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How does a Matte Finished Table Reduce the Glare that Triggers Vertigo Among Children

19 May 2021

Does your child sometimes find himself getting distracted with the light from the monitor when he is working on his desk? Do his eyes get irritated when this happens? If yes is the answer, then he is most probably affected by the glare that comes from the monitor. So, before we talk about the article today, let us define first what glare means and what usually happens when the desk does not have an anti-glare feature. 

● The Meaning of Glare:

The light that is within the range of vision is brighter than the brightness to which the eyes are adapted. This can come from natural sources of light like the sun. If you notice when one comes out under the sun, and he directly looks in the direction of the sun, he is blinded by the light, that light is the glare. The same goes for when one is indoors and is much in front of the computer that emits much brightness. That light is the glare that distracts him. Imagine not identifying the keyboard keys easily or the things written on the paper atop the table surface. This light is called the glare. 

● When the Table does not have an Anti-Glare feature:

Aside from too much brightness, a table without the anti-glare feature could be a work hazard too because what if the person working in front of the monitor has Vertigo, we all know that when there is glare being emitted from the monitor it becomes an eyesore for some people. If one has Vertigo, it could trigger the headache and eventually make him dizzy. Those who have poor eye coordination might also have difficulties concentrating on what he is doing. He might be able to see some characters written in his notebook (for example) but processing the meaning of those characters might take him a long time.

These happen to adults. What more could a child experience? Children are far more sensitive than adults. They get easily distracted and dizzy when they have exposed to too much brightness. Hence, in the first part of the article, we will know about Pediatric Vertigo. 

I.Pediatric Vertigo:

Pediatric Vertigo is a condition of dizziness that children experience. Vertigo happens to adults but this is also common in children. We notice how more children are hooked to watching, playing games, and doing online classes using devices that emit too much brightness or glare. It is for a fact that not everyone chooses a desk such as the Ergonomic Sit-Stand Kids Desk from Flexispot. Thus, they could not ensure that their children are safe from getting dizzy or having a triggered Vertigo. One of the symptoms of Pediatric Vertigo is the sensitivity to light. Hence, the glare from devices or computers is still wise to do prevention because Vertigo starts from Migraine so what if a child has an eye movement disorder in which the eye coordination of the child is poor? What would happen if he would get exposed to too much glare or brightness from the device? Chances are he might get dizzy and his Pediatric Vertigo might worsen. In these cases, parents should choose a more reliable product to prevent incidents of migraines that might eventually affect his motion. 

There are times that Pediatric Vertigo gets worse. Thus, these are the things that a parent should take immediate action for: 

● sudden changes in speech. 

● sudden vision changes repeated episodes of fall.

● continued vomiting 

These occurrences happen suddenly. At times, one parent would not notice until a fall or changes in speech and vision takes place. What's worrisome about it not all children could recognize the ailment, they just jolt and feel the pain hence parents should be vigilant about it because a sudden fall or dizziness could cause an accident. 

So, looking at these facts, a parent should be proactive in letting a child have his workspace and desk. One must also regulate the viewing of the kid in front of the device. Aside from that, he may try the following things:

II.How to Minimize the Effects of Glare on a Child with Pediatric Vertigo:

● A parent should make sure to adjust the brightness of the device his child uses: 

As mentioned above a child with pediatric vertigo gets dizzy especially when he is exposed to too much light. Thus, we must make sure to check the specs of the device or adjust the brightness that could be suitable and safe for the child. 

● A parent should make sure the surface of the desk is free from objects that might glare once the monitor is turned on:

At times, glossy objects may reflect the bright light that comes from the device's monitor. Hence, these things should be put aside or just on the side of the table. 

● Choosing a desk product such as the Ergonomic sit-stand kid's desk that has a matt-finished wood surface is highly recommended:

This is because choosing this kind of product would be very helpful for the parents whose child has pediatric vertigo or even the kid who doesn't have this said condition. Flexispot's Hand Crank Kids Standing Desk has a matte-finished surface. This could reduce the glare from the monitor and give the child an easy time to navigate the computer or work on the table without getting dizzy from the brightness of the monitor. 

Aside from the anti-glare feature of this sit-stand kids desk, there are other features that this product has that could make your child's study worthwhile. Plus, this product is can be used by different children and young adults from primary school, middle school, and even college. 

III.The Ergonomic Sit-Stand Desk From Flexispot:

This ergonomic sit-stand desk is suitable for kids. This product has other features such as: 

● an environment-friendly wooden desktop that is also moisture-proof and durable: This would ensure that the materials used in making this product are natural and are not substandard materials. 

● This product is sturdy and stable: Made with powder-coated steel tubing, this desk can ensure the safety of the child while he works on his homework or drawing on the table. 

● This product is also waterproof: No matter how many times water is spilled on the surface, this product ensures that water damage and stains would not affect its quality.

IV: Final Thoughts:

Choosing the right desk product for our children is crucial. With the facts mentioned above as well as the benefits of using the Ergonomic sit-stand desk of Flexispot, one could ensure the safety of their child who might be having pediatric vertigo. Indeed, purchasing this is a smart decision.