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Handicraft in the Workstation Boosts Productivity

20 April 2021

Is your workstation boring and dull? There are  many ways you can transform your workstation at home in the office into a lively and decorative one to boost energy and  productivity.  You don’t have to spend much on buying hand-crafted products from your favorite handicraft store.  All you need to do is to plan how you would like your workstation  to look like to suit your taste and personality.  You can check on different websites where you can purchase the tools and materials you're going to use  for your handcrafted decor or brick a black for your desktop to make it more stylish. As you know, handicrafts are made by hand and only simple tools are needed to produce a beautiful and functional work of art made by your own hand and creative juices.  

For all you know, there are different types of handicrafts that could be made for your workstation.  For example, banner making which is an old craft of making banners through sewing using embroidery, fabric painting and patchwork among others.  If you want your workstation to look more personalized and attention-getter, and you're the type of person who loves to be the talk of the town. Then go for banner asking.   Make your workstation holler with colorful designs to display your name or inspiring quotes for the day.  That will surely make your day more productive and you will be more efficient, too.

Another nice handicraft to dabble in is the paper-mache. This type of handicraft only needs used  or old newspapers to cover some empty bottles with colorful mosaic designs on paper. Then cover those empty bottles to transform them into beautiful  organizers or flower vases on your desktop. Voila! A colorful day it is! 

If you wish to transform your seat  and desktop covers into a glam look, you can dabble in cross stitch or needlepoint.  You need to have a plain cloth or canvas, cross stitch needle and yarn.  You can surf the internet for different designs suited for your pieces of furniture in your workspace or work corner.  Some stores where you can buy the materials such as the canvas and yarn also sell different unique designs that are really eye-catching and colorful.  If you want more simple designs tailored fit to your personality, they will give some good advice on how to make such simple but beautiful designs. Your handcrafted covers will brighten your day.

If you enjoy making some design or patterns by knotting string together, you can spend your spare time dabbling in macrame'. This kind of handicraft needs only a few materials such as cords and strings coupled with your creativity. Knotting is the main method in making macrame' handicraft. 

How can macrame' designs on my workstation produce a good work environment and productivity? Well, we need first to know the uses of this handicraft for your workstation. First of all, the macrame handicraft can  be used for plant hangers and wall hangings. As such, you can hang your flower pots and plants in the corner of your workstation or in any place depending on your whim.  Flowers  and plants, especially the green ones create a peaceful and refreshing atmosphere.  They set the right mood for you to be energized and positive. This helps you to tackle your work efficiently and fast.  Seeing the flowers hanging on macrame' sets a cheerful mood. Thus when you're in a good mood, you are able to work more productively. Even the different patterns and designs of the knots are able to make you feel  better and light, ready to plunge yourself on the order of your work day.  It's really a different feeling of happiness and contentment.

A collage of pictures will certainly  give you a time travel experience for you. Going back in time when you were young, those fun days with your friends in the neighborhood, is a nostalgic experience.  The heydays is remembered through your photographs hanging on your workstations' walls. Your pictures mounted on the wall is also a creative handicraft to be busy with.  As we know, pictures tell a thousand stories that are inspiring, worth remembering. They will remind you of your failures and successes as well as future plans based on what you have accomplished so far. Photographs  are visual communication imparted that prompt you to do more for your success. 

Finally, if you enjoy making some small pieces of furniture, in other words you like carpentry, then go for it. Carpentry can be a hobby and it is a type of handicraft itself. With your ability to create furniture designs with your materials handy, you can do magic for your work area. A small wooden foot rest is good to place under your chair to make yourself more comfortable while working.  Your feet will be able to rest while you're sitting  on your desk. This is also  good for reduction of pressure on the lower back part of your body.  Thus, it will produce the right posture for your body.

On the whole, productivity is easy to attain with the right attitude and stimuli not always initiated by the company.  Although the company usually rewards employees with incentives in cash or kind, it is also a form of  commitment to the company or organization we work for.  We can make a commitment to be productive at work by initiating in transforming a workstation into a more suitable area to be productive through different types of handicrafts we can make for our workstation.

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