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03 August 2021

The Continuous Fight Against Alzheimer's and Dementia

Most days they can recall the birthdays of their children but oftentimes, they could not even remember their names. Then, you would usually see them alone in their beds at the nursing home. Oftentimes, quiet but most of the time, grumpy. That's the scenario in the nursing home. Most of our parents or grandparents experience loneliness, anxiety, and depression. In some research and interview, most residents of the nursing home feel that they are alone and they are just counting their last remaining days. 

This is devastating because our parents and grandparents should live their lives at the nursing home well. If they continuously become depressed and lonely, their health would deteriorate. They may have problems such as ergonomic problems. We all know that their bones are brittle and their bodies lose muscle mass so they need to have the best ergonomic products to save them from severe illnesses such as osteoporosis.

If your parents or grandparents are at the nursing home then you should visit them and give them a lovely gift- either a standing desk, an ergo chair, or a sit-stand desk that they could use. With this, choosing Flexispot is the best thing to do because this is a brand that provides the best ergonomic solutions. 

People's Ergonomic Protection is the Heart of Flexispot

Flexispot commits to provide people with superb ergo products that could protect them against injuries and illnesses. Hence, when you gift your parents or grandparents with a Flexispot product this 2021, you may ensure that they will be protected. 

Flexispot makes sure that every product that they sell in the market is superb and on the cutting edge. In this part, the best ergonomic products for our grandparents or parents would be the Flexispot ergo chairs and stand-up desks. 

Here at Flexispot, you may choose from a wide array of chairs that have the unique and superb designs that our elderly folks would love sitting on when they spend time with their friends in the common room in the nursing home. 

Flexispot's trademark (which is the ergonomic protection) is widely known in the market-from the precise measurement and sophisticated design, the brand has never failed to show their care for the patrons. Thus, more and more people rely on Flexispot. It's because, in every product, there is the love that people could feel that’s why every sitting experience they have is truly remarkable. And now, for the next part, we'll talk about the following ergonomic products that you can consider giving your old folks.   

Our Elderly Folks' Protection with The Flexispot Products

First on the list is the Ergonomic Office Chair OC3B. This office chair has a backrest that offers great comfort when you sit on it because it has breathable mesh brackets that also have the passive lumbar. The lumbar is the most sensitive part of the body, especially to senior citizens. Hence, this kind of chair is one of the most recommendable products for your grandparents. 

The Office Chair OC3B has the height adjuster that your grandparents could easily operate on. With just a single nudge on the adjuster, they could adjust the height that they feel most comfortable on. This chair also has the 3-position lifting armrests, so your grandparents could feel convenient moving these armrests without hurting their arms and hands unlike the ordinary chairs that have faulty armrests-these are indeed one of the causes of ergonomic accidents; our elderly folks are prone to injuries hence we need to take good care of them and make sure that they would not get hurt when they sit on the chair. 

So, after talking about the chair with the 3-lifting armrests, we will have the next kind of ergonomic chair. This is the Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair. This is an office chair that has a seat depth of 16.93" which could best fit with the spine, hips, and buttocks. Your grandparents could have a superb sitting experience on this chair because this chair had passed the 10,000 pressure test. Thus, even with a certain pressure or let's say some objects are thrown on the cushion of this chair, you can ensure that the product would not break. It also means that your grandmother or grandfather could lay their backs well on the chair because it is also made with a breathable mesh that has temperature-sensitive fiber; this could protect your grandparents from bed sores or any allergies that are caused by sweat and improper blood circulation.

Next on our list is the Flexispot Ergonomic Office Chair 9051. This is the biggest and tallest among the other ergonomic chairs. It has an ultra-comfortable seat cushion that is well-padded. Thus, when your grandparents sit on this, they may feel that their hips, buttocks, and spine are not strained. The waterfall-like curve of the cushion adds protection to them as they sit on this chair. It also has a headrest and backrest that are wide enough to let them sit on the chair. They could also lay their heads on the headrest whenever they want to take a rest. 

They could also rock back and forth with this ergo chair when they need a more comfortable sitting experience. 

Our grandparents also need a chair that is uniquely designed to protect them and could ease their back pain. In number 4, we have the Office Massage Chair Ergonomic Chair 5080. This chair has heating patterns that could stimulate their blood circulation. Hence, if they experience bedsores, this feature of the chair could help them get rid of these sores and they could feel more energized as they sit on these chairs.

Final Thoughts

As our grandparents continue fighting depression and anxiety, it is also recommendable that they practice writing, sketching, drawing, reading, and socializing. These activities could sharpen their memory and help their brains continue functioning despite old age. These activities could optimize their brain function with the Flexispot products mentioned above. Through the chair products, you may ensure that they would not feel lonely, anxious, and depressed anymore because they would feel how much you love them and that's the best gift you can give them this 2021.