comfortable and happy by enhancing our levels of positivity. They may also aid in the alleviation of loneliness and depression. Caring for a living thing gives us a sense of mission and satisfaction, particularly when a plant you've been lovingly tending blooms.



Any urban jungle's central idea is to imitate nature's incredible variety of animals, sizes, shapes, and colors. Combination and variety are essential when planning your own, just as it is in nature. The first step in building your indoor jungle is to combine plants of various sizes. 

The Plants

Below are some plant suggestions that can get you started:

  • Air plants and terrarium: You might experiment with some unique plants, such as air plants, or build your terrariums. These plant ecosystems need little attention and don't require any special preservation skills. Despite what the name suggests, air-plants need watering. Terrariums are typically grown in small glass containers, while air plants are common in glass globes. 

  • Cacti and succulents: Succulents and cacti thrive in dry soil and thrive on neglect. Water them less often than the other plants. You may put them closer to the windows to absorb as much light as possible, and keeping them cool and dry during the winter is all that is needed.

  • Crawling plants: Crawling and climbing plants have a dramatic impact. The string of pearls (Senecio rowleyanus) is a succulent that thrives in bright light and dry conditions, making it a low-maintenance creeper. The best way to grow string of pearls is in a hanging basket. Creeping figs are known for their rapid growth and prefer a dry climate, so don't overwater them. 

If you're thinking about buying a big plant, make your inquiry first to save money. Some of the large plants are:

  • Ficus Lyrata

  • Bird of Paradise

  • Pancake plant

  • Banana tree

  • Alocasia

  • Swiss cheese plant


You can go wild with colors and patterns, or you can stick to a color scheme and experiment with shapes and sizes. Use items such as a stool, a side table, terracotta plant pot, a small bench, or a plant stand to build the different levels. 


Natural wood elements go well with greens, black, and white. Choose accent colors, such as gold, for smaller items to make them stand out. The contrast between the gold and the wood will create a more modest neutral feel with a luxury hint. To keep the effect uncluttered and provide a sense of calm, combine the plants with different types of simple wood and bamboo types. The Kana Bamboo Standing Desk (Eco & Pro) by FlexiSpot is especially applicable to those who love combining nature with their workspace.

Nothing compares to the natural beauty of bamboo. To keep the beautiful, natural grain of each bamboo strip, FlexiSpot uses lateral compression technology and offers both rectangular and curved boards, as well as three different desktop sizes for fans of traditional and trendy, modern design. Every desk is made from mature bamboo, which has twice the durability and elasticity of regular wood. 

Make a wise decision by purchasing the  Kana Bamboo Standing Desk (Eco & Pro)FlexiSpot uses renewable bamboo and an eco-friendly lacquer coating that meets the stringent E0 standards to provide you with an environmentally friendly option.



Wiping the lush leaves of a green friend is a gentle, meditative gesture that can help relax the mind and feed the soul. A new leaf growth on the end of a much-loved plant is one of life's greatest joys. Choose shapes and forms that have meaning for you and that you think will look good in your space. Be ready for any setbacks. Your habit of caring for your green buddies will become more natural as time goes by.