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How do Flexispot Standing Desks Prevent Lifting Injuries

15 June 2021

Injury Incurred when Lifting: 

This is probably one of the several ergo problems that people experience when doing the improper lifting. Most of the time, people accidentally twist their back muscles, shoulders, and lumbar when they do not do the proper lifting. This usually happens when: 

  • a person is in a hurry trying to finish his tasks
  • a person is unaware of the proper way to lift things

Oftentimes, these things do not just result in mild pain or soreness around the area that gets twisted; some usually need to be brought to the hospital for a check-up; some ignore them at first but when things get worse, that's the only time that they notice that severity of the injury. These are the ergo problems that most encounter. 

The good news about it though is there are ergonomic solutions that are offered in the market through the most sought-after products such as ergo chairs, office organizers, and standing desks. All are offered by Flexispot. In today's discussion, we will talk about how standing desks from Flexispot could help workers avoid certain accidents related to lifting. 

The Power of Ergonomics from Flexispot:

Frozen shoulders, spine strain, and sprain. Name them all and people who always do the improper lifting would be agreeing that these things have once given them the severe pain that made them cry a river. Hence, to help them prevent these accidents, we will talk about the reasons Flexispot is the home for standing desks that provide the best ergonomic solutions in the industry. These are the reasons that could help a person avoid improper lifting when trying to pick something on the table or when trying to move the piece of equipment. With these, let's start discussing these reasons one by one: 

  • Standing desks from Flexispot are incredibly made to support the lumbar of the person. Hence, these products are height-adjustable and are well-motorized. So, imagine using this product, it would save one a lot of time when doing certain tasks because he could manage to finish a task while waiting for the desk to reach the height level that he has set in. Once a person can save time in doing things with the help of the standing desk, it could prevent him from getting stressed and strained plus he could practice a better posture because of this lifting mechanism feature of the standing desk. 
  • One could choose the right standing desks for them. Would it be the single-motor or the dual-motor? With the single-motor desk, the lifting speed is incredible and could save time; it could also be considered durable but with the dual-motor, one could have a desk that is speedier and more durable because two motors are supporting the legs of the table. 
  • Another good thing to consider about the standing desks from Flexispot is it could make one sure that the table could be used for a long time. It is because these standing desks from Flexispot have legs that are made from high-grade steel and were coated with paint that have the anti-corrosion feature. If you notice with the ordinary desks, these products are easily chipped and become rusty after a few years of use. With the Flexispot standing desks, one could ensure that purchasing products from Flexispot is more economical because they could use the product for a long time without the fear of losing the quality of the product and with just a little maintenance, one could save more money with Flexispot standing desks compared to buying the low-priced products that compromise the quality. 
  • Standing desks from Flexispot are dual-purpose. There is a standing desk from Flexispot such as the Height Adjustable Whiteboard standing desk that you could use as an office desk or flip and use as a whiteboard during meetings and training. This could be a very reliable product that could help one multitask effectively that could save him from getting stressed that could result in body pain particularly around the shoulders and lumbar. 
  • Standing desks from Flexispot are shaped to complement the needs of the users. For example, there are standing desks such as the Seiffen Laminated Spliced L-shaped Standing Desk that could be used easily by right-handed and left-handed people. There are times that left-handed ones find it difficult to use some ordinary desks because they do not have the smooth surface that could add ease when being used but with the products such as the L-shaped standing desk from Flexispot, even the left-handed person could easily be able to write or do other tasks on this desk. 
  • There are different models for certain standing desks from Flexispot. These standing desks could have the basic keypads or the premium 6-keypads. The basic keypads contain the up and down movement. Although these are basic keypads they still make the model of the standing desk very durable and speedy. Meanwhile, the premium keypads consist of the up and down movement, height presets, and sit-stand reminder. With this, one would be able to lessen the stress that one might experience because, with just a few clicks, the user would be able to use the desk even while he is doing a lot of things in the office. 
  • Standing desks from Flexispot also promotes environmental conservation and healthy air for people. It is because these standing desks have desktops that are made from natural materials that could promote the health of the person compared to other desks that have toxic materials which have the latter effects. At times, when materials are made from toxic substances, they have the effects that trigger illnesses in a person.
  • Standing desks from Flexispot have the most incredible lifting capacities that could bear devices such as laptops or even large figurines. Moreover, some standing desks from Flexispot have an anti-collision system that protects both the user and the product. This is very effective for workers who need to do a lot of office work. This could protect them from getting injured while they optimize their work in the office.

Final Thoughts:

Proper lifting needs practice too. Many people are not aware of how to do it but with certain pieces of equipment like the standing desks from Flexispot, moving around the office would make it injury-free.