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How to be Frugal and Save Money

04 June 2021

The pandemic has caused many workers to be out of jobs. As such, they inevitably depleted their savings in the bank for everyday expenses including payment of mortgage and utilities. groceries and health insurance. Even if the companies had given them their separation pay and benefits, it was not enough to cover especially mortgage payments.  

I think this is the time to tighten the belt and make the most of what we have. In the past years. I spent a lot on my salary, save little. But little did I know that there would come a time that I would be out of a job and had to spend my savings for basic necessities. Now that my savings are almost depleted, I have to look for another job to get by.

With my present dilemma, I learned to become frugal with the money I have and just spend a little so it will last until the time I have another job. It is really difficult to budget your money since even the basic necessities such as food are expensive for me because I have little money.

I am also afraid that if I won’t be able to pay my mortgage, then I imagine I would be one of those homeless people living on other’s mercy. It will be my biggest nightmare!

Spend Less on Food

So what I do is also spend less on food. I try to have only one meal a day which is beneficial economically. At first, it was really difficult to adjust to the situation but after a few weeks of doing it, I was able to adapt to this kind of lifestyle. I think eating one meal a day is also good for my health. I have read and watched videos about people eating only a meal a day with the basic goal of reducing weight and keeping the body leaner but strong and healthy.

Some benefits of eating one meal a day or intermittent fasting have been recorded and there were articles published online for more information about it such as 

  • Effect of aging is reduced
  • Prevents diseases and promotes health
  • Affects metabolism
  • Preparation is simple and economical

In my case, I eat more fruits and vegetables with less carbohydrates. My observation after two weeks of doing this is that I feel lighter, my body leaner, and stronger than before. I felt more active and I do not feel sleepy all the time compare to the previous lifestyle I had that when I feel so full, I felt sleepy/

I think this also happens to those eating so much, especially food that is rich in fats and salty. Having binged on fatty and salty food made me more laggard and sedentary which is unhealthy. So, eating one meal a day or what they call OMAD is kind of a good eating habit for me that I reap some benefits from doing it. Well, I cannot really generalize this for everybody because we have a different body constitution. I am just sharing my experience with this eating habit that I found good for me.

To be fair and partial, eating one meal a day or OMAD also has some adverse effects as some have claimed and published on articles online.  

  • Eating once a day is not good for our health because the quick weight loss may trigger going back to having more weight or obesity
  • Eating a meal once a day will weaken your body because of the quick decrease in taking food
  • The risk of heartburn may possibly increase
  • When eating once a day, it may cause irritability, and concentration is lost because you still feel the hunger pang.

Having discussed these, I think that you can do this regimen not as quickly as possible. It should be slower so that your body has to be conditioned in this kind of eating habit which eventually your body may be able to adapt to it. If your goal is to reduce weight, then it is better to consult your doctor first so they could give sound advice on OMAD or intermittent fasting. 

In my case, my goal was not really to seriously lose excess weight but to reduce my eating due to financial reasons. And I found some benefits from it. So for you, you can also have some options to do or not to do it.

Re-use Old Clothes

Regarding being frugal, I do not buy so many clothes these days. I formed the habit of using my old clothes for everyday use and the extra clothes I have kept for years, I donated to a charitable organization so other people may use them and do not have to buy anymore.  

So that is what I did and I felt my life is more fulfilling than before when I donated some of my clothes. It was worth it and it gave me a different kind of happiness thinking that I was able to share with the community whatever I have such as extra clothes.

Donate your Furniture

Now I have just a few of them and I am content with this kind of living. I also donated some pieces of furniture which only occupy a lot of space at home. When I disposed of them my house became brighter, tidier, and easy to clean. I just had the necessary furniture that I have to have at home. So basically, I only spend money on my food because I thought that it is the only basic thing I need right now. I learned to use and reuse things as necessary.

Get a Desk Converter

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