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How a Proper Gaming Chair can Alleviate Lower Torso Numbness

26 May 2021

On average, a gamer renders a minimum of two hours on the chair playing games. As we all know, this would not just hamper eye health and cause sedentary lifestyle-related illnesses. Before these illnesses, though, the first thing that a gamer experiences are numbness. Some may not notice that, though, but most people feel it. 

Yes, you heard it right; too much time spent playing games could cause that certain numbness in the lower torso. That's why, in this discussion today, we will talk about: 

● the reason a gamer experiences numbness in the lower torso

● ways a gaming chair could alleviate numbness in the gamer's lower torso.

However, before we begin the two-part discussion, let us know first the body parts that form the lower Torso. 

● The Lower Extremity:

The lower extremity includes body parts such as:

■ Hip joint- This allows us to move, run, walk, and bend our hips. If this would be damaged, it might cost one his mobility. 

■ Thigh-This is the most significant muscle of the body. This the part of the body that has the hamstring that is delicate. Once an athlete has a damaged hamstring, it could impair him severely. Another, the thigh is the bearer of the weight from the upper body.

■ Knee-This is an integral part of the lower Torso because it is the body part that flexes so the legs, ankles, and foot movement. If certain damages around the knee would be incurred, one might lose the chance to walk again. 

■ Legs-This is another essential part of the lower Torso. This is where the small and large saphenous veins are found. These are the veins that receive the 98% of the deoxygenated blood that returns to the heart from the legs. If these veins are not functioning well, there might be more significant problems, particularly blood circulation. 

■ Ankles and Feet- Ankles and feet help us flex the toes and walk. Should these parts be damaged, pain in the amount of the toes and foot might be experienced. In most cases, walking becomes impaired when the ankles and feet are damaged. 

Now that we know the lower Torso parts, we will discuss one of the things that most gamers experience after a long time of playing. Hence, here is the first part of our discussion:

I.The Reason Gamers Experience Numbness in the Lower Torso:

Most gamers are young people. They say that most young individuals have more flexible joints and muscles; hence they do not notice the effects of prolonged bending or slouching. When they enjoy the game, they sometimes forget the pain in the lower Torso. They continue playing. However, they realize that they have been playing for hours when they suddenly have Numbness on the lower Torso. Now, let's describe that specific pain:

● The numbness on the lower torso:

This kind of Numbness that a gamer feels in the lower Torso brings heavy and throbbing pain. Like there is an electric current flowing through the nerves. 

This pain starts in the lower back, particularly around the buttocks and hips. Then in a few moments, one might feel like the pain goes to the thighs, legs and runs down the feet.

When this happens, discomfort and heaviness occur, it becomes impossible for a person to sit correctly on the chair. Hence, if you notice, some gamers try to rock the chair back and forth. This is because Numbness starts to build up around the lower Torso. The worst thing about this is there is also a possibility that the lumbar and spine would get affected by this, mainly since not all gamers invest in a good quality gaming chair. Some even prefer using the ordinary chair when playing. Hence, chances are they develop spine damage in the long run because of the possible strain and sprain they may grow because of sitting for a long time on the gaming chair.

Now that we know Numbness's kind of experiences after sitting for a long time on the gaming chair, we must understand what we can do to alleviate this Numbness. The following are things that we may do to:

● Lessen the numbness on the lower torso:

When you are a gamer, you need to keep in mind that it is advisable to observe the proper posture, especially when you need to sit on the chair for a long time. It is also a must to:

■ try doing stretching exercises even when you are in-game 

■ avoid slouching when you are sitting for a long time 

■ make sure your neck and shoulders are not forced when looking at the monitor

■ try switching from standing to sitting when you are in-game 

Observing these things could help a gamer avoid worse problems in the lower Torso. As we have said earlier, parts of the lower Torso contain the vein that sends deoxygenated blood to the heart back to the legs. If proper posture would not be observed, chances are one might develop problems around this area. Hence, it's essential to observe the appropriate sitting position, although it is true that doing this is challenging because of specific reasons:

● Reasons adequate sitting position is difficult to achieve:

The appropriate posture is difficult to achieve because one might be:

■ overweight

■ have trouble in the spine area

These causes hamper the person's ability to sit up straight. Problems around the spine area are inevitable because one does not observe the use of an ergonomic chair. An ergonomic chair is a kind of chair built with precision and adjusts to your ergonomic needs. Hence, a gamer should choose a gaming chair from a flexispot such as the E-sport chair with headrest and lumbar pillow. Its ergonomic design helps a person have a comfortable seated position. It also has an adjustable backrest that will help a gamer enjoy his game without feeling the Numbness as he gears towards a big win.