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How to Design a Traditional-Style Workplace

09 April 2021

Elegant, classy, sophisticated – traditional interior style is a timeless choice. It is never out of fashion and offers unmatched aesthetic appeal. If an antique and classic style is something you enjoy, a traditional style workplace may be an excellent choice for you.

However, keep in mind that designing a traditional-style workplace does not mean you have to stick to old-style décor. Read on to learn the secrets of designing a traditional-style workplace that oozes personality, offers maximum comfort, and encourages productivity.


The Secret to Designing the Ideal Traditional-Style Workplace

Whether you are setting up a home office or revamping your workplace, the following tips can help you keep things elegant, traditional, and comfortable.

1. Find the Right Desk

The key to designing the perfect traditional-style workplace is to strike the perfect balance between traditional style and contemporary elements. In other words, look for a desk that exudes a traditional vibe while providing the benefits of modern furniture.

This is an important step because contemporary furniture is typically designed keeping the needs and requirements of modern employees. Furthermore, it promotes a healthier lifestyle and boosts productivity. Theodore Standing Desk is an excellent option that you can consider.

If you are a fan of traditional-style design, you’d love the timeless design of Theodore Standing Desk. The elegant desk channels timeless traditional American design, coupled with the latest ergonomic technology to ensure a premium experience. The table is crafted with solid wood with walnut veneers, further adding to the sophisticated look. It is the ideal blend of rustic elements with elegant touches – perfect for setting traditional-style workplaces.

However, the high aesthetic appeal and the timeless design are not the only reason why you should consider Theodore Standing Desk for your workspace. The height-adjustable table has several other features that will make it your favorite piece of furniture in your office.

For instance, it comes with a basic keypad that is super-easy to manipulate and allows you to transition between different heights at the touch of a button. The movement is smooth and steady. Thanks to the powerful motor, you can rest assured that your standing desk will never buckle.

The table is also highly convenient and works like a charm to create the perfect workspace that meets your various needs. It features a spacious drawer that can hold your office accessories and help keep the office organized at all times. Another feature that greatly adds to the convenience of this standing desk is the three built-in USB ports. Despite the traditional look, Theodore Standing Desk will allow you to keep your gadgets and devices charged throughout the day.

The desk is also easy to install and move around. Dragging hefty, traditional-style desks to the workplace is the thing of the past. You can now assemble your Theodore Standing Desk wherever you want in just a few minutes. All you have to do is install the tabletop and the frame, install the desk feet, connect the power cords, and VOILA… your automated, traditional-style standing desk is all set!

All in all, Theodore Standing Desk will make the ideal addition to any traditional-style workspace. It is also super flexible, which means you can place it in any nook, corner, or empty wall around the office without taking up too much space. You can also use it as a centerpiece to elegantly tie your home office or workplace together.

2. Consider a Classy Ergonomic Office Chair

Traditional pieces are all about curvy lines and round edges. If you are setting up a tradition-style workplace, forget all about clean, sharp, and unfussy angles. Instead, focus on furniture that adds an additional oomph to the décor. We are talking fluffy upholsteries and cabriole furniture legs.

However, when done correctly, it is also possible to work in contemporary furniture elements into the décor without compromising on the traditional ambiance. For example, while puffy accent chairs may seem like the obvious choice for a traditional-style workplace, you can also consider sophisticated, ergonomic office chairs to complement the traditional style.

Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair is an excellent choice in this regard. Designed using state-of-the-art technology to ensure maximum comfort, the chair is sophisticated enough to fit right in with traditional-style pieces. The cushioned armrests also add to the elegance of the chair, making it the right choice for traditional home offices as well as workplaces.

Another reason why this ergonomic office choice may be the best option for you is that it offers supreme adjustability features. You can adjust the height, depth, armrests, and even the lounge tilt angle.

Unlike hefty traditional chairs, Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair comes with an elegant mesh back that conforms to the curve of your back to offer maximum support. Furthermore, thanks to the breathable and flexible mesh material, air ventilation behind the back is guaranteed to keep the sweat away. Overall, Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair offers next-level comfort.

The ergonomic design also helps alleviate back pain, muscle strain, shoulder pain, neck pain, stress, and fatigue. When you are designing a traditional-style workplace, make sure you don’t compromise on the comfort for aesthetics. The goal is to look for products that offer a blend of ergonomics and aesthetics.

3. Choose the Tabletop Wisely

One of the determining factors that can make or break the entire ambiance of a traditional-style workplace is the tabletop. Regardless of the standing desk you use, it is advisable to take your time and choose wisely when it comes to picking the tabletop. A good approach is to shop at reliable stores that can offer you a number of choices when it comes to tabletop options.

To make sure you find the perfect standing desk that fits right in with your home or office décor, FlexiSpot brings you a wide range of tabletop options to choose from. The easiest pick is to go with a solid wood desktop.

These tabletops are harder than ordinary wood and create a perfect traditional ambiance. Moreover, they are super durable, free of harmful chemicals, and support an eco-friendly lifestyle. The best part is that these tabletops are also one of the most affordable choices out there. So, if you are setting your home office or revamping your workplace on a budget, a solid wood desktop may be an excellent option for you.

If solid wood is not your style, you can also consider laminate desktops. At FlexiSpot, we offer numerous laminate desktop options. They are available in different styles in up to 10 different colors, including black, white, maple, mahogany, custom graphite, marble grey, special walnut, ebony, oak, and brown wood grain. The wide variety makes sure that you find the perfect tabletop that complements your traditional-style workplace.

4. Make the Right Design & Color Choices

Another important element of traditional workplaces is that solid colors are never left alone. Adding striped elements to the décor is a great way of bringing a traditional touch while maintaining a highly sophisticated look. Whether you add striped drapes, cushions, or anything else, stripes will work well in a traditional setting.

Secondly, it is also essential to make the right color choices. When designing a traditional-style office, it is best to avoid overly bright colors like bright yellow and shocking pink. A better approach is to go mix and match soft hues and solid dark colors to exude elegance. Use cool and serene color tones!


The Bottom Line: Shop at FlexiSpot to Design a Traditional-Style Workplace

Designing a traditional-style workspace is not as difficult as you may have imagined. Keep in mind that the goal is to create a workspace that looks traditional but offers all the comforts of a modern office.

Follow the tips discussed above to find the right products that ensure comfort and style. If you are still confused about the ideal products for designing a traditional-style workplace, contact the team at FlexiSpot. We will help you choose the right desks, chairs, and office accessories that will come together beautifully to create the right traditional ambiance.