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Advantages of Glass Tops and Wooden Tops

29 July 2021

The Features of an Ideal Office Desk

So, you might be wondering which desk would be more suitable for your newly renovated office. Hence, before you decide to purchase a new product, you must know the best features that would fit your preference.

If you're going to choose an office desk, it is best to choose the one that is ergonomic and could help you:

  • Practice the sit-stand movement often

In choosing the right desk for you, you must take note of this: the cause of spine-related injuries is the sedentary lifestyle that you get when you don't practice the sit-stand movement; when you spend time working seated and not standing or alternating movements every 30 minutes. Thus, you must choose the product that would help you manage this motion just like the standing desk from Flexispot that has this feature.  

  • Work on a table that has the even surface

This is important too. When you look for a product, it should have an even surface so you could put your office materials with ease. An uneven surface could cause a collision which may be dangerous for you. Thus, it is best to choose the desk products that would protect you from potential injuries such as the stand-up desk of Flexispot. 

  • Be protected against wobbly legs 

One of the disadvantages of non-ergonomic desks is most of them have wobbly legs or they are not stable. Thus, you must look for this kind of desk to protect you against collision and accidents. Thus, you may choose the standing desk products from Flexispot because they are created with sturdiness and stability; perfect for heavy-duty office materials. 

  • Avoid a sedentary lifestyle

For many people these days, work has become more challenging because they are not able to maintain an active lifestyle and they have done sedentary activities instead. Thus, it is more important to have a piece of equipment that could promote an active lifestyle. Hence, the sit-stand desks from Flexispot can provide the best ergonomic protection that could enhance and promote a more active lifestyle for most workers these days. 

At Flexispot, there is a wide selection of standing desks that could help promote an active lifestyle. Most of these standing desks have special features too that make them stand out in the market. At Flexispot, you may choose between a glass top and a wooden top. These desktops are considered superb in quality and could help you avoid a sedentary lifestyle.

The Superb Standing Desks from Flexispot

At Flexispot, you may choose from the various desk products that have unique qualities. Most of the bestselling ergonomic sit-stand desks from Flexispot are made with either a glass top or a wooden top. 

The amazing standing desk from Flexispot that has the glass top is the Comhar All-In-One Standing Desk Glass Top. This has a desktop that is glossy and classy. It is multi-functional too. If you want to have easy height adjustability, you may preset your desired height so you can just click it whenever you want it to go to the level that you have set on. So, if there are more than 2 family members in your house or you share space with your colleagues then this standing desk is good for you. 

If you need to charge your phone but you sit afar from the charging port, then this sit-stand desk is the most beneficial for you because It has 3 convenient charging ports (2 ports for Type A and 1 port for Type C). That's convenient! You could charge the most important devices on your workstation while you alternate your movements at work. 

Another, if you are sitting along with the linear workstation, this is suitable for small spaces. You would use this well because it has a lifting capacity of 110lbs so even in a narrow space, you could enjoy using this desk and you may ensure a smooth transition during work. 

Lastly, this standing desk has tempered glass that has round edges. Thus, you may ensure absolute safety because contrary to the misconception that a glass top has sharp edges, the Comhar All-In-One Standing Desk Glass top could provide convenience and safety when you use this at work. You don't need to worry that you might get hurt when you hit the edges of this stand-up desk with a glass top. 

Another type of desktop from Flexispot is the wooden top. At Flexispot, various standing desks have thick wooden desktops. Some of these standing desks from Flexispot are Willow Solid Wood Standing Desk (a standing desk that is powered by a dual-lifting system) and Esben Standing Desk UD5 (a standing desk that has an anti-collision system). Each of these desks is sturdy and durable because of the high-grade steel that holds the thick desktops. 

One of them, the Willow Solid Wood Standing desk has a top that is made of Rubberwood and Solid Wood Veneer which add durability to the standing desk. This desk also has the 3 different kinds of keypad sets: basic, standard, and advanced. All installed in 3 models for this amazing standing desk. So, you can ensure that this standing desk could provide you with the best ergonomic solutions and could lift your heavy devices. 

The other standing desk that has the wooden top is the Esben Standing Desk UD5. This is a sturdy desk that you can opt to have if you are after simplicity and durability. It comes in two different models: UD5EM and UD5M. Both models have the most reliable keypads too aside from their sturdy desktops. When you choose this standing desk, you may ensure a very superb desk for your office needs because this has a wooden desktop that could protect you against injury and collision that might happen with ordinary office tables.

Final Thoughts: 

So, looking at the features of the Standing Desk with a glass top and the sit-stand desk with wooden desktops, you would see that both of the Flexispot products could ensure durability, flexibility, and stability that are the best features of ideal standing desk products. Hence, choosing them to become part of your workstation, is the best choice. With Flexispot Standing Desks, you will be sure that you are ergonomically protected.