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How the Clamp Power Strip Protect you From Octopus Wiring

22 April 2021

You’re about to turn on the hair blower because you are in a hurry for your morning meeting. You’d suddenly get shocked to see a lot of cords plugged in the outlet. You’re about to plug it off when suddenly it sparks near the wooden chair. The next thing you know you are already panicky dialing the hotline of the fire department.


What do you think happen to the cords and wires on the outlet? This incident involves octopus wiring. In most household, people have the habit of plugging or charging a lot electronic devices and appliances at the same time and in one outlet. This result to either electrical overloads or accidents like electrocution. So, in today’s article, we will discuss the:


-      The dangers of octopus wiring

-      How we can avoid electrocution

-      How the Clamp Power Strip protect you

 against these fatal accidents.


So, let’s begin the discussion:


Octopus Wiring:

It is the jam packing of wires on an outlet. It is when a cord or power extension is plugged into another power source directly inserted in the outlet thus creating an image of the octopus.


The common appliances that have bigger consumptions such as refrigerators and other high-end appliances are plugged into an outlet that has a single socket. It’s because once these are plugged into outlets that have faulty wirings or extensions that couldn’t carry their electrical loads, the possibility of overheating of the cord, fire, and electrocution might happen.



Fact Check:

In a fire estimate summary of the US Fire Administration (this was a summary report of 354,400 fire cases they have documented from 2010-2019), the causes (the following are percentages out of the total of 100% ) of residential building fires are:


-      unintentional: 7.7%

-      electrical malfunction: 6.8%

-      appliances= 2.9%

Looking at the statistics above, we may safely assume that fires were caused by octopus wiring given the percentage above that attributes to the 6.8% that comes

from electrical malfunction. Second, is the fire caused by appliances which is 2.9% and the 7.7% is attributed to unintentional fires which means that aside from faulty wiring, excessive and careless use of extensions, junctions, and outlets could lead to fire in our homes.


So, let’s take a look at it this way, being more cautious and mindful of all the electrical load will save us from grave danger. In order for us avoid these incidents, we must take note of the following guidelines. Some may not be applicable for you, some maybe already happened to you.



-      Check the extension wires. There are extensions that are heavy duty and

could carry a large voltage of electric load yet we must still be careful

not to plug all devices on that outlet.

-      If you’d use the blow dryer or charge your phone, make sure that the other

Outlets of the extension are free of other plugs. At least 2 devices in one outlets. This may lessen the load of the outlet and would give faster charging of the device plus overheating of the cord may be avoided.

-      Avoid using one outlet for high-power consuming appliances; our aim is not to put much load on the outlet. No matter how big the capacity of an outlet is if we’re not going to use it in moderation the outlet or the appliances might be damaged in the long run.

-      Check the wiring system in your home. Seeking help from a master electrician can help you monitor if the fuse is still working, if some wires already need to be replaced, etc.

-      Avoid doing the octopus wiring. There should be an equal distribution of electrical load in the house.


 Running Extension Cord Across the Room:


 Avoid installing the extension cord across the wall, doorway, or window for two main reasons:


-      As extension cords are just for temporary use, these are easy to be damaged

  • over time and might become a fire hazard.


-      Another is it could be the cause of accidents like slipping or tripping


The next part will talk about a product that can ensure your safety. These days as more people do the WFH setting, it is always happening that a lot of devices are plugged in. As we mentioned earlier, there should be an equal distribution of electrical load around the house. So, how could we do that? Never plug in different devices onto a single outlet. Try to find another outlet or have it installed in your work area where you don’t need to use a lot of extensions. You may avoid octopus wiring with this as well. Plus, the wires wouldn’t overheat because the source of electrical load doesn’t need to carry too much. Hence, here is a product from Flexispot that can cater this kind of need and help you save your property from the dangers of fire and yourself from the dangers of getting electrocuted.


Here is Clam Power Strip. A product that is versatile and convenient. Yes, it is versatile because you don’t have to worry about the mismatch cords and the compatibility. It is because of the multiple universal sockets that could charge your devices or appliances. Your devices such as the powerbank, tablet, and laptop can be secured on this outlet. Thus, you don’t need to plug them in the other outlets with appliances that have higher electrical load. With this, you may avoid octopus wiring.


The Clam Power Strip as well has a capacity of 1875W which means that you could plug in the devices you commonly use on the work area without the worry of getting the device broken because they are charged simultaneously.


With Clam Power Strip, you don’t have to bring out other tools for installing because they are already included in the item hence assembling it is easy as pie.


Lastly, Clam Power Strip can be installed on different surfaces whether you need it by the kitchen or the living room; you may easily put it there and enjoy chargin and plugging.