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How a Standing Desk Can Help Realtor Close Every Deal

29 November 2021

The realty business is not for the faint-hearted. You have to know your market and have a convincing elevator pitch that can sway even the most tight-fisted prospective buyer. Most realtors depend on cold calling to make subtle propositions and deals that are too good to pass up.

For this reason, a realtor might consider getting a standing desk as it allows them to shift to comfortable positions when carrying out their tasks. Standing for too long makes most tasks a little tedious, but so does doing them while seated throughout.

Therefore, a standing desk can be a boon to a realtor in so many ways. These desks allow you to raise the desktop to a comfortable height when cold calling. You can also lower the desk when you sit down to finalize the paperwork after closing a deal.

If you’re a realtor reading this, you probably have a few deals to close today, and we should jump right into what you need.

Let’s take a look at some of the things you should look for in the ideal standing desk for realtors.

Standing Desk

What Should You Look for in the Ideal Standing Desk for Realtors?

The benefits of having a standing desk keep rolling in the more you think about it. However, standing desks are not all made the same! They come in many varieties that range from premium quality to knock-off brands. So, knowing what you need as a realtor can save you from loads of frustration.

Here are the minimum spec requirements of the ideal standing desk:

Minimum Specifications

Lifting capacity: 99 lbs

Adjustable height: 29.5 - 49.2 inch

Operating noise: less than 50dB

Desktop Size: 48"(W) x 24"(D)

Desktop thickness: 5.1”

No of Drawer: 2

Control panel: 6-button keypad

Lift mechanism: motorized

Stage legs: 2

Lift speed: 1” per second

Multi-functional Standing Desk Features

A standing desk comes with so many in-built features that give it a range of utility. Therefore, looking at such features can help you enhance your productivity and health.

Robust Desktop and Frame Construction

Insist on high-grade steel tubing as it builds the sturdiest frames. But, the quality of the finish is just as vital. A powder-coated finish makes your desk more resistant to dirt accumulation and corrosion.

Chipboard is a light and highly versatile material. It’s sturdy enough to hold up the highest stress while in use. Another benefit you get, especially if it has a thick laminate finish, is you won't experience weak spots and uneven bumps. This creates a seamless surface where you can draft agreements and do virtually any task requiring writing.

Desktop Space

It would be best to have a desktop with a surface wide enough to hold all your documents and other essentials. This makes it easier to reduce the clutter, which clears your mind for better productivity.

A 48” x 24” desktop size not only helps you reduce desktop clutter. It also gives you the space you need to house a Mesh Desk Organizer. You also get loads of room for ornaments, your keyboard & mouse, and even a dual-screen setup.

Once you lay all these essentials in place, your mind is clear to focus on the deals at hand. You don't have to fumble around your workstation when you need something when everything is laid out in plain sight.

Spacious Drawers

As a realtor, you probably have various marketing tools like brochures and pamphlets. Some may not fit onto your desktop organizer. Your standing desk's deep drawers give you the perfect place to store your overflow.

It also comes in handy to stash your camera, stationery, and other office equipment.

Advanced Height Adjustment Controls

Most standing desks feature a simple up/down button control interface. While this can be adequate for your needs, you can get more from an advanced control panel.

For instance, a 6-button control interface allows you to program more sit/stand positions into your desk. You don't have to set the height each time as it comes with memory functionality. Friendly alerts also come in quite handy. They remind you that you've been sitting for too long, and it's probably a good idea to stand up.

USB Charging Capabilities

Realty is all about finding elegant solutions to your client's pressing needs. Therefore, it is especially helpful if you have a business-related smartphone and another one for your social calendar. Charging these devices can be hectic and introduces cable clutter into your workstation.

So, opt for a standing desk that elegantly blends USB ports into the desk. This will help you look and stay more organized.

Collision Detection and Prevention Systems

The automatic collision avoidance system will stop the desk if it detects an obstacle while in motion, making sure to prevent any possible damage or injuries from occurring due to a potential collision with other objects placed under your workspace.

What Other Accessories or Furniture Do You Need to Get the Most Out of a Standing Desk for Realtors?

After settling on the ideal standing desk, there are a few more things to consider. You’ll probably spend loads of time in front of your computer. So, an office chair that pairs well and other accessories could make your life easier.

An Ergonomic Office Chair

1. An Ergonomic Office Chair

As a realtor, you also need a comfortable seat because your calls don't constitute all the activities you perform in the office. This is where an ergonomic High Back Office Chair comes into play. Below are a few features that justify this pairing:

S-Shape Waterfall Design

Such an ergonomic design provides full back coverage. You also get optimal spinal and neck support, which prevents you from slumping over your keyboards as you work. You can even cold call your prospective leads while seated as your body sits tall and confident, ever-ready to make a pitch that can close any deal.

Height Adjustability

Most office chairs make you sit too tall or short. However, Height Adjustability gives you the freedom to conform your chair to your favored posture.

Padded Armrests

The elbows are one trouble spot we often neglect in our ergonomic pursuit. Opting for a product with armrests gives you a comfortable place to rest your elbows. This reduces the weight your shoulders have to carry as you type or make phone calls.

Rolling Casters

360° swivel chair casters come highly recommended for Multitaskers. They give you the convenience of rolling from one place to another without having to get off your feet.


2. Lighting

Remote work initiatives have allowed the realty industry to cross the digital threshold. These days, you could conduct drone-powered and other types of virtual tours. But, being a realtor requires a soft touch established through conversations.

That's why many realtors depend on video calls to answer questions and work on the finer details of a deal. This can be frustrating to the client if they can't see you. A Modern Table Lamp can help you brighten up your office if well placed.

Dependable Internet Bandwidth

3. Dependable Internet Bandwidth

A poor internet connection can degrade the quality of even the best lighting and camera setup. So, it pays to have a dependable internet service provider on call. You'll also need to confirm if your bandwidth supports long conference calls or video calls.

Make this a priority, as a poor internet connection can impact your ability to close those high-grossing deals.

Headsets and Hands-Free Microphones

4. Headsets and Hands-Free Microphones

So far we've talked about the importance of others hearing you over the phone. But, communication is not a one-way street. It is advisable to hear what your clients have to say when negotiating a deal.

Therefore, it pays to invest in a quality head seat. A noise-canceling headset filters out all the background noise, and all that is left is your client's words. Look into acquiring an additional microphone, even if your computer features one. That way, you'll be able to improve your audio quality by leaps and bounds.

An anti-fatigue mat

5. An anti-fatigue mat

There are those days when you conduct so many tours that your feet can’t take it anymore. The only problem is your job is never done until you capitalize on every available deal. An Anti-Fatigue Mat allows you to keep standing as you make confident propositions over the phone.


In many ways, standing desks aren't just about helping you stay focused and healthy throughout the workday; it forces agents to take more breaks instead of sitting at their desk all day long. What might have been thought of as another passing fad is now being taken seriously as time goes on because everyone realizes how important these things really are.

In the past, all you may have needed were well-placed classified ads, park bench branding, or billboards to score some actionable leads. But, the real estate industry remains highly competitive, and it’s moving swiftly towards a digital environment.

For those real estate agents that want to close every deal, they should consider investing in standing desks if they don't have one already. As always, feel free to drop your suggestions on the things we may have missed. And, look out for more updates on how you can improve your workplace productivity.