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How to Defeat Depression

09 June 2021

Loss of interest in activities or hobbies, loneliness, irritability, feeling of emptiness, and decreased energy are some of the symptoms of depression. When these signs or symptoms manifest for two weeks, it may possibly lead to depression. Many people, especially these days of pandemic, experience negative feelings when faced with bad situations such as the loss of a loved one and the loss of a job. As such, depression is reported to be a mental health concern even in the United States. In fact, 3.4 % of the global population is affected by depression. 

Depression happens across all ages that even young people can be affected by it. Although, it is reported that it is more common in women than in men. No wonder, we can hear news about elementary or high school students taking their lives due to severe loneliness as a result of experiencing bad situations like bullying.

There are other reasons why people become depressed and easily succumb to severe loneliness.

  • Personality - there are people who see experiences usually negatively, worry a lot, and low self-esteem, want everything to be perfect
  • Family history
  • Serious medical conditions - chronic and serious ailments may lead to worry and anxiety
  • Serious drug and alcohol use
  • Sad experiences - unemployment, loss of a loved one, stress at work, isolation

Depression has also different types that are also based on different action patterns or symptoms that are manifested by an individual such as:

  • Major depression - severe, moderate, and mild
  • Melancholia - the symptom that is manifested is that a person does not show any happiness in his life
  • Dysthymia - when an individual suffers a milder type of depression that goes on for more than two years
  • Psychotic depression - individuals who are out of touch with reality and that involves Hallucinations
  • Bipolar disorder - a kind of depression and periods of craze or craving with bouts of normal mood in between

Although depression can last longer than expected, there are different drug treatments or interventions that may be given to an individual who is suffering from it.  

One of the interventions that may reduce depression in individuals is by doing physical activities such as exercises that may focus attention on more positive experiences. For younger people, they may go to the gym for workouts and other physical exercises that are more effective with machines and exercise equipment.

You may also have the option to buy your own exercise machine so that you could regularly exercise at home without worrying about going out to the gym especially at this time that the pandemic is still lurking around us.

There are many available exercise equipment that you could buy in the market that will suit your needs. Other forms of exercises such as aerobics, jogging, swimming, cycling, brisk walking, and dancing are also good for those who are suffering from depression and anxiety.

One of the best exercise equipment that you may be interested in is those manufactured by FlexiSpot. This company is well-known for customer trust and durability of its products. That is why it is loved by millions all over the world.

One good exercise machine is the Home office All-in-One Desk Bike/Bike Workstation V9 that is ideal for someone who is working and at the same time wants to reduce depression or anxiety. This particular machine has wonderful features that you will definitely love. 

One of its features is that you can work productively and at the same time do your cycling exercise to make your day more positive as much as possible. That is giving you two benefits in one machine. Is it not wonderful?

Another amazing feature is that the desktop is movable upward or downward, forward and backward that makes you move freely and comfortably. The desk surface is spacious enough to have your books, devices, and office supplies.

If the seat height does not fit you, you can readily adjust it or fit in based on the height of your family member who might want to use it whether 5’1” or 6’2” in height, everyone in the family can comfortably use it.

The seat could be adjusted with a gentle press of a lever without ever getting off the bike. The premium build quality, cushioning, and design make the seat the most comfortable on the market.

It also has four rolling casters with 360-swivel to move it easily from one location to another. You can cycle smoothly and quietly while you go from light to heavier exercise with eight (8) resistance levels.  

Once purchased, it takes only a minute to assemble the machine. Simply attach the desktop to the bike and it is done! No extra tools or complicated assembly are needed.

With these two-in-one desk bike, you can do as many tasks as you want such as watching your favorite videos, reading your newspaper or your favorite coffee table book, and hobbies that you want to indulge in. You can spend your time productively and positively with this wonderful machine.

And while engaging in your favorite pastime on the desktop or doing your office work, you can still exercise by cycling to boost your physical health and strengthen your muscles while you are in a sedentary position. 

In this way, you can focus your strength and mind on things that are wholesome and good rather than concentrate on your personal or job problems. This will also very you away from stress and anxiety that may possibly lead to depression.

Other things that you could do on the desktop is to write your thoughts, sentiments, and ideas that come to your mind if you do not want to share it with somebody. This will enable you to release or vent your loneliness, anger, and other feelings that you might have without having to communicate it to anyone if you do not want to. 

Writing is also a form of communication, a productive one, that you can do while you exercise your body on the desk bike. So, you could exercise physically and mentally which leads to physical fitness and mental health.