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How to Build a Portable Home Office Shed for Yourself

13 June 2024

From the sudden boom in the number of remote workers to the cycle of adapting to the new work environment, there's no doubt that the corporate world experienced a major shift in 2020.

And we need to acknowledge that some of the changes are wholesome for both the employer and the employees. For instance, gone are those days of commuting to work for long hours.

Right from the comfort of your home office, you can perform your office tasks with absolute flexibility. However, the going gets tougher once it's time to set up a proper home office. Although there are tons of home office ideas out there, what's the assurance that it's the perfect one for you?

Thus, this article is here to take you through the benefits of working in a portable home office shed, various varieties of sheds, and other factors you need to consider.

Portable Home Office Shed

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What's a Portable Home Office Shed?

This is sometimes referred to as the office pod or the backyard office. But irrespective of the name designated to it, a shed is a portable structure in your home where you execute your office and other private projects. Depending on your taste and preference, the home office shed can be custom-made and you can build it yourself (DIY).

If you want to go custom, it can be made of glass or a simple garden shed. But one factor that unifies them all is that it's often located in the yard. Adopting an office shed has many advantages to offer. First, it puts your office space close to your family.

It also puts a physical demarcation between your home and office area. That is, there's a guarantee that you won't be disturbed while working since there's some distance between the two territories. A portable home office shed promotes a healthier work-life balance and pushes you to be more efficient every day. After all, it's a variant of WFH (working from home).

Benefits of Setting Up a Portable Home Office Shed

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Benefits of Setting Up a Portable Home Office Shed

Working in a home office shed exclusively made for your use is beneficial in many ways. You have the choice of determining how to decorate it. That sounds fun and exciting, right? You'll be amazed as we look into other advantages you can get from investing in a portable home office shed.

Avenue to Match Up Work With Your Private Life

A home office shed works best if you want to strike a healthy balance between your work life and your private life. None will affect the other. It also allows you to detach yourself from the usual space where you have fun or spend time together as a family.

In other words, it's an assurance that you can perform all your tasks without distractions from other occupants in the house. Is that not fascinating? Do you want to complete your daily to-do list or join an important video call? The home office shed will be glad to have you.

Hence, building and working in a home office shed might be more beneficial than you imagine!

More Economical

Have you noticed that many employees spend more on furniture and other office items while setting up their home office? Well, that's because the home office ideas they adopt are a bit pricey when compared to a portable shed.

With a shed, all you need is to get an ergonomic office chair and a height-adjustable standing desk and you are good to go. Even the choice of decors is entirely up to you. You may decorate and you may not.

It Beautifies Your Backyard or Garden

Having a shed sit majestically in your backyard or garden is a beautiful sight to behold! After all, sheds are known to be stunning. These sheds are also available in different sizes, designs, and shapes. So you can choose what works best for your budget and taste.

As perfect as the shed looks, you can also go creative with it. That is, you can use it for diverse purposes. For example, why not carve out a certain portion of the shed for official use and transform the remaining space into a lounge?

Freedom to Customize in Your Way

Giving your home office shed a customized touch is one of the best perks you can enjoy. And with proper customization, you can make it your favorite spot to be. Although various stores, both physical and online, sell home office sheds, we will suggest that you customize yours.

First, your office area will stand out among other people. And it's an opportunity to unleash that creative version of you. Customize it most entertainingly!

Detaches You from Your Immediate Environment

For many office workers, working from home is the best contemporary practice until it's time to work and they find it difficult to concentrate. If you're in this category, you don't have to give up your age-long dream of working in a backyard shed. All you need to do is invest in a soundproof office pod.

This pod will help you work conveniently and effectively despite the noises and other activities around you. Again, you can also enjoy the beautiful and mind-blowing sight of nature it offers.

Tried-and-true Ways of Setting Up a Portable Home Office Shed

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Tried-and-true Ways of Setting Up a Portable Home Office Shed

There's a high probability that the ideal portable home office shed exists for you. However, you can only discover it when you know what you're searching for. Therefore, let's check out the following options. Perhaps, you'll find your favorite there.

