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How Freelancers Can Better Manage Their Time

29 January 2023

Something freelancers don't often talk about as much is how they manage their time.

They might have flexible hours—working whenever they can as opposed to having a fixed 9 to 5 schedule like most of the workforce. But as much as this is a perk, it's also the cause of many problems for a significant chunk of freelancers. Note that we're not talking about everyone and generalizing freelancers as a whole.

But as always, when we are given the freedom to do something, there is a tendency to overuse it. And since there is that flexibility in work hours, freelancers would work on their own time, may it be late at night, midday, or early in the morning. They work remotely, may it be in a cafe or inside their bedroom. They work unsupervised so they're free to use their laptops, phones, and other devices without a boss telling them not to do so.

This freedom can go two ways. The freelancer can use it to his or her advantage—working at a time when the energy is up, surrounding oneself in a highly motivating environment, and using any gadget when work is done. But the freelancer can also use his or her time not so efficiently—working when the deadline is near, finishing tasks in the bedroom where it's so tempting to rest, and being online and using devices all the time instead of doing work.

And the end? A lackluster work performance may cost him or her the job.

It's understandable why time management has never been more important. Because if you're not the type to delay gratification and work first before having fun, then you will most likely shove work to the very end of your day when it's already crunch time and the client is expecting output from you.

So how can you boss it up and manage your time well even without a supervisor and being surrounded by so many distractions? Here are a few suggestions:

Say yes to jobs that you can handle.

If you're just starting out, it's understandable why you'd say yes to so many opportunities and just wing it when you're already there. But if you have kept saying yes in the past and you see that when you reach the execution process you can't deliver on this type of project, then it's about time you learn to choose your battles. It'll save you the stress and also allow your clients to find a better fit for the job.

Start your day right.

Do not open your phone right away when you wake up in the morning. Having a strong routine at the start of the day will have a huge factor in how much work you'll get done. You may walk your dog outside, read your morning affirmations, meditate for at least five minutes, write the things you are grateful for in your journal and eat breakfast mindfully before you go about your work tasks.

Make time blocks for the day.

If you are not a morning person, you can always redeem yourself if you divide your day into time blocks. So for example, your day is divided into 8 am-12 pm, 12-4 pm, and 4-8 pm. If you weren't able to do anything in the first block, redeem yourself in the second, and you have until the third to finish your tasks.

Follow a to-do list.

When making a to-do list, you should set what your priorities are. You should know what you need to get done for the day or what can be done within the week. Physically ticking off your tasks is also very satisfying.

Celebrate your small wins.

You need to enjoy the process so as much as possible and cheer yourself up for the small wins. You are doing good, sweetie! You are trying your best to manage your time and if you didn't finish all your tasks, then at least you got some done. Identify what's causing the delay so you can change habits as you see fit. But again, you’d only be able to finish everything and protect your mental health as well if you learn how to celebrate your small wins.

Invest in tools.

If you have been trying to manage your time with self-control, discipline, etc to no avail, then take it as a sign that you need help. One thing that can help you to work more efficiently is investing in ergonomic furniture. Here are two of our suggestions:

Comhar Pro Q8

This is one of FlexiSpot's multifunctional standing desks. With wireless charging, a storage drawer, and an improved design, this new FlexiSpot product seals the deal. The design was refined by the clever brains at FlexiSpot HQ, who also incorporated a dual-motor lifting mechanism to ensure that the desk is stable even when it is at its highest point. Since the desk's height range is wider than that of comparable FlexiSpot products (24.0" to 49.2"), customers with heights ranging from 4'3" to 6'5" can make use of it.

You can wirelessly charge your smartphone on the desktop without connecting it because it has an integrated wireless charger. Don't worry; the majority of wireless charging devices are compatible with it. The Q8 also features an under-desk cable management tray to prevent tangled cords.

Of course, who wouldn't like the fact that a drawer is already integrated into it? The desktop is composed of bamboo, has a working space of 55" x 28", can hold 220 pounds of weight, and measures 28.3" x 12.8" x 1.97". Additionally, a smart control panel with adjustable height presets and two USB charging connections are provided.

Last but not the least, this desk includes an anti-collision mechanism, just like other high-end FlexiSpot products, to help protect both the item and the things on top of it during the desktop's descent.

Ergonomic Office Chair OC7

This chair has an adjustable rising height of up to 3.1". To provide exceptional comfort, the back incorporates an S-shaped curvature and lumbar support. If your head or neck is feeling any tension, you can move and adjust the headrest. Since this chair is composed of breathable mesh, sweat and moisture won't accumulate even if you use it frequently for extended periods of time. Your hip pain may be lessened by the support in the seat cushion. Additionally, the caster wheels of this chair may be turned 360 degrees.

We hope you get to manage your time better this year!