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How to design a health-centric workstation for the employee at home

14 April 2021

With ever-rising COVID-19 casualties, it is no wonder why many companies are opting to give their employees the choice to work in the safety and comfort of their own homes. After all, an employee’s health and well-being must be the utmost priority of every company because they are the lifeblood of any industry.


Working from home has bought upon employees the freedom to design their dream workstation. This in turn, also generated a massive boost of sales to the office furniture business since more people are investing their hard-earned money on things that would make them feel much better staying and working indoors.


As an employee, you might have the vision of how you want your working space to look. Though to make it extraordinary will get you thinking out of the box. This is where you must consider the functionality and effect on your over-all health of the ideal space for your optimal productivity.


With Great Space comes Great Work

One ingredient of a perfect working station must fit all of your materials but still give you enough space to move around and stretch out your body. Working for extended periods of time in a cramped area can really wreck havoc on your body if  left unchecked.


This also means finding the space where there is less to no distraction that you  can see at home to keep your focus on the tasks ahead. Keep yourself away from working at your warm bed or the couch as this can prove to be rather unproductive for you in the long run.


Lighting also matters for your workstation. Go dimmer on the artificial lights and you run the risks of headaches and eye strain. Likewise,  a brighter-than-daylight working space is also not ideal since this can cause retinal damage. In addition, check if your space provides adequate heating for you come winter and a cooling system so that you would not be to busy shivering or sweating due to the extreme ends of temperature.  


Keep in mind that the place you choose to work at can have a big impact on both of your physical and mental health. That is why before you plop down your laptop and supplies at your kitchen table, it is best to find a place where you and your career would benefit more.


This Desk is Made for Standing

The growing spotlight on health all around the world has everyone thinking of ways to inject their day to day lives with routines that will benefit their physical and mental wellness. This is why standing desks have gained the masses’ favor as it is no secret that sitting for long periods of time can wreck havoc to your health and posture.


To choose the right standing desk, remember that it must work for you and your aesthetics. At Flexispot, there are a desks that will fit everyone’s lifestyle and budget. For fans of understated styles, the Seiffen Laminated Standing Desk is the perfect choice. The best-selling desk comes in a myriad of colors that range from a pure white to a sleek ebony that pairs well with any design. Trouble with height adjustment is also a thing of the past because the desk comes equipped with the right keypad for your needs to help improve your standing desk experience. It is also a budget-friendly choice that does not compromise its quality or your health.




Sit Tight and your Career will go Places
Sitting is not necessarily a bad habit but what would make it even better is when it helps you burn more calories than little to none at all. With the advent of two-in-one products, it is no surprise that chairs have caught up with the trend and everyone with a mobile phone were amazed by the office chair that also doubled as stationary bike.


Give your legs and thighs some workout while you work your job with the Sit2Go 2-in-1 Fitness Chair which is perfect for those looking to add a bit of action in their 9-to-5 schedule. This particular design will make you feel light and breezy even while multi-tasking since it features a breathable mesh backrest that is perfect if you are concerned about your posture.


To further complement the fitness-centric ideals of the office chair, it also equipped with a calorie tracker and a customizable cardio knob to knock those extra calories out of your body.


More Storage Space, Less Mental Clutter

Do you find yourself distracted but cannot seem to figure it out what keeps your mind off the important task ahead?  Does it seem like no matter how much you clean up your desk, the clutter never seems to go away? Then this is the perfect time to streamline your workstation and invest on storage spaces.


According to a 2009 research in the United States, a cluttered home is directly correlated to high levels of a stress hormone dubbed as cortisol. With the pandemic still looming above our heads, it is best to lessen any other source of stress as it can also affect your work ethics and habits even if you are working at the confines of your own home.


To first step to decluttering is to have an inventory of all the things on your desk. This will help you for the next step which would be to put them in labeled bins that indicates  much you use the equipment or office supply. If something falls into the “never used” category, best believe that it is time for it to bid goodbye to your desk while you say hello to an organized workstation. After giving the boot to unnecessary stuff, the final tactic is to streamline your station by having a designated place for your materials according to the frequency of usage.


Cable organizers are also a great addition to keeping your desk neat. These small-but-mighty organizers can also keep your household safe by lessening the chances of tripping over a rouge wire or children putting cables they see on their mouths.


 Final Words


This is the best time for you to consider converting your workstation with equipment that both function for your work and your journey to a healthier lifestyle. Remember, the perfect at-home gear for work will also boost your creativity, productivity, as well as your mental well-being.


To ensure that you only get the healthier way to work, consider Flexispot for more of your office and even gaming station needs