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How to Furnish a Small Study Room – Height-Adjustable Standing Desk and More

01 April 2024

Whether you're a college student living in a small apartment or you're creating a cozy study corner for your child, having an ergonomic study space is vital to keeping your (or their) grades up. Students need to spend hours studying at home to keep up with their coursework, and the right study space can help them stay focused.

As a result, they will increase the speed of their work and do a better job of retaining important information. So, this article will show you just how to furnish a small study room, including items such as chairs, desks, and other accessories. These items can help you make an effective study space even if you don't have much space in your room.

Know How to Make Your Study Setup Ergonomic

We mentioned an ergonomic setup is vital to making your study space effective and helping you maintain focus on your work. Therefore, we'll briefly explain what an ergonomic setup entails. That way, you can make informed choices about buying certain items to furnish your study space.

Tips That Will Make Your Study Space Ergonomic

An ergonomic study space means that you have set things up to maximize efficiency. Therefore, you will be able to work at your best without putting much strain on your body by sitting in uncomfortable positions. With that said, keep the following in mind if you want to have an ergonomic study setup.

1. Sit it in an upright position without hunching over your books, computer, or laptop. Your back should be straight whenever you're typing, reading, or doing anything at your study table. It can also help to use a comfortable chair with lumbar support and neck support to reduce strain on your back or neck, and a laptop stand can help elevate your screen to prevent hunching.

2. Try to use a small laptop stand or another device to tilt your books toward you so that you can read them without hunching over them.

3. Sit with your feet flat on the floor—you shouldn't have to rest only your toes on the floor; your thighs should also be only slightly tilted (upward or downward) with it nearly parallel to the floor.

4. Keep your monitor in a position at which the top or upper half of the screen is at your eye level.

5. Keep your keyboard in a position that allows your wrists to stay straight when they meet the keyboard or mouse (your elbows should not bend more than 90 degrees, and your forearms should be nearly parallel to the floor).

6. Keep all screens and books about an arm's length away from your body to reduce eye strain. If your book's font is too small, bring it close enough for you to read comfortably.

Ergonomic Products That Can Make Your Small Study Room a Great Place to Be

Now that you know how to make your setup ergonomic, you can explore products that will help you make your study space ergonomic and comfortable. These products are designed to offer you an ergonomic studying space even within limited spaces. So, they are great options for those who live in dorms, shared apartments, or studio apartments.

Theodore Standing Desk

This height-adjustable standing desk is designed to help you use it while standing and while sitting down. So, one of the biggest concerns about standing desks in offices and other professional situations is that users' feet start to tire after prolonged use. It's natural to experience fatigue in your feet and legs after standing in front of a desk for several hours. Well, a height-adjustable desk allows you to lower it to make it possible for you to continue working in a seated position.

So, you can keep alternating between a standing and seated position to maximize your efficiency when using your standing desk. That said, if you don't spend more than a couple of hours studying in a day, that shouldn't be a problem for you.

This particular model has a height adjustment between 29.5 inches and 49.2 inches. So, you can enjoy a lot of flexibility. Also, this flexibility can be useful when you have to share your study space with someone else. It has a motor that controls the height adjustments, so you don't have to manually raise the heavy desktop.

Once you have installed and set it up, you just have to push a button to move it up and down. This feature also makes it easy for you to switch between a standing and seated position quickly.

Takes Minimal Space in Your Room

Another one of the reasons why we recommend this height-adjustable standing desk is because it has a very minimalistic design. The legs are thin, allowing you to keep things around and under the table as well. With its dimensions, you can easily fit it into tight spaces and still have something strong and sturdy to give you enough table space to keep your laptop, books, and a tabletop light.

Offers Easy Installation and Great Accessibility Features

You can easily assemble and install this desk in your home without any help from a professional. It has a three-step installation process in which you have to attach the legs to the tabletop. Also, its easy installation process makes it easy to dismantle, which can be useful if you ever have to move study locations temporarily.

In addition to that, it has a built-in USB port that you can use to charge your phone or power a light. You won't need to get a power connection for a light then. Moreover, this table has a built-in storage unit. You can use this to keep smaller accessories and other items. The drawer can help you keep your desk organized and clean, which is good for staying focused when you're studying.

Anti-Fatigue Mat for Standing Desks

If you're getting the product above, it's highly recommended that you invest in a high-quality anti-fatigue mat for standing desks. As mentioned above, your feet will begin to hurt after standing for long periods. Therefore, a mat like the one from FlexiSpot can help prevent pain in your heels and ankles by providing a soft and comfortable surface to stand on. This item has a thick material with mounds and massaging areas to help ensure your feet are getting enough blood circulation. You also reduce the chances of injuring your feet, which can make it hard for you to perform other tasks.

In addition to using a mat, make sure to take frequent breaks and walk around to get the blood moving through your legs.

An Ergonomic Office Chair

Another piece of furniture that you must include in your small study room is an ergonomic office chair. Amesh ergonomic chair is a great way to stay comfortable when you're studying, as it offers a great level of breathability. So, you won't feel hot and sweaty even after pulling all-nighters during finals just before the summer.

In addition to the material it's made from, the chair linked above has lumbar support and an adjustable headrest. Therefore, you can rest your neck and back even after spending hours in your chair. It's crucial to keep your head supported as you can develop neck pain by bending your neck forward. This chair also has soft cushioning on the seat. This way, you can sit for a long time and still reduce the chances of developing hip pain. That said, make it a point to switch to a standing position after every hour in your chair. Sitting in your chair in one position for a long period is not healthy.

The chair also comes with armrests, which are essential for those of you who need to write papers on your computers. You can type for hours and ensure that your arm is in the correct position, with it being nearly parallel to the floor. In addition to that, this chair also has wheels at the bottom. This way, you can move it around when not in use to make more room in a small living space. It can also make it easy for you to move the chair to the side to start studying in a standing position on your chair.

Last Few Words

This guide on how to furnish a small study room shows you that you do not need to spend money on many different types of products to be able to make an ergonomic set up in a small study room. You can buy your essentials, and that should be enough. If you really need additional products, such as a laptop stand, you can make makeshift stands by piling books on top of each other. However, when you can spare the money, you should consider buying a dedicated laptop stand for better flexibility and adjustability.