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How to Apply for An Internship at Any Age

01 February 2023

The majority of people think that only college students qualify for internships. It is a very rare case when an adult volunteer to work as an intern, usually without compensation. This idea is outdated, and as we have seen in the films The Internship or The Intern, this is untrue. When Chandler in Friends decided to change and pursue a career in advertising, he even became an intern.

When internships give individuals the chance to gain knowledge in a particular field of interest, why wouldn't interns take advantage of the opportunity? ignore what other people might think. If you think you're currently "too old" for the position, don't panic. It matters that you feel happy here; because this will give you the contentment you've been looking for for a long time.

You might be shocked to learn that there are various benefits for adults who work as interns. It will essentially be a quick job experience. You may think of this as your transitional phase as you prepare to begin a career that interests you. Your reward? This an unforgettable experience you may use to spruce up your résumé and portfolio. You will be capable of understanding how an industry functions without committing to a long-term job. You could receive college credit in return for a paid or unpaid internship.

But as an adult searching for an internship, you may request financial remuneration, even at a minimum rate, given your previous work experience and improved chances of staying.

There are opportunities for part-time internships for those who need flexible hours. When someone has been unemployed for a while, wants to change careers, takes a sabbatical from the job, or feels strongly drawn to work for a company they have liked for a lot longer, they may accept an internship.

So as an adult, you would be given the opportunity to develop your network in your selected field, get familiarity with how the company operates, have professional experience you can include on your resume, and if you were to land an internship, acquire priceless skills you can implement in the workplace.

There are various ways to get an internship regardless if you are of legal age. You can reach out to your connections in the industry you want to enter. You can let them be aware that you're prepared to work as an intern if they don't already have full-time employment lined up for the position.

You could ask for help from the institution where you received your diploma in order to take advantage of its career counseling. You can join an organization for professionals in the industry you are transferring to. This association may host conferences, seminars, workshops, and networking opportunities for all of you. Additionally, you'll meet a lot of folks that switch occupations.

In addition, there are apprenticeship programs designed specifically for adults or people with college degrees. Employers might benefit from an intern's aptitude and motivation to work for the company despite the absence of pay.

We've included several ergonomic office supplies that will help you be a more proactive, productive intern. Who knows, you might soon get a job offer for full-time, salaried work.

Pro Plus Standing Desk (E7)

Be more efficient and productive in finishing all your work tasks with this FlexiSpot favorite desk of all time. This product ensures supreme stability and reliable weight capacity. It is BIFMA-certified which further guarantees how stable this desk is. Its leg columns are thicker than usual while the column gap is scientifically designed to be 0.05 mm, ensuring a smooth lifting operation. It can hold the weight of two adults easily, ready to accommodate the weight of 355 pounds.

The base structure is made of solid carbon steel, reaching an automotive-material grade. Even if your items aren't evenly placed on the desk, you can be assured that this will always be stable.

You can also be ensured of its durability, this desk is made to last after passing 20k motion tests in the FlexiSpot lab. You get a 15-year warranty upon purchase.

You'd love its sleek appearance with a laser-welding technique used for its frame. It features a holeless leg design that is aesthetically pleasing. It is temperature-resistant and has an anti-wear coating which makes sure the color is consistent for many years to come.

Its adjustable height range is from 22.8" to 48.4", providing a user-friendly experience for people that stand 4'2" to 6'4".

It comes with an embedded cable tray that is conveniently hidden under the desktop, which makes your workspace organized and visually pleasing. It makes use of a premium keypad with USB charging ports, four programmable height presets, and a child-lock button. You can choose from either a C-Frame or a T-frame.

Sit2Go 2-in-1 Fitness Chair

This can easily boost your energy on a day when it's running low and help you shed some calories during any busy day on your desk. The pedals are ultra-comfortable and easy to use. It doesn't produce a loud sound so you don't have to worry about disturbing your officemates. Adjust the resistance levels according to your weight goals. This also comes with smooth-rolling casters so that you can move the chair around the room or to a different area. Plus, if you worry that it won't give you a comfortable sitting experience, then you should know that this has a breathable mesh backrest and a supportive seat cushion. The seat is also height adjustable with a one-touch lever for adjustment.

Final Word

Let aging not hinder the achievement of your goals. Make it acceptable to perform a task at any age and disprove the doubters. If you put your mind and heart into something, you can make it happen for yourself, and actions will naturally follow. Don't be afraid to apply for an internship if that's what you want to do. Even though you could be the oldest person in the room, you can still offer advice that will benefit the business or benefit your coworkers. We're rooting for you!