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How Roblox Players Hone Creativity While Sitting on a Gaming Chair

22 April 2021

Roblox, an online game platform that was founded in 2004 but was released in 2006 by Roblox Corporation. In the second half of the 2010’s, Roblox began to gain popularity. This game is free-to-play and has an in-game purchase. As of August, 2020, Roblox had gained over 164 million monthly active users and are played by individuals aged under 16. This game has received positive reviews from others.

In today’s article, we will know more about this platform and how Flexispot’s Massage Gaming Chair  can support a child’s wellness as he continues playing without straining his lumbar, hips, and legs. So, let’s get started now with the following facts about Roblox

Roblox and the overall Reception:

Roblox has received a lot of praises and positive reviews from communities of professionals and parents. One of those praises and positive reviews comes from Patricia E Vance of the Family Online Safety Institute who says that this platform creates an avenue that allows the child to create, explore, socialize, and learn in a self-directed way although she still advised the parents to monitor their children during their interactions on Roblox because there is still a threat of online predators that target young children.

The Games Which Are Recommendable for Children:

Below are the following games played on this platform by most children. The platform received criticisms across the internet for having graphic and explicit contents from the games that some children play here. However, this did not stop Roblox to win the competition. Below are the games suitable for young players that are played on the platform:

  • Adopt Me!

  • Jailbreak

  • MeepCity

  • Royale High

  • Welcome to Bloxburg

  • Work at a Pizza Place

These are the popular games played on the Roblox platform. Some of these games like Adopt Me! has gained 600,000 concurrent players as of June 2020 and this game had been played upwards by 10 billion times. Although these games are really encouraging and entertaining it is still important that parents choose and filter the options that the child might be able to access. One thing that is good about Roblox is they have the parental control and could be turned on and let them restrict access to private servers and choose the people that the user could contact. With this, we could say the Roblox can be a game suitable for our children.

How Can Roblox Improve Child Ability and Intelligence:

The platform allows the child to create a world of his own. As they build blocks, choose a concept, design a fortress, they are able to help them with their cognitive development. At Roblox, the child is able to design his own game. Functions and available designs help the child create a game which would help him build his confidence and develop well his creativity as he boosts his interpersonal skill through hanging out with other friends. With his designs and concepts, the child could also learn independence and the ability to make decisions which he benefits from.

Now, as parents, it’s really normal to be worried at times especially that this platform has still flaws especially that it could still be a platform for online predators however, with the right knowledge on how to monitor the children without making them feel like they are being restrained from enjoying their games. So, the following are the things that parents can do in order for them to check their children’s activities on Roblox.

  • Know all the tools and settings in order to maximize the child’s safety while playing games on this platform

  • Make sure that the parental control is on.

  • Make sure to restrict private servers; most online predators show these (servers) to lure young players

  • As a parent, you may also explain Roblox to other parents that this is not a game per se but a platform where the child will learn how to use his creativity and it’s a virtual space where players can interact and check the game created by the child.

  • Supervise the child in choosing the games that are appropriate for age as to some of the games created and uploaded here contain explicit graphics and themes that are not suitable for them.

  • Make Roblox a platform of learning for your child. Engaging yourself to making your own game can encourage your child to do the same thing. Make this a time for you to create a bond with your child. Make this a reward for him and not just a privilege. Assign chores to him and as a reward for his diligence, reward him money for his Robox. Through this, he may become a more responsible child because he has a bigger reason to play and learn from Roblox.

  • Hone a superb digital habit through maximizing your Child’s Online Safety. Check out the privacy setting and click the necessary options from there.

You may also go extra miles to check the Roblox Player Safety features such as:

  • Chat Filters

  • Human Moderators

  • Curated Lists

  • Reporting and Blocking


With the power in your hands, you will be able to protect your child from online predators, private servers, and games that are not age-appropriate.

The last part of this article will be about the suitable product for our digital whiz. You might be browsing for the ideal products that would give them comfort as they play games in Roblox. These are all from Flexispot.

One of those is the Massage Gaming Chair 0029 . A gaming chair with the most an ergonomic design and high quality. It has a soft luxury breathable bonded leather. This is also hard to deform hence you don’t have worry about the child feeling tired while she’s playing games on this ergonomic chair. This also supports the lumbar area which is good since in gaming kids are really sitting for a long time. Lastly, you don’t have to worry about your child stumbling down the chair because this has a steady base.

As we end this article, always remember that letting your child enjoy his younger years would give positive effects in the future. You just need to supervise them and nurture their personality.