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How does a fitness Chair help a person lose the Buffalo Hump

06 May 2021

What do you notice when you turn sideways in front of the mirror? Do you see a straight back or do you see a backward curve at your vertebral column? If your answer is yes, then I think you have a neck hump or buffalo hump. A buffalo hump is the accumulation of fat at the back of the shoulders right behind the neck or the cervical spine. This is unsightly and it occurs when one has some conditions such as the increase in cortisol or glucocorticoid (the hormones produced by the adrenal gland) levels in the bloodstream. The presence of too much cortisol in the body is called Cushing's syndrome that can be treated by managing the cortisol levels in the body. Cushing syndrome may also cause:



-irregular menstrual cycle

-chronic pain 

When one has this syndrome, a buffalo hump is very apparent in him/her. There are other causes though why a buffalo hump forms at the back of the neck which are: 

a.a side effect of medication (such as the ones used to treat obesity)


c.long-term steroid use

When the buffalo hump seems to be persistent, it would be wise to seek advice from a medical professional because there might be an underlying condition or disorder. Various endocrine symptoms may take place along with the buffalo hump: 

a.back pain: If you noticed persisting back pain around the area of the buffalo hump, it is advisable to visit your doctor for a check-up because that might have something to do with your spine.

b.emotional changes

c.elevated blood sugar

d.excessive hair growth 

e.frequent urination

f.menstrual changes 

g.round, moon-shaped face

h.thinning of the skin


In worst cases, a buffalo hump may be a sign of an underlying and life-threatening condition like having a tumor of the adrenal glands or pituitary gland. If this happened, seek immediate advice from your doctor so you may have an immediate evaluation. Seeking help and evaluation of the buffalo hump may help you ease worry and you may know if the condition is serious and is a sign of underlying conditions such as:

-bone fractures



-In some cases, some people have conditions like HIV infection that develop buffalo hump that is as large as 18x12 cm. That is like putting a small bowl at the back of your neck although, in the said research, they did not directly attribute the buffalo hump to HIV condition as a sign but as a result of a condition connected to HIV infection.


I. The Appearance of a Buffalo Hump:

The buffalo hump may cause embarrassment and dissatisfaction with one's appearance. A person who has this might:

-lose confidence especially when tying the hair or wearing sexy clothes or tight-fitting clothes because a fat pad is bulging at the back of the neck

-affect your posture. At times, when people with buffalo hump feel awkward or embarrassed, they begin to lose the proper posture. If you notice, some of the people who have buffalo lump does not stand straight and bow their heads at times 

-perceive the buffalo hump as a cosmetic nuisance thus resorting to some drastic solution such as liposuction. This is not the wisest way to move indeed because having the fat pad gotten rid of might be tantamount to some health risks. Liposuction could not guarantee that the fat pad would not grow again because a buffalo hump is a tissue in the body that regenerates and regrow, sometimes it doubles the mass, creating a bigger hump. 

In that case, what should be done to achieve the optimal solution? As mentioned resorting to going under the knife is not a wise decision because it can hamper not just the body but it could break the bank because liposuction could cost you a lot of money. Imagine undergoing surgery over and over because the buffalo hump regrows. Hence, let's get into the following solutions which may be helping in minimizing the bulging appearance of a buffalo hump. 

II.Stretching Activities that may Help Reduce the Buffalo Hump:

These exercises may help reduce the bulging appearance of the Dodger's hump. In a work setting where people have sedentary activities, the following stretches may strengthen the muscle surrounding your thoracic spine that may bring your head in a proper alignment. The following exercises are:

-Pectoral Stretch

-Upper Back Stretch

-Chin Translation

a.Pectoral Stretch:

1.Place your arms on the door frame. You should form a 90 degree 

2.Lean in further and further. Once you feel that your muscle relax.

3.When you feel light with this exercise, try to bring your arms higher than the 90-degree position.

b. Upper Back Stretch:

1.Face a wall. 

2.Place your hand flat against it above your head.

3.Keep your ears in line with your shoulders in 10-20 seconds.

4.If you have a shoulder problem, keep your arms lower. 

c.Chin Translation:

1.Take the forward head posture. 

2.Bring the head back in line over your body 

As you can see most of these activities involve the upper body. In the next part of the discussion, we will talk about how to help yourself balance the exercises in the upper body with the lower torso using an ergonomic chair from Flexispot which is what we call:

III. The Sit2Go 2in1 Fitness Chair

The Sit2Go 2in1 Fitness Chair, one of the best ergo chairs offered by Flexispot. It is a product that:

-can give you a very satisfying sitting experience: Whether you are in the office trying to finish some reports or you are busy calling the clients, this ergonomic chair can turn your sedentary lifestyle into an active lifestyle. 

-can also make you enhance your posture: This has a design that can straighten up your back and support your lumbar.

-can also sustain your stability because of its mesh bracket.

-can support your back and the whole buttocks area because it has a cushion that would not make your lower torso numb and painful.

With these, reducing the bulging appearance of the buffalo hump will be very effective.