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How Adjustable Bed Bases and Reclining Chairs can Help You Relieve Back Aches

06 June 2022

Trying to get some quality sleep might be a challenge sometimes, let alone getting the sleep only to wake up with backaches. The ache might get tense to the point that getting in and out of bed or standing up from your chair becomes life-threatening.

But do you know there's a simple remedy that requires pressing a button and the bed will give you the right sleeping position? Yes, that's the handiworks of our adjustable bed bases. Even when you want to relax after the day's work, we've got some reclining chairs that'll give you the perfect succor.

These products might be your next worthy investment. Meanwhile, the bed bases and reclining chairs support both your back and knees at a semi-contoured angle. If you want to know why your back should be supported, kindly read further.

Now, your lumbar (lower part of the spine) is designed for the flexibility and power that are needed to lift, twist, and bend your entire body. If that area gets injured, you might experience mild discomfort, chronic pain, or immobility at worst. And that's where adjustable bed bases come into play.

They'll help you lessen joint compression, by preventing you from feeling uncomfortable and frozen when you wake up. They'll also support your body, and keep you safe from the hip, joint, and neck pain.

Now that you've seen how important you need an adjustable bed and reclining chair, let's hit the road!

Common Back Ache Diagnosis

We understand that you might have more than one degree of backache diagnosis but you've got nothing to be afraid of. On that note, we've conducted an all-inclusive survey that covers the most common degrees of back ache out there. And if any of them applies to you, then an adjustable bed and reclining chair could be your answer to sounder sleep, easier and improved mobility.

Degenerative Disc Disease (DDD)

Degenerative Disc Disease (DDD)

If you're suffering from degenerative disc disease, this means your vertebra in the lower part of your lumbar region slips below or above another. It's very common among older folks since the major cause is your spine, ligaments, and joints getting weaker.

To relieve the ache, sleeping on your stomach will help you reduce the pressure on the disc area. Using a somewhat firm mattress with a flat pillow placed under your hips and stomach will also help you feel comfier. Another way out is when you sleep on your back with the upper part of your body slightly lifted by using an adjustable bed or a wedge pillow.

Meanwhile, don't forget that you should always maintain your knees in a marginally bent position anytime you're lying on your back. This will make it easier for you to sleep all through the night and reduce the pain in your back.


Bursitis occurs when there's an inflammation of your bursa over the hips (greater trochanteric bursitis) and this gets more complicated when your mattress is too firm. Flowing from that, we can infer that this backache diagnosis is very common among people who use harder mattresses.

If your mattress is hard, you need to replace it today to live a healthy life. To relieve the pain, we'll recommend you get a new mattress with some thick padding on top. The thick padding is also known as a pillow-top mattress and it's specially built to reduce the pressure on your hip.

If your budget doesn't seem to permit getting thick padding, you can use an older mattress with a brand new pillow top as an alternative. Just keep in mind that all you need is a transition from a hard mattress to a more fluffy and cushioning one.



If you're battling with facet joint osteoarthritis or osteoarthritis in your spine, you might wake up feeling weak, sore, and frozen in the morning. It can cause the breakdown of the cartilage located between the facet joints, and that's what causes pain, frozenness, and immobility.

Whereas these cartilages make your body flexible enough to turn, jump and run anytime they're in contact with the fluid. Osteoarthritis patients usually experience pain in the morning because their body generates enough fluid that lubricates the joints during the day.

An adjustable bed will support your spinal joints and reduce back pain by decreasing joint compression. You can also sleep sideways with your knees curled up. This position is generally preferable because it widens the facet joints in your spine and will minimize corresponding pressure.

Herniated Lumbar Disc

This is another common backache diagnosis that might surface depending on the type of bed base you sleep in and the reclining chair you sit on But this ache has no specific sleeping posture. In other words, the sleep position that works best for you depends on the positioning of your lumbar disc.

If you're suffering from paracentral disc herniation, which is the most common type, the best way to relieve the pain is when you lie on your stomach. And if your case is a foraminal herniated disc, you need to cultivate the habit of sleeping on the side using a fetal position.

Try this technique for some nights and you'll heave a sigh of relief.

Spinal Stenosis

Spinal Stenosis

Spinal stenosis takes place when there's a narrowing in your bone channel often occupied by the spinal cord and the spinal nerves. Although it occurs mostly with elderly people, that doesn't mean younger ones (30-55) are entirely saved.

Anytime you notice numbness, weakness, or sharp pain around your spinal cord, that's probably stenosis knocking. Instead of standing upright, people living with spinal stenosis seem more convenient when they bend forward. So we'll suggest that you sleep on a flat mattress in the reclining position or you get yourself a reclining chair.

Another option you can explore is by sleeping sideways with your knees curled up in a fetal position. The position will help you reduce pressure on the nerve root and keep your knees and head raised to continuously relieve pressure on other nerves.

Isthmic Spondylolisthesis

You can relieve this backache by sleeping in a reclining position and an adjustable bed will do that perfectly. If you don't have an adjustable bed, a reclining chair is another good fit. You can have the reclining chair in the living room to relax, watch TV, and spend some family time together with your kids and spouse before retiring to bed.

