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Professional Ambiance with FlexiSpot’s Seiffen Laminated Standing Desk (Eco & Pro)

16 August 2021

While you may resign yourself to the cozy aesthetics of your room, having a professional office set-up can make you more productive. You might be wondering how a visual change can do such a thing, right? Well, through the tasteful use of professional-looking furniture, your room can turn from a simple one to a place where you are motivated to work.

How can you achieve such an aesthetic though? Thanks to FlexiSpot’s classy yet ergonomic office solutions, a professional office setup is within your hand’s reach!

Here is how these simple ergonomic additions can help you:

  • Better focus

- Let us face it. Whenever you work on your dining table, you tend to get distracted by your kids, pets, or just the overall commotion going on around your house. By having dedicated and professional office furniture, you can tuck these compact additions in any private location in your house. No more screaming children, cuddle-bug pets, and everyday distractions once you change your location and use FlexiSpot.

  • Visually-appealing

-There is nothing more satisfying than a neat and streamlined office. That is the reason why aesthetics will continue to play such a large role in our lives. Having a beautiful surround is truly conducive to our efficiency and productivity.  

  • Gets you in the zone and mood

- Picture yourself using your bed to accomplish your office tasks. If you believe that you will still finish those before the deadline, you need a reality check because the bed may have gotten you so comfortable you forgot to work. 

Having a dedicated office table and chair helps you kick start your working session. We, humans, crave for consistency at times which is why having your own office set up at home helps.  

  • Less time to clean up

- Setting up your personal working space lessens your clean-up time too! Whenever you use a table (or anything you could get hands-on) not meant for work, you take so much time just setting up your equipment and tidying it as well as your shift ends. Invest in our FlexiSpot ergonomic solutions to help you save time and focus on more important matters.

  • Healthier work habits

- Ergonomic office furniture will either keep yourself active or your spine healthy while at work. Both aspects do not seem too bad, right?

Seiffen Laminated Standing Desk (Eco & Pro)

From mahogany, maple, and special walnut, to a white or black desktop hue, FlexiSpot’s Seiffen can match any office aesthetic.

The best-selling Seiffen desk is conceptualized and made by FlexiSpot’s amazing roster of professional designers. These designers worked hard to meet every customer's demands and constructive criticism to help them build a desk that has everything our beloved clients ask for. While most companies will make you pay top dollar for a well-crafted desk, FlexiSpot gives you a cost-effective option with this desk. And dare we say that our product is even better than the ones in the market.

By giving you the option to choose your own desk frame, you will truly have a desk custom-fit according to your body and work demands. 

If you are wondering what these options are, here are the three desk frames along with their advanced functions:

Eco (2-Stage)

- You get to beat an inactive working day with these eco desk frames from FlexiSpot. If you only need personal space for your one computer unit, this one is for you!

This desk frame would never give in under the heft of your personal computer along with a couple of office supplies. The eco desk frame is also perfect for those who want a simpler yet effective approach to the way they work. 

Pro (2-Stage):

- If you have a heavier workload as well as a heavier computer set up, the Pro (2-stage) is the better choice for you. This one is great for starting gamers or just want to put things up a notch than what the eco can offer.

Pro (3-Stage):

- For the workers who need something substantial and versatile, you must get the Pro (3-stage) desk frame. It is constructed to provide the best standing desk frame for workers with heavy-duty office equipment. Taller people than the average ones would also appreciate the additional height it can give as they work while standing. Speaking of heights, little children can also enjoy the benefits of a FlexiSpot standing desk as it can go lower depending on their stature.

If you think that is where this desk customization ends, we got another surprise on our sleeves. 

You may choose from three (yes, three as well!) keypad options for your standing desk experience. Here are your options:


- The basic keypad stays true to its name by providing users with the usual two buttons for lowering or raising the desk’s height. It truly is a straightforward option for the no-fuss kinds of workers who came to get their job done.

Standard and Advanced

- The standard and advanced keypads get a bit more interesting. While these also have an up-down button, both boast a digital height display so you know exactly if the desk’s elevation fits your height. You will also have the option to save your favorite desk heights thanks to the memory presets. If you tend to get forgetful sometimes, do not worry because the standard and advanced options will give you an hourly alert when to stand up and sit down throughout your workday.

Final Thoughts 

While resigning yourself to your kitchen table or couch may seem like a cost-effective way to work at home, think again. Investing in a high-quality and ergonomic standing desk from FlexiSpot will help you work, perform, and concentrate better. The Seiffen Laminated Standing Desk (Eco & Pro) also gives you a better working experience by taking care of your spinal health, which saves you more money and time in the future.

Remember, you have worked so hard to get where you are. That is why you deserve to spend your hard-earned money on effective ergonomic solutions for yourself.