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How to Convince the Boss for a Treadmill Standing Desk

27 April 2021

There are times when asking the boss for something at work can be tricky, whether it’s for a raise, something necessary for the office, or even just asking permission to use your own vacation time!

Asking for a standing desk at work doesn’t need to be that difficult. We’ll show how to formulate your request and getting your boss to say yes to a treadmill standing desk.

Step 1: Know the workplace

  • Usually, in an office environment, you don’t get something unless you ask for it.

  • Naturally, you hesitate in what you ask for at work. You don’t want to be the aggressor in the workplace. You’ve got a better chance of getting a treadmill standing desk at work if…

  •  Workers at your office have been provided with ergonomic chairs and other back relief equipment.

  • The workplace is really focused on health and fitness initiatives

  • You’re one of the best performers of the company and they want to make you happy

  •  The company that wants to be known for employee satisfaction

  •   Have a good relationship with the boss or whoever is in charge.

  • In some offices, getting a standing desk is a standard office procedure. They are simply issued whenever the employee requires them.

How to tell if it’s a good time to ask and how successful it might be.

  • Does the company have the budget?

Look for other signs that the company is willing to spend the $200-$600 for a standing desk typically costs. Signs like getting modern computer equipment that gets replaced quickly, team outings, paid interns, subsidized health care, etc. 

  • The duration since the last thing asking for something?

  • There is some “political capital” on something like changing teams or changing seats, it is not a great time to ask. Hold it off for awhile and continue working hard so you’ll be ready when the time is right.

  • If never ask for anything, then that’s a good sign that the request won’t be trivial. Good managers are always looking for ways to keep up morale and reward their employees.

  • The company’s annual or semi-annual review season is a good time to ask. If review season is approaching and expect your review to include an opportunity to talk about further work in the company, that’s a good time to ask for one.

  • Asking for equipment to boost the work better is one of the best arguments that goes over well with your manager or boss. Tell them it would boost their profits.

  • Is the office space too small?

If the office is too crammed with too many employees, requesting a standing desk might not be advisable.  Some offices are built out of modular furniture that might make a standing desk occupying too much space. Better ask for a desk converter.

Step 2: Do your research 

Support your request with some research! There’s a lot of research papers on the benefits of standing while working. It shows that standing desks boost productivity by as much as 46% on average.


If you already tried a standing desk before working for them and found it helpful for X or Y reasons, let the boss knows about it! He is more likely to say yes if it doesn’t sound like you’re guessing only.

Just don’t make it sound like you won’t be able to work properly without a standing desk.

Step 3: Know what desk you want

Know what kind of standing desk you want. Decide which full-size adjustable standing desks and standing desk converters. Determine the pros and cons. Also, think about a standing-height chair. 

Don’t let the boss pick for you. They want the employee to decide what standing desk to get. This shows initiative and leadership. Be decisive and do the homework before going to the boss with the request. Answer any questions he has You should be adept with the advantages and drawbacks of each desk you pick.

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But, don’t get too particular to a specific desk. The company might already be considering other options on standing desks. It’s always helpful to know what design of desk you’d like) rather than a specific make and model.

Step 4: Make your request personally

When making the request, be humble (not demanding) and show that you’ve seriously decided on this.  Don’t just barge into the boss’s office immediately after you get the idea.

There will be chances that your boss will have to ask someone how to improve the office. This is a good time to give some suggestions. Do not force the idea on him

If possible, ask in person. Read your boss’s response to the idea and quickly change the subject if it looks like the conversation is going south.

Justifying the Request for a Treadmill Desk

To further convince the boss, here’s a list of research-based things treadmill desk you can tell the boss; 

  • There is scientific proof research that supports treadmill desks as a way to increase physical activity at work.


  • Thinking cognizance only drops slightly when using a treadmill desk, but does not pose a problem.

  • Sitting at a desk all day could be harming your back.

  •  A neuroscience professor at a research institution is getting one.

Studying the Treadmill Desk Impact: How the Research Was Done

For the study, experts assessed 75 healthy adults for a 45-minute period. The 37 people on treadmill desks walked at a speed of 1.5 mph. Walkers saw a 9 percent drop in cognitive processing speed, attention, and working memory and a 13-word-per-minute drop in typing speed.

The findings suggest that using treadmill desks may be suited for tasks that are less cognitively demanding like checking email) or that do not need a great deal of fine-motor skills such as non-typing tasks.

When using a treadmill desk, simply get off when you have work that requires high concentration, such as intense reading, composing, or editing. But researchers were surprised to find that treadmill desk walkers can retain new information just as well as sitters.


The researchers say there is still much more study to be done on the subject of standing desks and treadmill desks. The harmful effects of sedentary office work have given adjustable desks, standing desks, and treadmill desks a new alternative for healthy living.