This sleeping position can also be achieved by putting some pillows under your neck, head, and back to support your body. Go rock it with a reclining chair!

How Positional Therapy Coupled with Reclining Chairs and Adjustable Bed Bases Provide Pain Relief

How Positional Therapy Coupled with Reclining Chairs and Adjustable Bed Bases Provide Pain Relief

At this juncture, we'll love it if you could keep your eyes open, and your fingers and legs crossed. Yeah, this is where we discuss how to combine positional therapy with adjustable bed bases and reclining chairs. What do you stand to enjoy? Let's dig deeper to unearth the gems.

Lower Back

The best position often recommended by therapists to get freed from back pain is when you keep your back completely flat, legs raised and your knees bent. It's very effective to the point that it develops a pelvic tilt, exerts some reverse pressure on your lower back, and boosts the strength of muscles in your lower back.

If you could observe these steps religiously, you'll notice movement on your lower back and alignments of the pressures and weights on your vertebrae.

Fetal Position

When you use an adjustable bed base by Flexispot, you can have your back elevated and your legs in a fetal position. Positional therapy can also have your knees bent with the upper part of your body curled into them. Following this position will release the pressures on your lower lumbar region.

Upper Back

The rule here is very simple - the higher your back is raised, the less pressure exerted on your shoulders, neck, and upper back. Follow this procedure and you'll be proud to have landed on this page.

Strain Relief

Raising your legs or back comes with the bonus of repositioning your vertebrae and altering the pressure they put on fragile nerves that can cause pain. We'll suggest going an inch in both directions should help reduce the strains that cause the ache.

Flexispot Bed Bases and Reclining Chairs for Lower Back Aches

To win this raging war between your health and chronic back pain, Flexispot has designed some adjustable bed bases and reclining chairs that'll strengthen you.

Adjustable Bed Base EB012

Adjustable Bed Base EB012

The EB012 bed base is specially built with a 0-35° foot incline and 0-60° head incline to give you the perfect position for relaxing, sleeping, and working. Apart from improving the quality of your sleep, the adjustable bed also cushions the effects of gastroesophageal reflux disease(GERD) and back aches.

If you're a pregnant woman looking for a posh bed base to make your nighttime more splendid, Adjustable Base EB012 is all you need. The bed base has a sturdy and stable construction enough to accommodate 600lbs of weight (3 adult males).

You can lie down on the bed using any position you want and it has a 20-year warranty. This shows that Flexispot is a brand you can trust. You don't have to worry about your partner suffering from sleep apnea and snoring anytime he hits the bed. That's another perk available for you.

Grab the offer while it lasts! The 4 legs are handy in 3 different height levels - 3", 6", and 9". Can you see we've got you covered?

Recliners Single Sofa 9078

Recliners Single Sofa 9078

Another ergonomic office product you can always rely on to help you relax, and calm your nerves and muscles is the Recliners Single Sofa 9078. The chair gives you some inexplicable comfort as your back gets immersed in the feather-like and warm backrest.

It has some electric buttons you can use to regulate the chair's angle to your preferred direction. It's one of a kind and only Flexispot understands the assignment better when it comes to ergonomic products.

Most importantly, the Recliners Single Sofa has a USB interface where you can charge your cell phone. You'll be awed at the sight of other mouthwatering features that come with the sofa. A try will convince you.

Adjustable Bed Base EB011

Adjustable Bed Base EB011

Do you need an adjustable bed base that gives you the perfect position for sleeping, reading, or watching TV? You've got all you need here. The bed has a 3-step assembly with a whopping 10-year warranty on it. The most interesting part of the deal is that it is compatible with different frames and mattresses.

With a head incline of 0-60°, you can also adjust your head from 0 to 60 degrees. Isn't that exciting? Adjustable bed base EB011 is available in different height options - 3", 6", and 9".

Just like its sister bed base (EB012), the bed base has a staggering weight capacity of 600lbs and 600kg (6000N) delivery of max thrust by the motorized base. If you want to go with separate sleeping areas, Adjustable Bed Base EB012 tops the ranking there!

All you need to get is 2 twin XL beds which you can use to build a Split King Bed - one for you and the other for your spouse.

YC Pasadena Manual Recliner with Two Pin-point Massager

The Pasadena Manual Recliner comes with a very thick cushion which helps to position your curves while sitting and relaxing. The chair is also a perfect fit for the living room - you can use it to watch your favorite TV show before retiring to bed.

You've probably heard about muscle spasm that happens when you sit for too long on a traditional chair. Has it happened to you before? We're happy to inform you this ergonomic microfiber recliner will help you loosen up your stiff muscles. That's some good news.

Get the Pasadena manual recliner today.


While these ideas will help you unwind and ease your body, you should not forget that doing things you enjoy will go a long way as you start this journey to a healthy work-life.

This is your winning formula as you transform your bedroom with an adjustable bed base and your living room with our recliner chairs.