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How do Gaming Chairs Help Parents Lessen their Children's Gaming Addiction

21 April 2021

In September of 2020, an article written by George Miller, it showed there the top 11 toughest video games of all time. According to his article, these are the video games that you could either finish in 8 hours or play through for a week.

They say that games played on console or mobile are made to hone your skills. So, in this discussion today, we’ll tackle the:

-      reasons a person becomes focused much on playing games

-      the dangers of game addiction

-      the ways to avoid game addiction especially among children and teens

-      the benefits of using an Ergonomic chair for a gamer who spends more time playing

So, let us begin with games 4 of the 11 games mentioned by author, George Miller.

The Toughest Video Games:

  1. Monster Hunter: World

According to Miller, this game has 48 monsters. Each monster has specific attack patterns and skills which a player should master first. Imagine playing a game where you need to know 48 monsters. It usually takes more than 5 games to master 1 character in a game (depending on the speed of the gamer if he could easily remember the skill sets of attack patterns of a character; it sometimes takes a player ages to even play a game without using cheats).

  1. b.     Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

This is a tricky game that:

-      Allows the enemy to shoot you without you figuring out where the

shots are coming from.

-      Your enemies could easily find you

-      There are levels wherein you only have a single life throughout the game. This means that you must have mastered the attack patterns and combinations that would help the player survive the game with just one life.


  1. c.      The Binding of Isaac


So the narrative of this game is about Isaac, the biblical character. In the story, his mother tells him that he would become the sacrificial lamb and as an act of resistance, he would try to run away and find safety in the dungeon.

On the other hand, he needs to defeat 200 types of monsters with different power levels plus he needs to surpass the dungeon that has a lot of traps inside. Looking at the monsters and traps that the character needs to go through will make us think that a player might be spending 4 hours or more completing a level. When you start a playing, in my personal experience, time is not noticeable especially when you get hooked on the desire to surpass a level and when you start losing more lives than keeping them throughout the game.


    D.  Super Meat Boy

       The game progression is a challenge and has a lot of hazards. When a game

       progression is difficult to achieve it means that the player has to try a level

       again and again


The games mentioned above are just some of the thousand games played on console or mobile that requires a person to focus himself more on finishing a level. Playing  game is a way to unwind and release the stress but when a person spends more than 2 hours as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics for screen-based entertainment.


On the next part, we’ll talk about the reasons people become addicted to gaming but first let us know how to recognize game addiction.


A person becomes addicted to playing games when:

         a.Thinking about the game a lot all the time

         b. Feeling gloomy and less energetic when he can’t pla

         c,.Spending more money buying gems, diamonds and tokens in order for them to sustain their games and levels especially when they are upgrading a character.

         d. not being able to quit games

         e. being socially-impaired because of more time spent in playing games


 Let’s break down each of these signs which might be manifesting on your young  children or teenagers:

  A.    Thinking about the game a lot all the time:

           Have you noticed your kid talks a lot about this game? Like it is what he does all day long to a point that he joins groups or forms a group.  and forgets to do more important things such as his school work and

            household duties. If the answer is yes, then you got yourself a red flag. In most cases children aged 7-12 are the ones who do this and they are the ones

             that are distracted a lot.

   B.    Feeling gloomy and less energetic when he can’t play:

   I used to tutor a boy aged 7 years old. He is really an outstanding student; very fluent and articulate. I just noticed something with him though. There was one session wherein he had the long face. He wasn’t       

    cooperating with me during the reading session. So I decided to ask him and spent 10 minutes asking him what was wrong. He told me that he lost his Roblox account and he feels agitated with that because he

    already had more than 80,000 points from that account so he lost his chance to play hence he was disappointed that day. Thankfully, I was able to encourage him to focus on the lesson and gave him a pat. I said that it

     was okay because it’s just a game, he could still gain more points in his next account. Looking at this example, we must observe this sign among our children and find ways to encourage them to spend more of their

     energy on other activities.

   C.   Spending more money buying gems, diamonds and tokens

     This one is a huge red flag. It could lead to impulse buying, improper money management, and could make the child resort to lying.

    D.  not being able to quit games

    In the enumerated tough games, a child is forced to spend more than 2 hours progressing a level or winning a game. The sense of fulfillment and achievement is what they feel that’s why they can’t easily quit the     

    game. Naturally, a child loves achievements. They love completing something and they find that fulfillment with the consoles and mobile. Seeking that sense of fulfillment is natural and not bad but what makes it a

    threat is the fact that a child’s interpersonal skill is being impaired with such activity. Most children who can’t quit games are preoccupied and ignores what really is important.


     E.     being socially-impaired because of more time spent in playing games:

      Once a child spends more time playing games (regardless if he has teammates like in the game Mobile Legends) than doing interactions with other people through games, physical activities, and conversations

      chances  are they are developing a poor people skill which has a later effect on his personal growth.

So, how can we help our kids develops and improve other skills without   depriving them of the enjoyment that they deserve. So, let’s follow the number of hours that we may allot for each activity:

 -2 Hours for screen-based entertainment: watching TV, playing mobile games and  the likes

 - 8 hours (minimum for children) of sleep

 -1 hour of mindfulness activities for the children: meditation, drawing, painting

 -6 hours of physical activities: exercises, walking and household chores

  -7 hours of school work and advance learning


 We may or may not follow this rule. You may create your own based on the personality,age, preference, strength and weakness of your child. The most important thing is

 how a child can avoid game addiction.


Looking at the following facts, we must consider how we could make our children do other activities such as the 1-hour mindfulness activity or the 7-hour school work

activities without making them feel stressed and tired. One recommendable product is  the Massage Gaming Chair 0029 from Flexispot. This Ergonomic chair has the

 padding seat that gives out extra comfort and would support the lumbar area. It also  a retractable footrest that may let your child feel relaxed as he does different activities

while sitting. It will let your child focus more on important things in order for him to  avoid game addiction.