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Burnt Out With A Prolonged Spell Of Work? Here Is How To Express You Are Overwhelmed To Your Boss

12 October 2019

Do you feel like you are squeezing yourself? For the sake of delivering projects on time, meeting deadlines, and making everything happen at work, you are burning midnight oil. You might feel lost, perplexed, and stuck. Finding a way out in this situation seems like the most difficult task of your life.

There is no denying that when you work for a prolonged spell, it doesn’t only enervate your physical energy but also has effects on your mental health. You may find it hard to focus and give your best, simply because you lack the energy. In short, when your physical and mental condition starts to wear down due to throwing yourself relentlessly, you will find it difficult to handle your workload.

So, what is the right way to get out of this situation?

Since no one wants to deal with an uncommitted and lazy employee, you must talk to your boss about what are you going through. But this is no doubt easier said done. Telling your boss that you are having too much on your plate is not as simple as it sounds. You have to protect your image of a hardworking team player while asking for a reduced workload.

You definitely should not procrastinate on the matter, especially when your wellbeing is at stake. It might be a scary prospect but the good news is that there is plenty of ways you can express that you are overworked and need relief from tumultuous time at work.

Ways to Tell Your Boss You Are Overworked

Refer To Your Past Performances

If you have been a productive employee for your firm, never feel ashamed of telling this to your authorities when it requires. The best way to do it is to gather data and your performance record of the past few years.

Once you document everything, go to your boss and explain that you are an asset to this company but now you feel stressed out. And you cannot keep up at work.

By referring to your past performance record, you will be able to convince your boss that you are not an employee who only likes whining about being overworked but genuinely need a break.

Have a Meeting with Your Boss

A personal meeting can make a huge impact on your boss as compared to an emails or phone call. That means when your workload starts to take a heavy toll on you, it is high time to set up a personal meeting with your boss and discuss the issue. Explain to him/her politely that your work is getting demanding and you need help.

Raise Your Voice about Excess Workload

Good performance translates into greater productivity in most companies. If this is happening to you, the excess workload might be the reason of your exhaustion and fatigue. Raising your voice against high workload will help the authorities understand that they are overburdening employees.

Consult Your Doctor

Another way to deal with this problem is to get a medical recommendation from your doctor about your mental health. Your doctor may mention in the note that you are suffering from anxiety and sleep deprivation because of excess workload. The medical recommendation and note from your doctor will serve as evidence that you are not able, at the moment, to take on extra responsibilities.

Talk to Your Boss about Prioritizing Your Tasks

If you do not want to appear as an emotional whine while you talk about being overwhelmed due to work, the best way to do it is to discuss your job responsibilities with your boss. Seek help from your boss in prioritizing your tasks. Not only will this reduce your work pressure but also help your team leader realize that you have too much to handle.

Identify What Makes You Feel Overwhelmed?

Before you take this matter to your senior authorities, it is important to identify what exactly makes you feel overwhelmed about work. Is it the number of projects that occupies your mind, the unrealistic work expectations from your boss, the deadlines, or something else about your work life?

Once you know what bothers you the most, you can discuss it with your boss and make a time management strategy to deal with the problem.

Request Your Boss to Delegate Your Workload

If you are a productive employee, don’t hesitate to share your issues with your boss. You may politely request your boss to distribute or delegate some of your workload so that you can focus on your targets and goals in a better way.

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, your workplace is like your second home and if you are not comfortable there or feel overwhelmed, you must not ignore it. Take your boss’ suggestion, ask for some time to refresh your mind, or organize your tasks on the basis of priority, timeline, and frequency. Make sure you share everything with your boss. Thus, with the help of these tips you can regain your lost strength and motivation.