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How to Cope With Stress Without Really Trying

20 April 2021

One day when I was on my way to a supermarket, I  overheard a woman telling her companion, " I am stressed out. I forgot to wear my face shield.  I am afraid that I won't be able to enter the shopping mall to go to the supermarket," she sighed. 

Indeed, when it was her turn to go inside the mall, she was stopped by the security so she was not able to go inside. In this scenario, it was a big deal for the woman not to be able to accomplish her task for the day and that situation was already a stressor for her.  There are a lot of situations that we encounter which stress us out and before we knew it, our mental and physical  makeup could be impacted by the way we treat and deal with situations around us especially negative ones however trivial they may be. Having no face shield was already a big deal for the woman, but for others it is not a big deal because you can go back to the mall with your face shield some other time. So, we can surmise that  every negative situation we encounter  produces different reactions from every individual. So the gravity of stress we can say is dependent on the individual.

How do you define stress?  Mr. Webster defines stress as "a physical, chemical, or emotional, factor  that causes bodily or mental tension and maybe a factor in disease causation." From the definition itself, we may deduce that stress may possibly result in disease formation.  As such, we have to manage ourselves when a negative situation happens and we should control our emotions.  But there are times that we react quickly to a given situation or any stimulus that triggers stress.  We have to learn self-monitoring so 4hat we can control our reaction  and emotion for a given situation. Overreacting is always not unless you are an actor performing your role on the stage.

A medical doctor who wrote his own book says there is a possible link to stress in the development of cancer based on the development of hypotheses about the changes inside our body due to stress.  In other words, we should not let our body be under stress at any given situation.  Otherwise, merely being stressed out will lead us to the hospital.

On a lighter note, we can overcome stress if we are willing and resolved to do so.  We only need a great determination to reduce or conquer stress.  There are many ways to eradicate stress.

  • We have to monitor and check on those situations that we find stressful. For example, a fear of not passing an exam or an interview by an employer usually triggers stress in us.  Our wrong attitude and behavior towards a given situation contributes to our stress.  So, we have to think positively that all is well and that if you don't pass the exam or an employer interview, there is always a 'next time' or it is not really for me.  There is one that is better for me in the near future. Setting the right attitude and behavior will surely eliminate your stress.

  • We have to learn to adjust and cope with changes around us.  Nothing is permanent in this world.  One day your  family is complete, the next day your sibling got married.  So he or she is no longer  part of the household; they have to move into a new home.  The situation is beyond your control. So, make adjustments and accept reality.  By accepting uncontrollable situations, it makes you feel comfortable  and stress-free.

  • Have peace of mind all the time. That is, control your emotions and get rid of anger, jealousy and other negative thoughts especially on those who hurt you in the past and they were not aware of that fact.  A good conversation with someone who hurt you may do you good physically and mentally especially if you forgive those who hurt you.  Lighten your burden by forgiving others. Who knows they may become your BFF.

  • Put your resentments and worries away. Be more positive and open minded. Try to understand why people act that way. Sometimes people say things unaware of the consequences. Put yourself in others' shoes so you will understand people better.  In other words, empathize if you must.  There's nothing wrong with it.  

  • Be practical in your goals in life. If you want to be a singer. But whenever you sing, you're out of tune. Singing maybe not at this time for you.  If it is really your passion, then  try to undergo training on voice lessons so that you are equipped with relevant singing skills then pursue your plan.  There is a motto that says " be prepared" and that is a golden rule.  Whatever dreams or goals you have, carefully plan and prepare for them.  You won't go wrong if you follow these instructions.

  • Lastly, be happy and content with who you are and what you have. Work hard so that you   can attain success in life.  Don't keep up with the Joneses because that would stress you out. Live simply and be glad about what you have. Material things are temporary and can be readily possessed. Remember that life is more important than material things and health is more precious than gold. 

With a handful of reminders laid on the table, there is another option that you can get rid of stress. That is, keeping yourself busy with physical fitness or exercises that you can do  in the office or at home. You can do some jogging, hiking or brisk walking in your neighborhood or in the nearest park. Doing exercise will not only keep you physically fit, it can also eliminate stress at the same time. You can also join a fitness membership in a place where you can be guided and advised by the fitness instructor as the right exercises for you with the right equipment for your workout.  

We can surely eradicate stress without trying so hard.