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Gifting: An Expression of Emotion

17 May 2021

When I was a child, I was always excited when my birthday came because I am expecting gifts from my parents. I think everyone, young and old alike, wants to receive a gift whether there is special or not. But most likely we receive gifts when there is a special event like birthdays, weddings, baptisms, and others. 

We are always happy and excited to unwrap the gifts given to us especially if it is the one we are expecting to have. Some are happy to have any kind of gift, but some are disappointed a little bit because they are expecting a lot more from the gift giver.

Gift-giving did not start in modern times, but rather it began a very long time ago. Even during the civilization when Jesus was born. Three wise men came to the manger to pray homage and to bring their gifts to the newborn baby Jesus.

Why do you think you give gifts to others? Is it just a fad or something else.? Some say that giving gifts is a social behavior. People have emotions and feelings that they express their feelings that more than words can say. I think that is true. Human beings, having their feelings and emotions can communicate what they feel not only through verbal and not verbal forms.

Some Reasons for Giving Gifts

Other than giving gifts for special occasions like birthdays, there are underlying reasons for doing so such as:

● Making people feel they are special – sometimes people think that they are nobody because of the way we treat them. So, giving a gift to that ordinary person will make them feel a little special. The newspaper boy who unceasingly delivers your newspaper is appreciated with a little gift from you

● Expressing our love – this is usually our main reason for gifting. When we love a person and words are not sufficient to reveal our feelings, then we express our love with gifts. Whether it is romantic, agape, or filial love, we always give someone we love a special gift.

● Showing appreciation – sometimes we forget how people treat us kindly. And we can also show our appreciation to another person with a special note or gift regardless of the cost of the gift.

● To show you care – maybe your best friend does not realize how much you care, so a little something is well appreciated

● To appreciate a job well done – when your neighbor voluntarily mowed your backyard, and you think that he did it perfectly, then share that you appreciate what he did, then you might want to rush to a gift store to buy a perfect gift for your neighbor

● It is just inherent in you – even without any reason, you just want to express that you are happy and you feel you’re on top of the world, anyone who receives your gift will be happy, too. And that feeling is contagious! 

These days, many people, especially the young like to receive electronic gadgets or devices such as smartphones, PlayStation, among others. They prefer them because of the different lifestyles we have now. So, parents try to come up with these kinds of gifts for their children especially when they perform well in school.

But in the old days, they have, of course, different kinds of gifts that were also appreciated at that time which is much different than today: (

● 605-562 BC – King Nebuchadnezzar II gave the “Hanging Gardens of Babylon as a gift to his wife, Queen Amytis

● 1884 0 France gave the Statue of Liberty to America

● 1947 – Pres. Truman received the gift of a two-lane bowling alley installed in the White House

● 1968 – Paul Newman’s wife gave him the Rolex Cosmograph Daytona which was the most expensive watch ever sold at an auction

● 1972 – Richard Burton gave Elizabeth Taylor the Taylor – Burton 69-carat diamond

Indeed, gifting has been in our midst since immemorial that is carried on until today. Gifts come in different sizes and values, and sometimes we base our choice on the person who will receive the gift. And usually, we want gifts that will be remembered and will last for a long time. Some of those long-lasting gifts are jewelry, pieces of furniture, brick-a brac, among others. 

When you want to give a long-lasting gift, why not buy a standing desk for a family member who is working from home, or even your best friend, who is there with you through thick and thin. I am very sure they will appreciate a standing desk for the home office.

FlexiSpot, a leading manufacturing company in the world, specializes in ergonomic home office furniture that is worth your money. I want you to try Theodore Standing Desk-48" W, which has a rustic appeal but has the modern features of a standing desk ideal for working from home.

Salient Features of this Standing Desk

● The desk height is adjustable so that you can work with different postures to avoid excessive sitting that might cause neck or lumbar pain

● The integrated drawer lets you store all your office supplies needs, other objects that you need for your work

● The built-USB port lets you charge your devices such as your smartphone or tablet as you work productively

● It is easy to install with only 3 steps to follow.

● Ideal for any kind of space whether it is big or small

With those excellent features, would it not be a perfect work buddy? About its warranty, when the product is bought on or after October 5, 2016, it includes a 5-year warranty for the frame, motor, and other mechanisms, and a 2-year warranty for the controller and switch, and electronics. 

Shipping to 48 states in the U.S. from four warehouses via FedEx is free. How does that sound to you? You should visit the FlexiSpot website now so that you can see other ergonomic products that are worth purchasing especially these days that most employees and freelancers are working from home. It is just a click away!