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How to Cope With Stress While Doing Remote Work

29 May 2020

Stressors abound in our daily life. In a Business Insider article, it was said that our brain is working overtime to make sense of the pandemic.  Even now that we are at home, stress can still be easily triggered with the deluge of emails to be answered, the insecurity of the future, and even the thought of not doing enough. Needless to say, it is vital to effectively cope with stress in times like these.

Bur First – What Is Stress?

The Mental Health Foundation defines stress, at the most basic level, as “body’s response to pressures from a situation or life event.” Every person has different interpretations and coping mechanisms for stress which includes social and economic standing and genetic makeup. Interestingly, a common ground for stress is undergoing something new or unexpected and leaves one feeling vulnerable with no control over a situation. According to Psychology Today, change is a normal part of life and we can turn our attention instead to the things that we can control to have a better grip on the state of affairs.

Take a look at this graph from Thomas Jefferson University to see how stress, when not dealt with properly, can wreak havoc on your body.


Don’t stress over stress

So, yes, we know that stress can be bad for the health.  If you are working from home, now is the time to take charge of how you can protect your mental health. It is quite difficult now with the changing circumstances and the new roles that you have to fill in. But here are simple tips that can help you cope with stress:

  1. Set up your home office – Settle in your own space so you can find your groove to work. It pays to have your desk rather than working on the bed or couch, which can be bad for the posture since they were not created to be used for work-related activities.  To maintain good posture, you need ergonomic fixtures such as a chair with great support or a standing desk. A standing desk will help you to switch from sitting to a standing position at any time of the day. Injecting a bit of activity in the workplace will boost your mood if you are in a midday slump or feeling lethargic.  If you want to stick with your desk, you can opt for a standing desk converter.
  2. Exercise while working – Hey, a workout need not be intense for it to work wonders on your body. Simple yoga stretches while on the desk can help, especially if you suffer from neck or back pain. In a HuffPost article, it said that stretching releases endorphins or “happy hormones” and can also contribute to better posture. If you have a standing desk converter, you can do more stretching as the day goes by because you have more chances to stand while working.
  3. Surround yourself with things that energize you – You might be thinking where to place your succulents or humidifier on your already cluttered desk. We have the answer to this: Get a standing desk converter to help you maximize your table. A standing desk converter has shelves where you can place your monitor screen, laptop, and mousepad. This means for more space where you can personalize your workplace, which has a direct impact on uplifting your frame of mind. One study from the Association for Psychological Science revealed that owning or personalizing a space maintains emotional energy. So go for a bit of customization if you will and enjoy your desk.

Get moving to cope with stress

Worrying will not take you as far as when you start making inroads for your health. Start with simple ways so you do not overdo things, which can be stressful too.  It can be as easy as getting an ergonomic fixture to help you work in a better environment. For your ergonomic needs, this brand will be there to see you through.