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Glow Up for Back to School 2021

24 August 2021

Going back to school means that you would be seeing your friends again, some of your crushes, and the whole student body. While some may not care at all, how you present yourself to the campus will have an effect on how you view yourself.

However, the current crisis may prevent you from going back just yet. There are still health concerns about whether it is even safe to do so. For now, students and teachers alike would have to make do by seeing and attending classes through a monitor.

But do you still need a glow-up? 

Absolutely! As long as you are doing it to feel good for yourself, there is no shame in trying to feel and look your best. After all, this is considered as another form of self-care. The positive change does not have to be overnight too. In addition, you need to cultivate and be disciplined to see the good results of your major glow up.

So how can I have my glow-up?

There are many ways to achieve a complete transformation that can blow everyone’s mind. But at FlexiSpot, we tackle these so-called flaws through ways that you can learn how to love yourself. As a bonus, we would also offer some study area glow-up tips to make you seem put together once classes begin!

Smiling teenage girl with green salad at home

1. Internal well-being

You are what you consume and that will always ring true. 

It goes without saying that consuming the proper nutrients that your body needs will give you a coveted glow to the skin, a nice physique, and overall good cognitive health. If you have watched documentaries about people who only subsist on fast food, artificial meals, or just want to eat one type of food, you will notice that it shows on the outside. The reason for this is your body needs to have the proper nutrients inside to build how you would look and feel outside. 

Along with consuming unhealthy meals, drinking too many sugary beverages can lead to a handful of health problems like a urinary tract infection, diabetes, and so much more. These conditions can be mild to life-threatening. Aside from your looks and internal health, your cognitive thinking is also affected. Good food that is dense with nutrients can help you achieve more in school as you supply your body with what it needs to function well. 

If you are having problems with consuming healthier alternatives, such as not liking the taste or texture, it is best to prepare your own meals so you can adjust accordingly. There are people who got converted to believe in the power of vegetables after years of avoiding these. And it only took a serving of well-seasoned veggies that they fancy. There are also individuals who hated the mouthfeel of vegetables but once they found the right texture for them, most are now looking forward to a heaping serving of a healthy and balanced meal. 

It goes without saying that what works for others may not necessarily work for you. So it is best to explore other alternatives to achieve your glow up with healthy eating. 

A. A study room’s internal well-being

 If you want an internal makeover for your study area, you should take into consideration the little and invisible things that could affect the space that you have. 

For example, if you have a leaky roof, it is best to remedy it now than waiting for the rain to remind you once again. It can be costly and time-consuming upfront but the long-term benefits are more worth it. 

You need to carefully and thoroughly examine the state of your study area so you can prevent other problems as soon as they arise.

2. Keep your light

There is just something so alluring and approachable with persons who exude lit from within glow that is not only on the superficial level. 

It is a known fact that people who tend to look at the bright side and smile more tend to look better too. One way you can achieve such a happy and light disposition is to always look at the positive sides of every situation. If you were looking forward to attending classes outside your house again but the global crisis has hindered your plans, always remember that it is better to be safe than sorry.

However, we do acknowledge that one individual cannot be happy 24/7 as life is not perfect. Take the time you need to cope, solve, or get over your melancholy and remember that life may not be perfect, but you will still go on. Acknowledging your feelings through healthy coping mechanisms can also assist you in appreciating the positives that will come once the sun has decided to shine down on you again. However, for those who are experiencing chronic negative moods, it is best to consult with a psychologist first.

Modern Table Lamp TA1001

B. A study area’s light

The source of light inside your study area matters. Having natural daylight whenever you are in video classes can help you look good as the soft light of the sun helps filter out skin texture that may otherwise show on the camera. 

For the times when you are studying at night, the Modern Table Lamp TA1001 and the Task lamp TA1004BK will shine a light on your lessons and assignments whenever you need them.

The two lamps from FlexiSpot are perfect to add in a study area that could otherwise be darker whenever the dark seeps inside the place. Furthermore, having the proper source of light whenever you are studying also assists you in preventing eye strain that could be an outcome of too much or too little illumination as you work hard.

3. The three P’s - Practice Proper Posture

Practicing proper posture even if you are inside the comforts of your own home is actually beneficial for your back-to-school glow-up journey. Individuals with great posture also tend to be viewed positively by their peers as they emanate confidence and power with just standing or sitting straight.

The way you could achieve great posture is through practicing with a stick behind your back. If the lower portion of your body tends to touch the majority of this stick, you need to straighten up to prevent future pains as well. 

Adjustable Standing Desk Pro Series

C. Practicing Proper Posture Inside the Study Area with FlexiSpot

To have great posture as you attend online classes, you must use ergonomic solutions inside the study area. Lucky for you because FlexiSpot is here to help with our wide array of choices that range from inexpensive yet effective solutions to premium ones.

Final Thoughts

While going back to school may not go according to your plan, you can have total control over your glow up. And with our tips that encompass both you and your study area, all of these would be a piece of cake especially with FlexiSpot by your side.