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How to Create a Functional Study Space for Homeschoolers

26 April 2021

Parents all over the world face a similar challenge when their kids reach school-age – how to set up a study space that is not only functional but also encourages children to learn and grow. This situation becomes even more complicated when the space has to function as more than an after-school study spot. Parents who are homeschooling their children or children who are distance-learning face added challenges since the study space has to function as a school within a home. However, this doesn’t necessarily have to be a stressful process – this article on creating a functional study space for homeschoolers covers the key aspects of designing a workspace for school-age children and can serve as a guide to anyone who needs a helping hand.

Dedicate a Space to Learning

The first step in creating a functional study space for homeschooling is dedicating a specific space to learning and school activities. If possible, you need to make sure that this space is used only for learning and school-related activities. This is necessary for making your children associate the location with learning. Making a specific room or part of a room a dedicated study area ensures that once your child is using that space, their mind is on schoolwork and schoolwork alone. 

Moving from space to space or using one space for several different purposes breaks this association and can encourage distractions. Additionally, this consistency allows students to leave the study area once they have finished their studies for the day and allows there to be a separation between school and home life. 

Be careful when choosing this location. A guest room, basement, or garage may be best for this purpose. Those with smaller homes need not fear – if there isn’t an entirely different room to use, utilize a room divider and create a portion in the room. Make sure to avoid high-traffic areas like the living room where the presence of television or video game consoles can be distracting. 

Prioritize Finding the Right Work Surface

Finding a work surface like a desk or table is the next step in creating a functional study space. While this doesn’t have to be anything fancy, some products are better suited to homeschooling than others. One such product is the Flexispot Comhar All-in-One Standing Desk Glass Top – 48” W. Available in both black and white, this desk is the perfect solution for all your homeschooling needs.

Adjustable Height

Because the Comhar can be adjusted for different heights, it can be used by a multitude of people. It makes for an excellent investment since it can see your child through their educational journey, starting from primary school and lasting through high school. As your child grows, their needs change – the Comhar takes this into account and offers a broad adjustment range of 28.3” – 47.6” to meet these needs.

Additionally, there’s no need to adjust the height every single time – the Comhar has programmable height presets to eliminate the need for constant adjustments. 4 different height presets allow you to save not only your child’s preferred height but also your time and energy so that homeschooling can be a more efficient and productive affair. Different height settings also allow children to shift from standing to sitting with the press of a single button. Although standing desks come with a host of benefits, sitting can provide relief after long periods. Standing desks are also useful when it comes to younger children or instances, such as exams, quizzes, and when teaching subjects like art.

Simple Setup

Setting up a workspace is already challenging without adding the hassle of a complicated build. Comhar’s easy installation eliminates this issue and allows you to spend time on more important factors. Parents should know that the setup only involves three steps:

  1. Installing the tabletop and desk frame

  2. Installing the desk feet

  3. Connecting the power cords

USB Charging Capabilities 

Today’s digital age makes the use of electronics inevitable when it comes to education. Whether your child is partaking in distance learning because of the current state of the world, or just using online resources, their devices will eventually need to be charged. The Comhar makes this convenient by providing 3 USB charging ports, including 2 USB Type-A ports and one Type-C port to cover different requirements. One of the key factors in encouraging productivity is reducing clutter, and this feature allows you to do just that – you no longer have to deal with (or try to conceal) messy extension cords.

Child-Proof and Pet-Proof

The Comhar also features rounded edges so that it is safe for children of all ages. Younger children are full of energy and may bump into desks and other furniture, making sharp edges a potential danger. Rounded edges, therefore, promote safety and ensure that your child is studying in an environment conducive to learning.

Those worried about younger children or pets being able to access the desk’s more advanced functions can also rest assured since the Comhar allows its control panel to be locked. Any accidental touches or curiosity on the part of children will not affect the desk or its settings. The control panel can be locked with a simple push of a button, making this not only convenient but also extremely easy.

Another feature that promotes safety is the Comhar’s anti-collision function. Adjustability is a major advantage but comes with the risk of the desk crushing or damaging items while in motion. The anti-collision function eliminates this possibility and makes any adjustments as safe as can be.


The Comhar’s tempered glass surface is not only elegant but also durable. According to Consumer Reports, 20,000 glass furniture-related injuries take place every year. The majority of those injured are children. Because of the strength of tempered glass, it can withstand pressure and wear and tear. Additionally, if by any chance, it does break, it breaks into small pieces instead of shards that can cause injuries. This makes the Comhar not only extremely durable but also safer than other worktops. 

Maximize Space

Another reason we love the Comhar is because of its space-saving capabilities. It offers a large worktop without taking up too much floor space, making it the perfect solution for smaller spaces. Even if you don’t have an entire room to dedicate to your child’s learning, the Comhar makes it easy to create a functional learning environment, because it can be set up against a wall or in any small corner.

Have Plenty of Lighting 

Natural light is one of the best resources for increasing concentration and known for helping with circadian rhythms. However, using only natural light isn’t always possible. This is especially true of locations with long winters or colder weather year-round. To ensure concentration and reduce procrastination and tiredness, make sure your child’s workspace has plenty of lighting.  

Make It Comfortable

To maximize productivity, a workspace has to be comfortable. Students aren’t exactly known for sitting still and focusing for long periods. Being confined to a chair only makes this worse. Because the Comhar is a standing desk, it allows children to be comfortable and stretch their legs instead of sitting in a single spot all day. Everyone needs movement, and this is especially important for younger children to not only get rid of excess energy but also for a healthier lifestyle.

Eliminate Clutter

A tidy workstation makes for a more productive student. Make sure that unnecessary items are stored out of sight and your child’s workspace consists of the items that they need. This includes books, a laptop, writing materials, and more. To ensure clutter isn’t a problem, invest in storage solutions to keep everything organized and out of sight.

Amp Up Storage Options 

Storage is essential for reducing clutter and keeping track of assignments, tests, worksheets, and other supplies. This is where Comhar’s built-in storage comes into play. The desk features a pull-out drawer that provides plenty of storage for stationery and other materials. What makes this even better is that the drawer blends into the desk and results in a more streamlined appearance. You get to benefit from the Comhar’s storage capabilities without having it be an eyesore!

While this covers the basics of setting up a functional study space, it is by no means a complete guide, especially when it comes to covering the different furniture requirements for homeschooling. A desk is the main requirement as a workstation, but there are plenty of other solutions that can help make your child’s learning experience a superior one. Check out FlexiSpot’s catalog for more functional and cost-effective products or contact us for more information. We look forward to hearing from you!