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How a Standing Desk Help Entrepreneurs Keep a Thumb on the Pulse

19 November 2021

Standing desks are not just for those who work in the office. With more and more entrepreneurs spending time at home, it can be hard to stay on top of everything-especially with a sedentary job. Luckily, there is an easy solution: standing desks. These adjustable tables help you remain active while working so you don’t miss anything important.

So, what does this mean for your business? It means that by using a standing desk, you will be able to promote better circulation and prevent pain caused by sitting too long without moving around enough (like lower back pain). Not only will this improve your health but also allow for increased productivity as well! This way, you can keep track of all your different projects without having to worry about missing a beat.

It helps to think of a workstation as your command center. A place where you plan, perfect, and launch effective business strategies. Therefore, it may be unwise to sacrifice your ergonomic concerns because of cost-cutting measures. And, getting a standing desk can help you get a head start towards a healthier and more productive office. The benefits are manifold, and it's now an open secret. They've helped people from various fields and can come to your aid in your entrepreneurial pursuits.

Challenges Faced by Entrepreneurs

What Are the Challenges Faced by Entrepreneurs?

One aspect that overlaps in every success story in entrepreneurship is a constant struggle. The road to success is rarely a straight path, but one full of constant curves and bumps. However, most people don't talk about optimum productivity and peak physical health in this journey.

According to Forbes digital publications, these are the most significant challenges faced by today's entrepreneurs:

  1. A strategic failure to adapt to market dynamics
  2. Being too eager to see the results of your business strategies
  3. Cash flow and liquidity issues
  4. Failure to perform due diligence
  5. Poor time management and resource allocation
  6. Delegating tasks to incompetent associates or underlings
  7. A lack of proper work-life balance
  8. Being guided by your ego

The list is endless – But you can already see how stressful an entrepreneur’s life can get. With time, you’ll begin to experience mental and health issues from being stretched out thin. It’s no surprise why most entrepreneurs develop:

  • chronic muscular aches
  • elevated blood pressure
  • heart-related issues
  • And a host of health complications.

One way of staying ahead of such issues is leading a less sedentary lifestyle.

We understand that’s easier said than done. But, Entrepreneurship is about making strategic decisions along the way to pivot and re-orient you towards a sustainable growth trajectory. That’s why standing desks come highly recommended by ergonomists and medical experts.

But, what benefits lie in acquiring this wonder-desk? Let’s have a look at what you stand to gain.

Standing Desks

How Do Standing Desks Help Entrepreneurs Rise to Their Challenges?

Working while sitting over a long period is more detrimental to your health than you may think. A standing desk allows you to get ahead of this and with a bit of style. But, the decision takes more than merely getting a sit/stand desk. The following ergonomic measures help multiply your benefits.

1. Sitting All Day Can Reverse the Gains of Your Daily Workout Routine

Working up a sweat and burning calories from daily exercises- then remaining on your seat all day, doesn’t always protect you from the adverse effects of a sedentary lifestyle. This is scientifically proven and a clear justification to ditch your old desk for an innovative standing desk. With that in place, you won't slouch in your office chair but remain actively engaged in preserving the gains of your workout regimen.

Sedentary Life Elevates the Risks of Becoming Obese or Developing Heart Disease and Diabetes

2. Sedentary Life Elevates the Risks of Becoming Obese or Developing Heart Disease and Diabetes

The term "sitting disease" has been used to describe the harmful effects of sitting for hours on end without moving. They say, what's good for the heart is also good for the waistline. New research suggests that people who work primarily while sitting are more likely to become obese or develop diabetes, high blood pressure, and other cardiovascular risks than their peers who stand up throughout the day.

The average healthy person could reduce his risk of disease if he stood up for at least three hours per day instead of sitting down during the same time period.

Metabolic syndrome is also tied to inactivity and with good reason. People who sit for six or more hours per day are 54 percent more likely to die during any given period than people who sit for less than three hours per day. Additionally, they are 42 percent more likely to develop type 2 diabetes and have a 30 percent greater risk of heart disease. Adding exercise to your day, however, can help offset these deleterious health effects, even if you still spend most of your time in a chair.

Scientific discoveries are also departing from the idea that exercise has to be intense, sweaty, and exhausting. A standing desk can help with this problem. Switching to a standing desk can be more beneficial than simply increasing your daily physical activity. Standing increases the amount of energy expended in a day since a large proportion of sedentary adults spend most of their waking hours sitting in cars, desks, and on couches. This means that they are expending very little energy each day, which is not healthy for the body even when you exercise outside of your work time.

3. Your Back Takes a Beating from Sitting for Hours on End

Sitting (especially in the wrong posture) places uneven weight on your spine. Such strain manifests as muscle aches and discomfort, which results in chronic back pain the longer it goes unresolved. Getting an Ergonomic Office Chair does help. But, working while on your feet can dramatically improve your prognosis. Standing up ensures your spine conforms to its natural curvature and places an adequate amount of weight on your spine.

Under-Desk Folding Treadmill Walking Pad

4. A Standing Desk Allows You to Exercise as You Work

Standing desks not only take up a conservative footprint. They are also compatible with Office Workout Equipment. For instance, a Fitness Chair allows you to sit as you pedal towards your fitness goals.

You could also slot in an Under-Desk Folding Treadmill Walking Pad to walk, jog or run as you keep in touch with your vendors and employees. And, you can also preserve the gains of your workout regimen with a Vibration Plate Exercise Machine.

