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Home Ergonomics

02 October 2023

How can you incorporate ergonomics in the home? Ergonomics is the study of people while they are performing work and their routine tasks. It aims to reduce stress and strain on the body while simultaneously maximizing work quality and efficiency.

What Is Home Ergonomics?

Ergonomics is a relatively new concept and has recently gained much popularity. It was observed that people in the workplace spent their entire days performing their routine tasks without watching their health. Many would suffer from injuries caused due to fatigue, over-exertion, or sitting in incorrect postures for extended periods of time. It was seen that people were adjusting their bodies according to the tasks required and pushing their bodies, causing them to become overworked and stressed. It should ideally be the other way around. Ergonomics works towards developing ways to perform tasks that put the least amount of pressure on the body and are aligned with the body.

The Benefits Of Ergonomics In The Home:

Reduces the risk of injuries

Improves work efficiency

Boosts energy

Reduces back ache and other health problems

How Can You Apply Ergonomics At Home?

While most people associate ergonomics with the office, it can and should also be incorporated at home as many everyday tasks are performed at home as well. Ergonomics provides a guide to assist people in being more aware of their bodies and not to over-exert themselves when they feel they should stop.

In The Living Room

The living room is usually the most favorite room in the house and is the one where the most time is spent. The couches in the living room are sat on the most and are used for practically everything. They are used for entertaining, watching tv, gaming, sleeping, eating in front of the tv, using your phone, and even working on the laptop. If the couches in the living room are uncomfortable, It will affect you negatively in many ways. These include:

1. Suffering from a backache due to improper back and lumbar support of the couch

2. Having spinal alignment issues or postural problems due to reclining on the couch

3. Having postural problems from the incorrect height of the sofa or couch

4. Suffering from drowsiness due to dim lighting in the lounge. It is important to have large floor-to-ceiling windows in your living room to allow maximum natural lightinto the room. Natural light has many benefits, such as:

Uplifting your mood and energy

Waking you up

Making you feel energized and active

Making everything look brighter and more visible

Natural light prevents the release of melatonin in the body which is a sleep hormone so it prevents you from feeling drowsy and sleepy

Natural light also triggers the release of cortisol and dopamine, which are happy hormones that are natural mood lifters.

In The Kitchen

As mentioned above it is important to bring in as much natural light in the kitchen as possible by putting in large windows or a skylight. A brightly lit kitchen looks clean and inviting; it is the first room everyone enters in the morning. it should immediately wake you up and put you in a good mood, and it should be a place that you enjoy spending time in. A dimly lit kitchen or one that is gloomy does not give a welcoming vibe, and no one likes to spend time in a kitchen that is dark or dimly lit.

It is important to make sure that the kitchen has anti-slip mats. These prevent you from suffering from a bad fall in case there is a spill on the kitchen floor. Anti-slip mats prevent people from slipping and falling over wet floors and can prevent you from suffering from painful and sometimes critical injuries.

It is essential that the tools you use in the kitchen have a good-quality grip so that when you are handling them, they do not put extra or unnecessary pressure on your fingers, hands, or wrists.

Make sure to create a triangle workspace in the kitchen, maintaining adequate clearance space between the hob, the sink, and the fridge. This is because, during cooking, these are the three stations you will be using most frequently and will frequently need to go back and forth. A triangular design within the three keeps everything within easy access and prevents fatigue and risk of injury.

In The Bedroom

The bedroom is everyone's sanctuary and safe space. It is where we like to leave our worries behind the door, get into the comfort of our beds, relax, unwind, and allow our bodies to recuperate. If our bedroom is not providing us peace, restful sleep, and the ability to feel refreshed the next morning, then certain changes need to be made.

The bed is the most important piece of furniture in your room, and it is what we rely on to help us get energized and ready to take on the next day. Our beds must help us relax and support our muscles and our joints.

A mattress should have the following features:

It Should Not Be Too Soft

A mattress that is too soft or makes you sink into it may look very comfortable and luxurious but isn't the best for your spine and joints. It can cause your spine to become more curved than natural and can cause pain and discomfort in the back. it may cause you to wake up in more pain and feel more tired than when you went to sleep.

It Should Not Be Too Firm

A mattress that is too firm can be very uncomfortable to sleep on and doesn't provide adequate support to your body; it doesn't contour according to your body and can cause more pain than provide comfort.

Adjustable Bed

An adjustable bed can be easily controlled to elevate the head or legs. This is a great benefit for people who have joint pain, circulation problems, GERD, or are old and dependent on others to help them get in and out of bed. An adjustable bed can be controlled with the easy push of a button. It is ideal for people with disabilities or limited movement as it can be easily controlled with a button. They can raise their heads whenever they want to watch tv, eat a meal or get out of bed to go to the bathroom. They do not require another person's assistance, which can help them feel independent and in control.

An adjustable bed is also great for people suffering from GERD or acid reflux. They would normally need to stack pillows on top of one another to elevate their head to sleep, and this can be very tedious. Instead, they can easily elevate the frame of their bed from the head portion to sleep easily and prevent acid reflux.

FlexiSpot has some fantastic options for adjustable bed frames that can be bought online according to your preference.

Children's Room

Your kid's room would definitely require a study desk and chair as they enter school age. It is important to ensure that they sit on a proper study chair that provides adequate support and maintains their posture. Kids need study chairs to do their homework, work on projects, and study for their exams. You ideally want to get a chair that can be used for an extended period; therefore, it is best to get a chair with adjustable height and good quality material. The seat should be easy to clean so that it lasts a long time and remains fresh and new.

FlexiSpot has some great study chair options for kids that you can choose according to their preferences.

In The Home Office

If you work from home, it is emphasized that you set up a workstation or a corner for yourself, depending on the available space. Working from a couch or dining table is not feasible as this can wreck your posture and cause other health problems.

A home office can be a small corner in a brightly lit room in the house; all you need is an office desk and an office chair. FlexiSpot has you sorted as you can easily purchase your office furniture from here, which is bound to last you a long time. They are of excellent quality, durable, and easy to clean. They follow all the features of good ergonomics and should be incorporated into the home office.

Performing Tasks

When performing tasks like cleaning, picking up laundry baskets, lifting and moving furniture, or doing overhead tasks, be very careful to watch your posture. Jerky movements and lifting objects that are too heavy can be damaging for the back and can cause long-term problems.

The Final Word

Home ergonomics is extremely important as many routine tasks are done from home. It is important to look after your body, not push it to extremes. Learn ways to perform tasks more efficiently so that minimal physical effort is required. Invest in ergonomic furniture so your spine, back, shoulders and neck do not get injured.