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Having a Standing Desk Balance Board is a Must for Standing Desks

22 April 2021

A standing desk is a great way to make the workday routine less sedentary and healthier. Sitting for extended periods can affect health. It’s the reason many tech companies do not provide chairs for their employees.

Treadmills are utilized under the standing desk, but it’s not suited for everyone. But with standing desk balance boards are a better alternative while standing still because it is less distracting, cheaper, and softer on the feet.

Balance boards are a great addition to any standing desk. They keep the mind and body active, enhancing focus and productivity. Additionally, the best balance boards for standing desks can reduce fatigue and prevent back pain, soreness, and fatigue. 

However, standing still at the desk can cause fatigue and back pain. The balance boards are useful in keeping the muscles engaged while standing, avoiding back pain and fatigue.

Balance boards are slowly becoming popular among users of the standing desk. An increasing number of standing desk users are looking for alternative ways to make their workday even less stationary, and being healthier. If the treadmill is too pricey, the alternative is to get a balance board.

There are all kinds of devices for balance training, physical therapy, and exercise on the market, with the office balance boards being the preferred choice for standing desks. But not every balance board can fulfill the needs of a standing desk user. 

Finding the Right Balance Board for Standing Desk

When comparing balance boards to other boards, they provide more homely, stability, and good aesthetics than any balance trainer, rocker board, or wobble cushion in the market. The balancing mechanisms can be used by both beginners and intermediate users, but will never get too intense to make it a challenge for advanced sports enthusiasts.

When looking for a balance board, it should give enough movement that will not distract the employee from work.

Here are the factors before making a choice:

  •  Balance board type – depending on the type of base of the board; for example, a hemisphere lets a board wobble, thus the name wobble board, while semi-circle support offers rocking motion, which in turn called the locker board.

  •  Deck size – for the tall user, use a bigger board to be more comfortable.

  •  Design – an aesthetic looking board can be purchased for the home or the office than looking like a gym or physical therapy clinic

  • Budget –  balance boards are affordable, with prices ranging from $20 to the more expensive ones at $489. Go to to find the most affordable and best balance boards.

Kinds of Balance Boards

There are different kinds of balance boards that can be used for balance training. They can be made for great physical therapy tools and provide challenges in the daily workout. Office balance boards are sub-divided into two types: rocker which rocks side to side and wobble which allows 360-degree movement.

  • Rocker Boards

It has a semi-circle base; a rocker board gives two positions of instability. It typically has a square deck with the board rocking either side to side or back and forth.

This can be used is for physical therapy and rehabilitation after an ankle injury or recovery from leg surgery.

  • Wobble Boards

The balancing board offers freedom of movement, it has a 360-degree tilt with a centered bowl-shaped base. The deck size will range from 15 to 20 inches.

Though it has balance issues but will give the right amount of freedom to unstable types. It’s best to choose a balance board with a removable base to switch from rocker to wobble type whenever requires. A wobble board is the best use for physical therapy and fitness and can improve balance while doing your routine workout.

  • Roller Boards

Though the roller board is a playful accent in a formal office environment, it is not a plaything. It gives the employee to exercise with. It requires extreme toe-heel and lateral movement, so concentration is a must. It can be a difficult challenge to master for even the expert balance board users.

  • Stand up Desk Balance Boards

Office balance boards definitely have a size advantage over all other boards. They are easier to balance on, which helps users keep focused on their work rather than physical exercise. An anesthetic balance board usually drives these boards to the higher end of the budget spectrum.

  • Balance Board Tilting Degree

The more elevated its tilting degree, the more difficult the balance board. To get a moderate challenge in the office, the balancing board with a 20-degree tilt should be able to wobble to activate the core and calf muscles. If proven unstable with unstable surfaces, though, it’s better to stick to 15-degrees or lower. To get more work out for the tilting balance board, it will take some learning.

Balance Board Size Importance

Generally, the smaller the balance board the more restricted users feel. Bigger board size is useful that allows the user to move in various stances that may exceed 20 inches. And balancing on a smaller unstable platform is more difficult than on a board with a bigger deck length of 25 or 30 inches which may take away concentration from work.

The height of the board is equally relevant. When the user lost focus on the task at hand which is balancing, getting off an unstable surface would pose an injury issue. The average height of an office balance board must not exceed 3.5 inches.

Budget Balance Board Alternatives

If the budget doesn’t in balance boards, there are less pricey alternatives for active standing. The use of inflatable cushions can be cheap alternatives but beware of their small sizes. There is also a higher chance of air loss and puncture.

Take Advantage of the Benefits of the Balance Board for Yourself

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