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How to Be Healthy While Working From Home

13 April 2022

If you think employee health is a personal concern, think again. For any company or organization to succeed or continue to thrive, it must have a roster of healthy employees. Employees make business operations run. Without them, companies wouldn’t have revenues. If they are sickly, they would not report to the office which would negatively affect a company’s operations. This is why the management does its best to eliminate or at least reduce tardiness and absences among its employees.

Employees were sent to work from home when the COVID-19 pandemic broke out. They want to put a stop to the spread of the virus so people were ordered to stay at home and work from there. This meant a 360-degree change for employees and the management. Companies also had to downsize, laying off employees or giving them the chance to resign or retire.

Personally, I was working full-time for a company at the center of the city before COVID-19 existed. There, I was able to witness my fellow employees go through stress, confusion, fear, and panic attacks.

Because of these visible health conditions, we were instructed to visit the clinic and see if we were positive for COVID-19. If yes, we won’t be allowed to return to our workstation until our quarantine has finished and we’ve been cleared of the virus. Since we were a big company, I had to line up in a long queue of employees to get the check-up. Moreover, there were only two nurses attending to hundreds of employees.

face masks and face shields.

This was also the age of face masks and face shields. In every corner where employees stay, you’ll find an alcohol dispenser. Our cafeteria was even closed for two days to be disinfected.

Some employees were forced to file leaves because they displayed COVID-19 symptoms. There is no guarantee that they will get paid for the mandatory leave.

Imagine how stressful it was for them and for us who weren’t informed of whose employees contracted the disease. We continued working in our designated areas without knowing if they were safe. They were sanitized almost every day though which was a security blanket but we still did not feel completely safe from the virus.

Then, the management finally decided to give us the choice to work from home. There was a circulating memo that we could choose our preferred work set-up to ensure our safety from the pandemic. It was music to our ears. But then came other problems. They had to supply computers at home. Paperwork was necessary to get out of the building, such as a clearance to be signed and inspected.

There were a select few of employees who were lucky to get their PCs in a shorter period. But there were others who had to be patient and waited for several weeks before theirs arrived. What’s worse is that those weeks were unpaid. The employees who were unable to work during that time were categorized as “not working.” It was understandable why so many had panic attacks and grew frustrated about their pay. Thankfully, after several months of no pay and no work, all those who chose to work from home set-up were already settled down and ready to work for their salary.

Personally, I filed my resignation and looked for a new company that offered home-based work. It took me several months before I finally got hired for a new job. For me, the work-from-home setup has more benefits than an office work set-up.

Employees like me were protected more from the virus and were able to save money from not commuting or being exposed to many accessible restaurants. However, some think stability is an issue, and working from home does not offer the same benefits as compared to working in a much more stable company.

employees suffer from different diseases

I have been in the corporate world for many years now and I have noticed that employees suffer from different diseases and other physical disorders including the following:

  • Hypertension or high blood pressure
  • Diabetes due to being overweight
  • Pulmonary diseases
  • Allergies
  • Stress
  • Heart disease
  • Back and neck pain
  • Arthritis
  • Exhaustion
  • Depression

When they are regularized, employees are given healthcare benefits as well as their immediate family members.

Apart from this, they also award you with leave credits to use when you will go on a vacation or if you get sick for several days. You’d want to be regularized because that would mean you still get paid even though you are absent.

It is necessary for employees, more especially for telecommuters, to work on their physical health because not all remote or home-based workers are privileged to have health care benefits. Because of this, we should commit to healthy habits including eating well-balanced meals with fruits and vegetables. And of course, our daily activities include regular exercise or physical movement.

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