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How Brands Across Ergonomics & Wellness Industry Can Take Green Initiatives

27 September 2021

Did you know that about 80% of consumers think well of companies that participate in green initiatives and adopt sustainable practices? However, the benefits of going green go far beyond improved brand image and higher revenues. It is important to understand the bigger picture to realize the importance of reducing your carbon footprints.

Companies operating in the ergonomic and wellness industry often lean towards green initiatives. FlexiSpot is an excellent example in this regard.

As the leading ergonomics and well brand in the US and Europe, FlexiSpot aims to improve life with its products. The company's aspirations overlap with the goal of sustainable practices as maintaining a healthy environment for all is an essential part of improving wellness and life on the whole. Read on to learn about how FlexiSpot is impacting the world and why other businesses should follow suit.

How FlexiSpot Is Playing Its Role in Saving Mother Earth

How FlexiSpot Is Playing Its Role in Saving Mother Earth

FlexiSpot understands and prioritizes its Corporate Social Responsibilities. Here are some of the ways that FlexiSpot is helping the environment and communities. 

Tree Plantation Drive Recently, the brand has started a tree plantation drive in collaboration with One Tree Planted. One Tree Planted is an organization that works on a global level to restore forests worldwide and help create a sustainable environment and communities. FlexiSpot started the drive by donating $500 to One Tree Planted. The funds will be utilized to tree 500 trees.

In addition, FlexiSpot has taken another great initiative to support the cause. It will also donate $1 for every bamboo product sold. Local partner groups and community volunteers are employed to plant the trees in areas experiencing deforestation.  

Sustainable "Clean & Green" Production

Sustainable "Clean & Green" Production

FlexiSpot strives to produce sustainable products to give back more than what the business requires from nature. It is particularly known for its eco-friendly standing desks. Most products are sourced from sustainable sources and manufactured using green practices that leave little to no carbon trace

FlexiSpot Bamboo products deserve a special mention as they are designed using high-performance, environmentally friendly alternatives to real woods and other carbon-intensive composite materials. These products also minimize formaldehyde emissions that are not only harmful to humans but also cause global warming.

Moreover, all bamboo wood utilized by FlexiSpot is grown sustainably using eco-friendly practices that eliminate the need for harmful pesticides and fertilizers. All in all, despite significant wood consumption, FlexiSpot has set new industry standards when it comes to sustainable production.  

CSR Efforts during COVID-19

Apart from "green" initiatives, FlexiSpot also participates in CSR initiatives to help communities in multiple ways. For example, during the COVID-19, FlexiSpot helped in limiting the risks of COVID-19 by distributing 100,000 masks in 2020.

Why Should Businesses Follow Suit?

Why Should Businesses Follow Suit?  

It is the need of the hour that all businesses – big or small – come together to protect the environment, fight global warming and climate change, and give back to mother Earth. FlexiSpot has demonstrated that following green production is possible across the industries, and it benefits everyone.

Moreover, FlexiSpot has gained the reputation of an environment-conscious brand that has earned it respect and appreciation from customers. It's time we all join hands to preserve the planet for future generations.