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Home Décor Tips for a Sagittarius

29 June 2021

If you're a Sagittarius, then you know you're a fire sign. Open-minded and curious, you've probably found yourself motivated to travel the world, get all metaphysical, and search for the answers to all existential questions.

You're likely goal-oriented with the will to accomplish everything to which you've set your mind. Extroverted and enthusiastic, your whole being aches to transform whatever you conceive into reality. Interestingly, that translates to how you decorate your home too!

In the article below, we'll talk about some common decorating trends among people born under the Sagittarius sign. We'll also go over things you can do to take those typical themes and tweak them to make them your own.

Home Décor Style for Sagittarius

Sagittarians love excitement, and something many consider exhilarating is decorating their homes! Of course, most have their own taste and style. That's totally normal. Yet, there are still decorating styles and themes that are distinctive to the free-spirited Sagittarian.

An issue that you may face, however, is not knowing precisely where to begin. Because you're always on the go, and so many things take your fancy, you might not have given much thought to the home decor style that works best for you and the space you live in. If that's the case, no worries!

We have you covered with the various things every Saggitarian should keep in mind when decorating finally becomes a priority.

It's Okay To Be Eclectic

Now, it's likely that you're not known for being overly tidy. Ensuring a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere is essential to many Sagittarians, so a home living space with a sense of being "lived in" is common. Traditional designs and modern architecture aren't super appealing to the Sagittarian, so harsh corners and clean lines are probably not typical for your home.

You're more suited to an eclectic style that focuses on lots of textures, deep cushions, and various new and old pieces. Placing pieces of vintage or antique furniture, art, and accessories alongside newer things isn't weird; it's interesting!

You also tend to choose your decorations based on what they mean to you personally. What this means for your home is that each room could be filled with a collection of items that reflect some personal meaning rather than a specific style.

Recommended Decorations

You might enjoy placing a few things in your home that can spice up the decor. For instance, maybe you enjoy the subject of philosophy. Many Sagittarians do. If that's true for you, you might consider buying a Greek sculpture or two and using them as artistic centerpieces. Imagine the discussions they could generate!

You might also think about including objects that reflect your wanderlust. Maybe you'll put some globes in your living room, a Persian carpet, or religious symbols incorporated into artworks. Indeed, you could include anything exotic in nature.

In addition to the fact that Sagittarians love the freedom of travel, they also like to be physically liberated. A considerable part of that is keeping the body healthy, fit, and productive. For these Sagittarians, including objects that combine a way to exercise while getting work done into the decorative design of their homes is ideal.

An example of this might include a FlexiSpot Cycle Desk Bike V9 Pro as part of a home office. 

A remarkable thing about this cycle desk is its ability to keep you active even when you're doing something that's ordinarily sedentary. Think about it. You could be putting together a report while working remotely from home. However, instead of just sitting at a desk like many others, you're cycling. You're moving and keeping your body's muscles engaged.

The FlexiSpot Cycle Desk is a part exercise bike and part standing desk. Combining the two allows you to exercise as often as you like while boosting your immune system and remaining as productive as possible. 

Easy to Set Up

This cycle bike is super easy to assemble and get set up in any room of your house. In fact, you can have it put together and ready to go in about 60 seconds! It's that simple.

Comfortable Seating

When you've gone from standing to cycling, you'll want to ensure that your seat is comfortable for the duration of your workout (and work) session. That's not an issue with FlexiSpot's Cycle Desk since its seating is specifically designed with soft cushioning and superior quality in mind.

The Desktop

Since the cycle desk isn't just about exercise but also getting work done, you need to know that you've got plenty of room for your work materials. You can adjust the Cycle Desk Bike V9 Pro's desktop area to fit your work needs. You can tilt it up, down, forward, and backward so that it best fits your needs while standing or cycling.

Moreover, the desktop can handle the weight of your laptop, tablet, books, and other work-related necessities.

Keep in mind that your furniture is a part of your home's overall decorative style. A FlexiSpot Cycle Desk is another piece of furniture that can show off your Sagittarian personality. 

Experiment With Bright Colors

Yet another thing to remember when it comes to decorating your home is the colors you use. Remember that Sagittarians have bright, colorful personalities. They shine with radiance and fire. Because of that inner intensity, you should be able to pull off a brightly colored home. Of course, that doesn't mean you must paint your walls a wild neon yellow or orange, but you could if you wanted to!

Share Your Space

Because you likely enjoy traveling, as do many Sagittarians, you may not actually be in your home all the time. If that's the case, you might think about renting it out to others. If you do, you might want to think about all the other signs in existence. For example, you could create a decorative theme in each separate room based on those different signs.

Alternatively, you could keep it all Sagittarian but be a little eccentric. Create themes in each room that show off and highlight the various aspects of your Sagittarian nature.

Go Bohemian

Listen, sometimes it can be a bit hard for a Sagittarian to focus. If that's you, then maybe you don't need to put a ton of time and effort into getting each room in your house to be "just so." You don't have to specifically seek out and purchase items that are directly related to your sign.

Instead, you could create a space filled with things here and there that reflect whatever you see in yourself. Those things will likely reflect Sagittarians in general, too, by default. Still, there's no reason you must seek out decor simply because it's "Sagittarian."

Be a little Bohemian. It can't hurt.

Invest In Decorations That Don't Need Maintenance

Because Sagittarians prefer to keep things as simple as possible, try to ensure that the decorations you buy are low-maintenance. There's no reason to go all-in on things that need to be kept up, repaired, or constantly cleaned. Instead, focus on acquiring decorative objects that are going to look great in the long-term even if you're not there to bother with their upkeep.

Incorporate Nature Everywhere

In keeping with the whole idea of low maintenance, why not incorporate natural, nature-inspired decor into your home? Sagittarians, in general, love the outdoors. Perhaps to reflect that love of nature, you could have a bit of a Scandinavian flair with furniture that has wood or metal accents.

For instance, you could ensure that your kitchen is a wide-open space with a large, rustic wooden table as the focal point for family gatherings.

On a separate note, although it obviously takes a bit more maintenance, you could cultivate your front and backyard with flower beds, hedgerows, soft grass, and trees for shade. If your space is a bit small for that, you could always opt for indoor plants that you can place on the balcony or windowsill. 

The point is that including nature in the decorative style of your home contributes to your overall mental health since Sagittarians need natural, wide-open spaces.


Sagittarians are world travelers. They love all things exotic. They also love to show off their love of personal freedom through their decorations and furniture. Items that might be found in a Sagittarian home include paintings from local villages in India, a brass box from Egypt, a parchment with an ancient script from Israel, a vintage sofa from the 1930s, or a FlexiSpot Cycle Desk.

Anything that expresses a love of movement, physical activity, nature, and the wide-open spaces of nature are welcome in a Sagittarian's home. Remember that Sagittarians need to keep themselves busy, so an activity space that uses a Cycle Desk Bike is ideal.

With that in mind, incorporating decorative ideas and themes that utilize natural objects may be attractive to you. Wooden and metal accessories or furniture accents might be pretty attractive. Finally, think about using splashes of bright colors to show off the intensity and playfulness of your spirit!

Decorating your home is about displaying who you are. Have fun doing it!