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Guidelines in Choosing the Perfect Home Office Desk

29 April 2022

Whether you liked it or not back then, you were one of the many employees that had to work at home when the pandemic hit. When vaccines were successfully rolled out, you still opted to work from home as an added precautionary measure against COVID-19. You also appreciated the work-life balance you achieved once you started working from home. Personally, I thought of it as very prudent.

Like you, I am now on a permanent work-from-home setup. Since it has been decided, I decided it’s finally time to invest in a desk that is suitable for my work and will allow me to easily organize my thoughts. Before getting a work-appropriate desk, I used my laptop on the kitchen table. I knew early on that I would need a home office desk sooner or later.

I scoured through many catalogs online and in physical stores. A lot checked my requirement for the desk to be stylish and go along with the aesthetic of my space. The many options I found overwhelmed me, considering also that this is my first time shopping for a work desk. I would want to help others narrow down their choices so I came up with this guide based on my own experience.


1. How will you use the office desk at home? Do you need it for drafting, drawing, or computer work? Will you use it for studying? Answer this and the choice would become a lot clearer.

spacious desk

2. Say that you will be dealing with a lot of paperwork, then you must have a spacious desk to fit your desktop, documents, and other desk essentials. You might benefit from a spacious desk with drawers and shelving to provide extra room. Your books, ledgers, spreadsheets, and other important documents are all easily within arms’ reach.

If you’re set on a desk and have mobile drawers, then you can plan on your desk layout, and how you’ll organize your files inside the many available compartments. This is the case if you opt for a desk without a built-in drawer.

Aside from the space, you must also look at your desk’s weight capacity. It should be able to carry all of your computer peripherals. You would need a sturdy desk, whether you’re working on a double, triple, or even quadruple monitor with the CPU, drawing tablets, and much more. A Pro-tip is to use an armoire for your office supplies and other peripherals so that they can be kept off your desk.

L-shaped desk

3. You may consider an L-shaped desk for this setup. If you are working in a corner of the room, the L-shaped desk would be perfect to maximize the space. If you are to place it in a bedroom, there would still be ample room for the other purposes of your bedroom including having your workspace in it.

If for instance, the nature of your work involves the computer only, then a spacious desk with built-in wiring holes for electrical connections is more than enough. The cable would last for a long time and also prevent any accidents that can be caused by entangled wires on the desk. This will allow anyone to focus and be productive in their work.

There are desks in the market that have a container for your CPU underneath, or an add-on for it. There are also desks that have built-in USB slots for charging your devices. You won’t need to be using the USB charging port on the CPU or a socket in the room that could be used for something else.

You may also use the L-shaped desk for meetings that are part of your job. It can also be used of course to deal with paperwork, meet up with your team, and many more functions. For instance, if your space is small and tight, you need something that is compact such as a mobile computer cart or a compact office desk.

desk height should be up to your elbows

4. After taking into consideration the nature of your work, you need to look at the ergonomics of your office desk. A perfect desk is spacious for you to move around freely and is also adjustable so that you work according to your preferred height. Ideally, the desk height should be up to your elbows. You’re in luck because the market has become highly innovative and has made available height-adjustable office desks. There are also desks with a pull-out keyboard tray that helps to keep clutter and dust away from your desk. The computer screen must be at least 20 inches away from your eyes so take into consideration the desk size to ensure the correct distance from your eyes is attained.


5. The next thing for you to consider is your budget. When we talk about budget, you have to look at not only the price of the desk but also its durability and sturdiness. If it will last you long enough, then you will be able to save money from repairs or replacements.

Comhar All in One Standing Desk Glass Top 48” W

6. Lastly, if you are also looking at the aesthetics of your home office, then you must pick a desk that would go along with the theme of your workspace. In this way, your desk won’t be an eyesore, especially since it would capture a big part of your workstation. For example, if your workstation has a nude and brown color palette, then you may want to get a desk that has a wood and clean finish.

I have found many options available at Flexispot. The Comhar All-in-One Standing Desk Glass Top 48” W stood out for me. Its design screams luxury, class, and versatility that it could go well with any color theme. Not to mention, it comes with eight customizable presets.

It boasts three USB ports conveniently placed for a wider range of compatibility. It also features a spacious embedded drawer that slides smoothly and seamlessly. Some people may be hesitant because the glass top seems fragile but it is scratch-free, stain-free, and very stable for your work computer.