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Home Office Ideas To Keep You Organized and Inspired

22 March 2020

Some say that a messy home office desk is the sign of creativity and that a messy desk doesn't actually limit productivity. Of course, it's possible for that to be true. However, we know that too many times, what's on the outside represents what's going on in the inside. So, in some cases, a messy home office means a messy mind and we both know that one of the biggest impediments to productivity is a cluttered head.

If this is true for you, how can you fix it? Is it even possible to fix it?

Well, the first thing you should probably know is that an organized home office doesn't mean neat piles and labels and sparkling-ness, so to speak. Instead, it means that your desk is arranged in such a way that you're able to get work done easier and quicker. Organizing your home office desk isn't about that. Instead, it's about arranging your desk in a way that makes your job easier to get done.

So how can you organize your desk and maximize your productivity? These five tips ought to guide you.

Needed Items Should Be Close By

Searching for materials like pens, paper and other work materials can be a needless waste of time. If there's a particular thing that you often use at work,  make sure to keep it somewhere you can easily get a hold of it.

This may be difficult for you if you have a small desk, and this may just be the right reason you need to get a bigger desk. An home office combo like the Value Electric Height Adjustable Desk EN1 W/ Monitor Mount would be a great fit if you want a large desk. Additionally, since it features an height adjustable desk, it would help you maintain great posture and relieve your spine of unnecessary stress.

Be Comfortable

How comfortable are you when working? Does your back ache? Do you, sometimes, feel the need to stand up and stretch for a bit? If your answers to these questions is yes, then you may not be able to reach full productivity.

For us to be at our best, it's important that our body isn't constantly yelling pain and discomfort at our minds. If your back hurts, it may be because your spine is bent out of shape by you sitting in the same position for too long. An easy fix for this would be to get a home office combo like the ClassicRiser Standing Desk Converters 47" M3B W/ Monitor Arm. It fits the height of most people, it has an easy switch, and it will save you loads of space. It’s also not so expensive compared to  the great relief you’d be bringing to your home office space.

Manage Your Clutter

Clutters are not entirely bad. But when it reaches a point where you don't know where what is, and you can't identify why half of the things on your desk are there, then it's problematic.

If you like clutters, try to have clutters with a purpose. That pile of the paper shouldn't be random, it should be a pile of papers you plan to work on soon. If you don't like clutter, or if it stops you from reaching maximum productivity, try to eliminate them. Use a paperless filing system if you must and make use of a file sorter.

If you've found out that clutters impede your productivity, then you should try to keep your desk as neat as possible. Pens, pencils, thumb drives, and paperclips are a great source of clutter, and if you are to have any hope of decluttering your desk, you must find somewhere to keep them.

You could either get a pen cup or purchase a home office combo product like the Value Electric Height Adjustable Desk EN1 W/ MonitorStand Workstation that comes with designer accessories that allow you to hang stationaries. As a plus, the Workstation comes with UV sterilization that sterilizes pens, phones and stationaries. So you can keep your desk neat, and you can keep your hands coronavirus free.

Have A Routine— But Try To Disrupt It When You Can

This may sound odd, but it's sound advice. Routines and schedules are great because they help you keep to time. However, the problem with having a schedule is that it's possible that they stifle your creativity. When it feels like your routine is starting to stop you from being creative, it means it's time to switch it up.

A friend of mine has a convenient and ingenious way of switching things up when he gets too sluggish. It's an All-in-One Desk Bike. It's the combination of a standing desk and a bike, that's why it's called a desk bike. Anytime he feels down or feels like switching things up, he cycles to get vitality back into his bones. The fact that the bike is a two in one solution means that you get two things for the price of one. That's a great deal, is it not?

Try To Be Happy

Happiness is the key to productivity. You'll hardly be able to get anything done if you're down all the time, so it's important that you surround yourself with things that make you happy. Decorate your office in a way that gives you joy, buys an office stereo, and experiment with natural lighting. All these are things that can improve your mental state and make you happier, and thus more productive.