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Home Decor Tips for Sprucing Your Living Spaces with Accent Chairs

25 May 2021

When we think of redecorating our living spaces, it can be a challenging and exciting feat. We need to ensure all the pieces go together harmoniously to create a coherent look. You need to consider the furniture you add should gel well with the décor and the color scheme. You should also decide how to accessorize it to avoid going overboard, but a lot of that depends on your personal style. 

The Versatility of Accent Chairs  

When we talk of redecorating, the first thing that comes to our mind is accent chairs. Accent chairs, also known as occasional chairs, have earned the status of being the perfect complement to a room’s décor-any room’s décor, whether it’s your bedroom, living room, or your home office. If you delve deeper, the word accent in itself means to accentuate something, and this is exactly what this chair serves to do!

These standalone pieces will add an amalgamation of personality and practicality to your living space and project it in a new light—yes, that’s the effect a well-placed accent chair can have. While accent chairs are great and versatile, their placement is extremely important. If you position it the right way, you can highlight anything you want. Plus, it’s another seat in your living space!

Accent chairs are touted as a versatile option because they can be used to further any goal—whether it’s to create more seating, highlight a corner in a room, add a pop of color or simply fill up an empty space. But for it to be a successful and harmonious addition to your home, there needs to be coordination with the existing color scheme, texture, and style. 

Accent chairs come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors, making your task even more difficult. But with a little organization, you can make sure you find the best spot for this piece of furniture. This guide will help you get started!

Consider the Use of the Accent Chair 

The most important thing to consider is: why do you feel the need to spruce up your living space? Is it too empty and lackluster? Are you missing a few seating options near the coffee table? Or are you just looking to make a room more attractive? This will help you decide on the way you want to rearrange your living space. 

Consider the Available Space 

The accent chair needs to balance with the rest of the room. If you have a crowded space, you definitely need a smaller accent chair to avoid the room from looking too congested. Secondly, you need to define the focal point for your room and ensure the accent chair accentuates that. 

Tips on Decorating with Accent Chairs

There is a variety of accent chairs in the market. To get the maximum use out of these key players in any room, here are a few home décor tips that might help you make the right choices!

Get Matching Accent Chairs

While there is no cardinal rule about this, interior designers usually purport that if you plan on getting more than one accent chair, they should preferably match. The logic behind this is simple. An accent chair, as the name suggests, is supposed to pronounce everything around it so it should not take away too much focus. To ensure that, you should have identical accent chairs where one print or color does not steal the entire show!

In the same way, accent chairs should also match with the rest of the décor. While we’re all for contrast, there should be some harmony between the color scheme and the accent chair you choose to incorporate in the room. Simply put, it should flow with the hues. When you’re looking for the perfect accent chair, take pictures of that room to ensure you buy one that is in synchronization with the setting and color scheme. 

Keep Accent Chairs About 18 Inches Apart From Each Other

Once you have decided on the number of accent chairs you need in your room, don’t place them too close. This would just make your room, even a spacious one, appear congested. That’s the last thing you want because open places look more inviting than claustrophobic ones. 

As a general rule, you should place your accent chairs about 18 inches apart from each other, even if you’re using them as seating in the corner of the room. Anything less than this will just look too constricting. This will ensure a breathing space and avoid looking like you have just haphazardly piled up accent chairs! You can also keep a table or standing desk between the accent chairs to give a little break. Anything that is too monotonous is a big no-no!

Choose the Right Kind of Desk To Go With The Accent Chair

Now that we’re talking about adding a break between accent chairs, choosing the right kind of desk to suit both the chair and the room is very important. In recent times, adjustable standing desks have become a style statement and practical too, since they offer an ergonomic design. There are many reasons you need an adjustable desk, including a pain-free work experience and improved posture to name a few, especially in recent times in the wake of the pandemic and following work-from-home. 

If you have chosen a standing desk for your home office, you should choose an accent chair that complements it. With this, you can place an adjustable ergonomic accent chair that provides you with a convenient and stress-free experience during work from home. This also adds an element of professionalism, making the office setting stand out from the rest of the rooms! There needs to be a distinction between the living spaces in your home. Choosing the right accent chair and other furniture will help you achieve that. 

Add a Floor Lamp Next to the Accent Chair 

Accent chairs that are used to create a little chatting spot in the corner of the room can look ten times better with the addition of a floor lamp. This floor lamp with a shade will reduce eye strain and beautifully complement the accent chair. 

Interior designers claim that adding a floor lamp between two accent chairs will create a more inviting space for conversations and ultimately enhance the purpose of the accent chairs as well. 

Place the Accent Chair Underneath a Painting or Artwork 

If you have any treasured artwork in your house, you probably want it to be the focal point in your living room. To do that, placing an accent chair beneath will do the trick! After all, accent chairs are meant to attract attention towards the surroundings and this intelligent placement will do just that.

Just make sure that the upholstery and color of the accent chair have some coherence with the hues of the painting. With that taken care of, any visitor will most likely notice this corner in any living space, making your efforts worthwhile. 

Place Statement Accent Chairs in Spotlight

There are several kinds of accent chairs. Some focus on practicability while others are meant to enhance the look of any living space. The latter is commonly referred to as statement chairs as they usually feature a strong silhouette, color, design, or material. 

Among statement chairs, the scalloped accent chair is wildly popular, mainly because it is elegant yet unique, adding an element of oomph to your home. Statement accent chairs like these would be perfectly placed where can catch the spotlight. To excavate maximum use from statement accent chairs, position them in the hallway or near a window where it catches the sunlight. These accent chairs will add a little drama to your home, successfully elevating the look of any dull, boring space!

Here are just a few reasons why we love the Flexispot scalloped accent chair:

  • Stylistic feature with stunning, scalloped edges 
  • The curvature provides relief from sedentary pain
  • Velvet upholstery adds a little drama to any lackluster space
  • Available in a variety of beautiful colors: pink, blue, and grey 
  • Densely padded round seat provides comfort to the user


 Accent chairs are a great addition to any living space. If positioned correctly with our home décor tips with accent chairs, they have the power to turn a boring space into something attractive. However, you need to make sure you choose the right accent chair for the most appropriate room. If you’re looking for comfortable and classy accent chairs, head over to Flexispot to brose their ergonomic collection of accent chairs, with something for every room of your home!