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Health Regimen in the Office

08 June 2021

Usually, we think that our body is naturally at its best at rest or outside of work. It is not wholly without any basis as out of work, we would have time for all the kinds of regimen that we have: skin regimen, exercise regimen, habits for mental health, and self-improvement. But we do have a choice to bring those healthy habits at work even if in-between times or incorporated in our 40-hour workweek or more.

Our body is the one thing we fully own and it is in our best interest to invest in it whenever and however we can.  

As employees, we are also the most important asset of the company as we keep the gears running. Most companies acknowledge this and they build specific facilities in the office and offer benefits in consideration of employee health. Examples of these are maternity or paternity benefits, gym memberships, health insurance, mental health hotlines, and other benefits like making sure that the volume of work is correct for employees and hiring more staff otherwise. There are also occasions that companies establish special interest clubs to help employees stay active and boost serotonin.  

For us employees, there are also steps that we can do ourselves to keep ourselves healthy and at our best. When these routines become a habit, you will notice a huge difference to your health, physical appearance, your social life, and also your mental health. Here are some tips that can help you establish a healthy routine everyday depending on your specific needs.  

We start creating healthy habits in the choices we make in the morning as we wake up.

The time we wake up sets the tone for the whole day and also sets how much time we have in our hands to make healthier choices. Most successful people wake up before 6 am or 3 hours before starting their workday. Usually, 20 minutes is enough depending on the habits you want to establish for your own health. 

As you usher in your new day, it is good to stretch and do a short exercise to wake your body up and start the blood pumping in your body. It would also give your mind a sense of clarity and prepare it for the day. The benefits from this routine are at its maximum when you have had good, complete sleep during the night.

Some experiments also show that people who exercise in the morning relied less on caffeine to prevent from being sluggish or sleepy at work. You will feel invigorated, alert and your body's circadian rhythm would be fixed so that at times alarm clocks would not be necessary. 

Hot vs. Cold Shower

After a short burst of exercise, it’s time to take a shower. The next question that may pop up is cold or hot shower best in the morning? Around the world, people have used hydrotherapy for the different health benefits it brings to the body. For cold showers, it is mainly used to lessen muscle spasms, inflammation, or swelling.

It also has a pain-relieving effect on the whole body. Blood circulation is improved and the following are significantly increased: heart rate, blood pressure., metabolism, and excretion of dopamine and norepinephrine. These hormones help people with ADHD focus and pay attention to details and daily workload.  

On the other hand, hot showers have another set of benefits and you would just have to choose which one would be applicable to your current body condition and which one would benefit you most. Warm water is good for anybody who has heart problems or genetically inclines to have heart problems. 

This is because the blood vessels naturally widen when exposed to heat. When this happens blood with its oxygen and micronutrients would travel more comfortably without restrictions where it's needed all over the body.  

Apart from that, a study has also shown that there is an improvement in muscle and joint health. The stiffness and hardness in the joints will be decreased by hot water. In 2018 there was also a study that concluded that it is also good for the nerve cells and promotes learning and memory. 

Usually, a hot shower or bath is recommended before sleeping as it relaxes the whole body and thus, would be conducive to a good quality sleep in the evening. 1 to 2 hours before sleeping is best for this. There is an exception for those who suffer from skin diseases like eczema though. Hot showers must be avoided so that the symptoms would not get worse.  

A healthy breakfast in the morning should be a standard for a healthier living.

Preparing your own healthy lunch would also be good not just for your budget but also your body. For snacks fruits and nuts should be your personal go-to as it can also aid you in handling stress and boost mental efficiency throughout your workday.

Stretching and Exercise

Staring at a computer all day isn’t healthy for your eyes so try to take breaks or away from your workstation for a while. While you're at it, you can do a little stretching and a little exercise while standing. This would help the body to have blood pumping to your legs which are constricted when you are sitting down. 

Taking the stairs or short walks to your meeting is also a good idea. During breaks, you might want to use it for a power nap or meditation, and watch yourself get recharged for the next half of your day.  The Vici Duplex Standing Desk at  FlexiSpot would be a great choice for both the office or at home. It is a versatile standing desk that you can use as one-tier or two tiers. You can have it raised up when you feel like it is time to take a break from sitting at work too long. You can have your snack or drink and it would be far from your computer if it is in two-tier mode. Even if not, it is still a spacious desk that you can work on and prevent varicose veins and others keep a healthy regimen in the office in place.