This ingenious contraption uses sensory vibrations to stimulate muscle contractions and comes highly recommended for those undergoing rehabilitation. So, why not hop on a vibration plate when you skip leg day at the gym?

Standing Desk

What Should an Entrepreneur Look for in the Ideal Standing Desk?

A standing desk is your best bet in staying on top of your game. However, the market is awash with top-notch products and knock-off variants that won't get you far. For the sake of expediency –let's have a look at the qualities to look of in The Best Standing for an Entrepreneur:

Minimum spec requirements

Lifting Mechanism: Motorized

Leg Stage: 2

Height Range: 28.3” to 47.6"

Lift Speed: 1"/sec

Weight Capacity: 110 lbs

Power Rating: 100 - 240V

Desktop Size: 48"(W) x 24"(D)

Noise Level: below 50 dBs

Multi-functional Standing Desk Features

A standing desk comes with so many in-built features that give it a range of utility. Therefore, looking at such features can help you enhance your productivity and health.

Stability through Robust Construction

High-grade steel tubing makes your standing desk study. But, what makes it more durable is the quality of the finish. You can achieve both if you insist on getting a desk with a powder-coated finish.

Such attention to detail makes the final product more resistant to dirt accumulation and scratching, which can degrade the quality of your desk in a short time.

It also pays to ensure that the desk legs are even. So, opt for a desk with leveling guides as part of their installation manual and package. Another thing to look out for is the quality of the material used in the desktop construction.

Chipboard is a light and highly versatile material. Its sturdiness holds up even under the highest pressure, so you won't have any weak spots or uneven bumps as you continue to deploy your standing desk.

Desktop Real Estate

It would help if you had a desktop with a surface wide enough to hold all your documents and other essentials. This makes it easier to reduce the clutter to clear your mind for more productivity.

Our minimum spec requirements feature a 48" x 24" desktop size. There's no doubt you can accomplish a lot with such a work surface. For instance, you can comfortably fit:

  • Two computer monitors
  • A Mesh Desk Organizer
  • Your laptop
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • A picture frame and other decorations or personal totems

Once you lay all these essentials in place, your mind is clear to focus on the deals at hand. You don't even have to fumble around your workstation when you need something when everything is laid out in plain sight.

Embedded Storage or Drawers

A pull-out drawer provides a seamless way to integrate additional storage space right into your desk. This is especially true if it blends effortlessly into the structure of your standing desk. With embedded drawers in place, you get a neat storage space for the items you don't need to use all the time but still need within your proximity.

Advanced Height Adjustment Controls

Look out for robust motors that can power effortless and smooth transitions. Ideally, you'll want something that can reach heights of between 28.3" and 47.6". That ensures the adjustability fits a person of any stature, excluding your kids when they want to help around the office.

Products with at least four programmable buttons open up the desk for multiple uses. It also saves you loads of time when transitioning from a sitting to an upright position. This feature also comes in handy when making extended marketing or consultation calls.

USB Charging Capabilities

An entrepreneur depends on various smartphones and tablets to balance their work and social contacts. This can be challenging if you only have one charging outlet in your office. So, having a standing desk with in-built USB ports can help you stay tidy as you power all your devices in one go.

Here are the minimum USB ports you should look for in the ideal standing desk:

  • 2 USB ports
  • 1 Type-C port


A light standing desk may be easier to move, but it can be unstable. So, it's best to opt for an option that features 3600 rotating casters.

Anti-Collision Functionality

The anti-collision function may seem like an unnecessary extra. But, it’s a sure way of enhancing safety by preventing the desktop from being damaged by colliding with other pieces of office furniture. It also prevents the desk from crushing other objects and devices beneath the desk while in motion.

Anti-Fatigue Mat

How Can You Remain Standing For Long Periods?

Too much of a good thing can turn bad very fast. The same is true when it comes to using a standing desk. For one, a hardpan surface can cause stress to the arteries and veins in your legs. An Anti-Fatigue Mat gives you a soft perch to rest your legs.

Your feet also have pressure points that correspond to various body organs. That's why foot messages are so revitalizing to your entire body. The good thing is that some anti-fatigue mats feature message points. So, it's simply a matter of kicking off your boots and standing on the message point to reap the full benefits.

ergonomic office chair

What If You Need To Take A Seat?

Taking breaks from standing can help you focus on your tasks. However, not just any seat will do! It would be prudent to go for an ergonomic office chair. Such chairs feature various levels of adjustment that can help you settle on a proper posture.

The PU leather not only swaddles you in comfort and luxury. But it also ensures you stay warm and has moisture-wicking properties that ensure your clothes don't get sweat spots.


The key to entrepreneurship is having the resolve and reliance needed to reach your goals. Along the way, you'll create strategic partnerships and develop a circle of trust to propel you. But you won’t get far in your journey if you neglect your body.

So, always be wary of the shortcomings of inactivity. This starts with settling on a desk that addresses all your ergonomic concerns. You can take it a step further by incorporating some compatible gym equipment into the mix.

The market has tools that can help you convert your ordinary desk into a standing desk. But why do all that when you can get an ergonomic standing desk? Well, the ball is in your court. This article gives you various actionable insights into the benefits of leading a less sedentary office life. What you do with it is up to you.

We hope you'll make the right choice and look forward to hearing how you'll fare in your journey as an entrepreneur. So, feel free to drop a few more suggestions as they can help other readers.