Personal Pod

Do you want to build your office shed yourself? This might be for you. Ideally, you should note that a personal pod is designed to fit only one person. Thus, it is the smallest among the available types of sheds.

So if you want the shed to be for your exclusive use, you should give the personal pod a trial. Meanwhile, the small size of this pod doesn't mean that it can't accommodate two people at a time. The only deficiency is that it may not be able to house many pieces of furniture and other office accessories.

A personal pod will also do the job if you feel having extra space or someone in the room with you might be overwhelming.

Modern Pod

Do you have a flair for a contemporary shed that stands out? This modern pod should work perfectly for you. The pod is elegantly built and the designs used are stylish such that it stands out among all its competitors. It's truly food for the eyes!

Some of these sheds are also designed with attractive walls while some are made of various materials to produce special effects and feels. So if you want a posh backyard or garden, a modern home office pod is all you need.

And if yours is more of a fun shed, there are different models of modern pods with mouthwatering designs. Work in a friendly environment with this modern pod!

Gaming Shed

Being an office worker doesn't mean that your home office shed should be boring and unlivable. So how do you inject some life into the area? Your answer lies in getting a gaming shed.

You can even seize the opportunity that you're working from home to give it designs and decors that align with your personality. Since a gaming shed works hand-in-hand with classy colors and LED lights, you can expect it to give you the most thrilling working/playing experience alongside functional features.

Hence, we believe that this pod is the superlative addition that your backyard needs. That's if you're ready to work in a modern environment that reeks of gamer-styled vibes.

Other types of home office sheds are:

Minimalistic Garden Shed.
Office and Patio Shed.
Greenhouse Garden Shed.

How to Build a Portable Home Office Shed

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How to Build a Portable Home Office Shed

There are some fundamental tips you need to keep in mind if you want to have a flawless office pod in your garden. You remember that we said some workers prefer DIY while some prefer custom-made. Even if you're going for custom-made, you need to put some things in place.

So we have compiled the following tips for you. They'll help you get an idea of all the necessary steps you need to take to have the portable home office shed of your dream.

Set a Backyard Space Apart

As expected, the first step is choosing and evaluating the area where you want to have the shed located. You need to be very patient and meticulous here because choosing the wrong area might adversely affect the final result you'll get.

Therefore, you need to dot your "I"s and cross your"T"s while evaluating. You should also make sure that you're not proposing having the shed under a tree or anything that could destroy its roof (shingles).

In addition, try as much as possible to avoid the sun's movement. We understand that it's impossible that the shed will be under the shade all through the day but you can, at least, ensure it is not in direct contact with sunlight.

Choose Your Favorite Style and Taste

Now that you know there are different types of home office sheds, it follows that you have various alternatives to also explore. So you should go for the style and design that appeal to you most. For instance, you might want the shed styled in the same color as your house. That's a remarkable idea.

And if you want the shed to look completely different from its surroundings, it can also be achieved. Go for the best style!

Organize the Shed

You opted for a custom-made office shed and it has been delivered, so what next? Meanwhile, that's a popular question among folks who haven't built a shed before. Once the office pod is installed, you have to organize the ergonomic office chair, height-adjustable standing desk, and other office items and arrange them in a pattern that works best for you.

You can also spice up the process by getting power cords, and adding some modern-day decors. Or make it a blend of contemporary and traditional art. Make it more fun-filled and adventurous by playing your favorite music as you set up your superb workstation!

Decorate Your Shed and Have Fun

We agree that the usual routine of choosing the foolproof home office shed might be somewhat laborious but it's worth it. And it's such a fun deal. As you're arranging and organizing the items, you should use that avenue to put your creativity and innovation into use.

It's the perfect moment to try new styles and designs. So you should be willing and ready to try different (new) things.

Final Takeaways

This piece has given you an exhaustive guide on how to set up your home office shed, the various outdoor sheds, and their advantages. Now, we hope that the idea of having a workstation right in the garden or backyard without being distracted is realistic.

We have shown you the path to a more productive and healthy work-life, so all you have to do is religiously follow the tips and ideas shared.