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Getting Rid of Belly Fat

28 May 2021

Have you measured your waistline lately? If you are a man and your waistline is more than 40 inches, or if you’re a woman who's pver 35 inches, it is time to go to the gym and start your physical exercise to lose at least 10% of your belly fat. 

Why do we have to lose excess fat to maintain our physical health?

Before we delve into this question, we need to under that all fat (or adipose tissue) is not the same. Fat on the hips, thighs, arms, is less risky for our health. The reason is that the fat is stored right under the skin.

On the other hand, most belly fat (visceral adipose tissues)” lies within the abdominal cavity, surrounding the intestines, liver, kidneys, and other organs. The excess fat in this area is linked to increased risk of diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, even cancer, and dementia.”

If we are in this situation, we have to lose weight and burn that fat because belly fat or visceral fat problems could be addressed with weight loss programs because fat is lost when we lose weight. That is good news for everybody including me.

When I was working through the years, I observed that I developed belly fat as I work sitting for long hours in the office. During lunch break and short coffee breaks, I stood up to go to the cafeteria to eat my lunch, and naturally, I sat down to eat. I did not have the time to exercise during weekdays or even on weekends because I felt exhausted and just wanted to sleep almost the whole day. I think that leading a lifestyle with no exercise is not good at all.

How I lost my belly fat...

When we had aerobic exercises during lunch through the courtesy of our company, I thought that it helped a lot to lose my belly fat. I also considered eating less during dinner. Some of my officemates suggested that I follow the “after 6:00 pm” diet. That is, not eating food after 6:00 p.m. But sometimes I broke this rule because I really got hungry after this time that I needed to have some snacks such as sandwiches, cereals or fruits with coffee. I am a coffee lover, for your information.

Another thing that we have to look into is our sleeping habits. Based on the same article, lack of sleep tends to make our bodies bigger. That is, we gain more weight when we don’t sleep adequately. We know that we should sleep at least 8 (eight ) hours a day. But for some reasons, such as working in different shifts or working at night may possibly deprive us of some hours of sleep. In other words, it is really important to have eight hours of sleep as much as possible.

Being exposed to the sun is also good for our physical health. The Vitamin D that we get from the sun may possibly prevent us from contracting diseases such as blood pressure, diabetes, overweight, and excessive abdominal fat. 

So it is really necessary to burn excess fat from our body to stay healthy. Physical exercises could be done at home or even in the office if we allow time for them. Doing simple physical exercise such as running in place, bending, flexing your arms, etc. may possibly help to burn some fat when we exercise and perspire.

There is also physical fitness equipment we can use to exercise and burn our belly fat. One company that sells good exercise equipment is FlexiSpot. It is trusted by millions all over the world that is why the products are guaranteed to be excellent in quality and durability.

The AB Foldable Rowing LCL is one of the best exercise equipment, especially for belly fat. 

It has smart features that would make an effective exercise to burn fat, especially in the abdomen.

● The LIONSCOOL 2-in-1 rowing and AB machine is a potent workout machine

● It has a large LCD monitor that displays time, count, calories total count, and scan

● The foot pedal is non-slip so exercising is smooth and safe

● The rowing mode has two (2) level adjustable resistance. So you could choose the intensity of your workout

● There are two dynamic handles for more exercises

● The handles are ergonomic, with high-quality pulley set, which is quieter and smoother

● The cushion is soft and comfortable with double orientation (front and back)

I think this workout machine is very effective to eliminate belly fat and when coupled with a new eating pattern. These days, we really need to be healthy as the pandemic is still lurking among us. And being healthy is a good investment because we can work and earn money when we are physically fit. Being ill robs us of good opportunities to better our lives with our family. If we do not make some changes in our lifestyle for our own good and our family, then we are less likely to succeed with any endeavor we want to choose and aspire to be.

For more details about the rowing workout machine, please visit FlexiSpot’s website. There are great deals for the month of May so check it out. Choose your favorite fitness machine or an ergonomic table and chair for your home office or have it as a gift to your loved ones who will be celebrating their birthday next month. Gifting is the best way to show your affection and care for any member of your family or even for those closest to your heart.