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How to Brighten Up Your Office in 16 Ways

17 February 2022

Did you know that brightening up your office can instantly make you more productive, alert, and feel better?

Since we spend the majority of our day in our office, how it looks and the atmosphere can seriously impact our well-being and efficiency. Whether working from home or your workplace, you should not have to put up with a drab and depressing workspace.

This is why we have compiled this helpful guide that lists down some of the top ways to make your office look lively, brighter, and more aesthetically pleasing.

Ways to Make Office Look Lively

If you want to optimize your mental capacity and make your office look brighter and livelier, here are the top ways to do exactly that:

Add More Light

Add More Light

Since your office is where you likely use your computer and check paperwork, it is necessary to have ample light. Hence if you are wondering how to brighten up the office, then perhaps you might need to brighten up with better light fixtures literally. Bad lighting can lead to eye strains, headaches, irritable mood.

It is recommended to have at least 3,000-6,000 lumens for office work. At the very least, it should be 1,200 lumens.

Incorporate More Colors on the Walls

Another way to brighten up your office is to add color to the walls to stimulate your productivity. This entirely depends on what color works for you. Some people work best with stimulating colors, such as red, orange, and yellow. Others might prefer more calming colors, such as green, baby-blue, and grey.

Add Plants to Your Workspace

Add Plants to Your Workspace

The best way to add life to your dull workspace or office is to add plants. These can also help enhance mood and concentration. This is why you should consider getting small planters for desks or a large indoor plant. If you have limited office and desk space, then get hanging plants.

Adding plants will also improve the atmosphere in the room, make the air cleaner, and create a calming atmosphere.

Personalize Your Workspace

If you have your cubicle or are working from home, the best way to liven it up is by personalizing it. Since it is your workplace, you can add whatever you want. Some of the best ways to do that are by framing pictures of your favorite people, adding your favorite furniture or décor item, and even using personalized accessories.

You can personalize your workspace however you want as long as it is a reflection of who you are and makes you feel comfortable.

Optimize Natural Light

Optimize Natural Light

Natural light significantly helps with productivity and focus, which is why it is recommended to incorporate as much natural light in the space as you can. If it is possible, you should set your desk in front of or right next to the window that gives you a view of the outside and lets in natural light.

If you don’t have any natural light outlets in your office, then make an effort to take a break from work and go outside for a few minutes.

Adjust the Temperature

Even the temperature in your office can contribute to making the atmosphere uncomfortable. It can also hinder your productivity and mood. This is why it is important to keep the office temperature at the optimum level, not to be too hot or cold. The perfect temperature for an office is 71.5 degrees.

If you don't have control over the temperature, you can make changes on your own. For example, get a portable heater or blankets if it is too cold. Consider investing in an air conditioner unit or portable fan if it is too hot.

Declutter the Space

Declutter the Space

Our brains like order and tidiness. Research shows that clutter can also lead to loss of brainpower. This is likely because chaos and disorganization can make us overwhelmed and stressed out. This is why cluttered office spaces might leave us distracted and make us lose our focus.

You should invest in better organizational methods and accessories, such as cabinets, file holders, and drawers. The tidier the space, the better.

Rearrange the Furniture

Sometimes things as simple as rearranging your furniture in the office can be a great way to brighten and refresh it. This is why you should make an effort to change the furniture to something more modern and comfortable.

However, keep in mind that the furniture in your office space should not be too cluttered and rather be more open. Avoid placing all of the furniture towards the wall or in the entryways.

Add Colorful Decorations and Office Accessories

Add Colorful Decorations and Office Accessories

Even your accessories can significantly impact your mood and the office atmosphere. Not only should these decorations and office accessories on your desk be organized, but they should also be colorful in order to make the space brighter. Such accessories can add the perfect pop of color that will make your office look more fun and enhance your focus.

Add Touches of Inspiration

You can also motivate your employees and make the office livelier by adding inspiring art. For example, frames with motivating quotations in them or by printing your favorite song lyrics, poem, or excerpt from a book. This will become a motivating and unique piece for your office. Make these art pieces as creative as possible while also making them flow well with the overall theme and décor.

Get a Standing Desks

Get a Standing Desks

Working for nearly eight hours every day and sitting at the same spot during this time can be tiring and make you lose your focus very quickly. It will demotivate you, leave you irritable, and you will not be as productive either. The best solution is to get a standing desk to curb these problems.

Standing desks from FlexiSpot can help keep your mind alert and make you more focused. You can also stay active and burn more calories by standing while working. All in all, it is an excellent option if you want to liven up your office space.

Incorporate Different Types of Flooring through Rugs

Adding a rug to your office will help you not just warm up the space and make it cozy, but it will also liven it up and make your office unique. This is especially useful during the winters as a rug can warm up your feet and allow you to focus without feeling too cold.

Light Up Your Desk with a Lamp

Light Up Your Desk with a Lamp

Besides natural lighting and ample lighting in the office, you should add another layer of lighting through desk lamps. If you check a lot of paperwork or read from papers, this is a great way to brighten up your space and avoid eye strain and headaches. These desk lamps double as décor items and essential items to help you focus, which is why you should make sure that the desk lamp is also aesthetic and colorful.

Hang Mirrors

If you have a small office space, a great way to make it appear bigger is by adding a large mirror. This will make the space look huge and also double as a board where you can write notes or add post-its and pictures.

Put Up Art

Put Up Art

Another great way to make the office look lively is definitely through art. You can choose from any type that reflects your personality and adds to the overall décor of the office. Make sure it is not too big or dramatic since it can be distracting. Normally, the best type of art for office space is a minimal one.

Cultivate a Lively Environment in the Office

Lastly, you should also cultivate a lively environment in your office if you want it to be lively. Simply changing the furniture, putting up art and quotes can make it brighter and appealing. However, if you want the atmosphere fun and lively, you should provide employees with time and opportunity to interact and chat freely. This will also build team spirit.

You can do that by adding a ping pong table or foosball table to the office space. Or simply having open spaces with couches, chairs, and a TV.

Final Words

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All in all, the best way to make the office look lively and brighten it up is through changing the décor, adding more lighting, and making the space more conducive to an active lifestyle. This can be best done through a standing desk because it helps to enhance your focus and keep your mind alert and prevent you and other employees from leading a predominantly sedentary lifestyle.

The standing desk from FlexiSpot is a great option for offices because it has an adjustable seat, makes no sound, and can be moved around as well. Check out their website for more details and start living an active lifestyle in a livelier office today!