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A Guide to Cleaning Your Office Chair Wheels

01 July 2021

Movable office chairs are ideal for letting you move about your desk quickly. However, when the wheels on your office chair cease working correctly, the chair transforms from a benefit to a hassle. The rolling motion from office chairs can sometimes be impaired due to dirt buildup on the caster wheels. Depending on the sort of chair you have, you may have noticed that the casters are soiled with hairs and debris, and for them to roll appropriately again, you would need to clean them.

Your chair's caster wheels are a crucial component, and without them, you would be unable to zoom and glide around your workplace as rapidly whenever you need to. It is critical to keep your caster wheels clean; otherwise, you will find yourself wandering, even if only to the edge of your desk. Check out the following techniques and tricks to keep your chair's caster wheels as clean as possible.

First of all, here are some of the things that you might need:

  • Rags
  • Butter knife
  • Cotton swabs
  • Kitchen cleaner
  • Tweezers
  • Screwdriver
  • Duct tape
  • Cotton swabs
  • Needle
  • Soap and water
  • Razor
  • Lubricant

Turn Your Chair Upside Down

You must turn your chair upside down to gain easy accessibility to the caster wheels. This shouldn't be too difficult for most typical office chairs. You will be able to accomplish it on your own. Place a chair in front of the one you're working on. 

Remove Large Debris

Using a butter knife, remove any debris from the wheels. The knife is small enough to fit through the gaps and under the wheel cover. This helps you to clear out the majority of the gunk that is keeping the wheel from running. Use caution not to apply too much pressure since this will cause ridges in the plastic wheels, preventing them from rotating smoothly. Remove any hair that has become entangled in the wheel using tweezers. You can remove the chair's wheels for this stage if you like, but because you'll be working with a knife, it might be preferable to have the chair firmly locking the wheels in place rather than your hand.

Remove the Wheels

Most chairs found in an office setting have detachable wheels. Remove the casters from the frame of the chair before attempting to clean them. Typically, the entire base will detach from the chair, and then you can remove the wheels with a screwdriver or other comparable equipment. 

Grip the caster with one hand and the chair's foundation with the other, then begin drawing out the casters one at a time. This requires some effort. Some casters come off easier than others. The stems of the casters have a clamp ring that maintains the casters in position. If the caster does not come off, try rotating it. A different angle may make this easier by giving you extra leverage to pull the caster out. 


When you open the casters, you'll notice a lot of debris, hairs, and fibers on the wheels. Use your fingertips to remove as much dirt as possible.

  • Begin by removing any paper, stickers, or paper clips that have become attached.
  • Once you've removed all of the larger debris, take a piece of tape and then use it to remove the smaller particles. The tape grips the dirt and draws it away from the wheel.
  • If you have gum trapped in your caster wheels, you can remove it using alcohol and a butter knife.
  • If fibers and hairs do not come out quickly, use a razor blade. Take caution with the razor. Simply move down and attempt to snip the hair gently. This should remove the majority of the debris.
  • If you notice some dirt-filled areas that you can't reach with your fingers or the blade, use a needle to assist you.
  • Wipe off the wheels with a towel to remove any chemicals that have remained on them. Wipe both the outside and inside of the wheel cover.
  • Cotton swabs work well for reaching into the narrow gaps if your finger doesn't somehow fit inside the cover.

Clean with Water

You should never throw the wheels into the water until you've had a chance to clean them yourself. Soap and water will not clear all of the debris that needs to be removed. It's time to wash the wheels now that you've cleared all of the dirt from them.

  • Make a nice soapy solution for the wheels and then immerse them. Soap is excellent for eliminating material that is tough to reach with tweezers or tape. Let the wheels soak for 5 to 10 minutes before removing. 
  • Begin by scrubbing the wheel with a brush until it is clean to your desire.
  • Splash soapy water on the casters. You may see that unclean water is flowing from the caster. Continue to splash water on it until it is clean. 
  • Rinse it with clean water, and then allow the casters to dry completely. If moisture lingers from the inside of the wheel, it might create squeaking or provide a surface for particles to stick to. To dry the casters, use a clean cloth or paper towels. If you're at home, a blow dryer set to low heat can also help.

Lubricate and Reattach Wheels

To allow fluid movement, lubricate the metal components of the seat and all other moving parts. Applying lubricant to the area of the wheel that contacts the floor will result in a greasy mess. You may choose lubricants with a lengthy applicator to get in between the wheels of your casters. Lubricate the interior of each wheel. Just a smidge will do. Wipe away any excess lubrication, which can attract and retain dirt. You can also lubricate the wheel's axle with Vaseline, but it's not necessary if the wheel spins smoothly and quietly without it. If your wheels are not made of caster, you must still clean them. You can follow the same procedures, and if they are made of plastic, don't apply lube on them because it won't adhere and therefore will drip off, again, causing a greasy mess on your floor.

You may now put them all back in their fittings and reinstall the chair's base. To prevent issues when using the chair, make sure you fasten the base on correctly and snugly. Move your chair around to ensure that the wheels are in good working condition.

The easiest way to keep the casters unclogged and clear of dirt is to clean and maintain them regularly. Depending on how clean your office is, do it at least once every two months. After cleaning your wheels, you will notice a significant change in the way your chair moves. Proper maintenance of your caster wheels helps guarantee that your chair lasts as long as possible.