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How to Handle Pressure at Work

03 November 2021

Ivan was recently hired as a morning TV show producer. He just started six weeks ago and is still getting the hang of things, adjusting to the new work environment, meeting his daily deliverables, and observing the office culture. Even though he’s new, his colleagues look up to him because he came from the rival TV network’s defunct morning show five years ago. He was acquired by the network to keep its morning show alive because it was lagging behind the show that replaced Ivan’s program by a mile. 

Long story short, the network was relying on Ivan’s expertise and industry know-how to shoot the ratings up, or else the show would be axed by the end of the quarter. 

Six weeks in and Ivan has still not made a miracle. The stakes were high that made him stressed and at times helpless. But Ivan has never raised a quitter—he kept his head held high and vowed to not let the show be killed, whatever it takes. 

Pressure and stress are two different things. We feel pressured when we have to deliver despite the lack of resources. We feel stressed when the pressure is too much. Pressure is what we get from an external force; stress is what we take internally. Pressure can even be positive when used as a tool to reach goals whereas stress has a negative impact on anyone’s health. Stress can be prevented when pressure is controlled. How can Ivan handle the pressure then of a dying morning show at a cutthroat industry? Here are some pressure control tips to make work-life stress-free. 

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1. Devise a plan. 

Overthinking about the situation would lead to nothing so the best course of action is to think about how to move forward despite the overwhelming situation. 

To make it more bearable, execute the plan one step at a time. Every day, write a to-do list on the FlexiSpot Lockways Magnetic Dry-Erase Board or the Height Adjustable Whiteboard Standing desk. Both these FlexiSpot pieces can capture ideas anytime. The magnetic dry-erase board can be mounted on the wall while the height-adjustable whiteboard standing desk is flippable and can be locked at any angle to accommodate what the user is doing. The desktop is a dry-erase whiteboard where the user can write anytime using a dry-erase marker and erase it anytime with a cloth.

The tasks in the to-do list should be listed in order of importance. Differentiate between urgent and important, important but not urgent, and not important tasks at all. Another way of making this feasible is by breaking down each task into a small, actionable step that would be easy to track and deliver. 

Change your mindset.

2. Change your mindset.

Tackle every situation by starting with the belief that you can get it done, no matter how high the pressure is. Do not let negative thoughts bring you down and stop you from doing anything. Be grateful that you can do what you are doing, and for the challenge that is being given unto you which means they trust you. After all, growth can only be achieved when someone is out of one’s comfort zone. So instead of stressing yourself over the external pressure that you cannot control, you may flip the situation and turn the tables in favor of you by changing your mindset. 

Slow down.

3. Slow down. 

Giving up may not be an option but when you feel that the pressure is too much to handle at the moment, feel free to step back a little and slow down your pace. This doesn’t mean you are giving up and losing to the challenge. This just means that you need a break to better assess the situation and decipher what your best course of action will be. Sometimes, all we need is a clear head to think things through. We might even discover that the challenge, all along, wasn’t too difficult, to begin with. 

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4. Take short walks, breathe deeply, meditate or exercise. 

Most people underestimate the power of mindful activities without knowing that they can actually change their lives. Only five to ten minutes of deep focus activity can help the mind think clearer and the body to stay calm when handling pressure at work. 

The FlexiSpot Sit2Go 2-in-1 Fitness Chair is one of the company’s bestsellers. It can help inject movement into someone’s sedentary daily life. While working, the bike can be used to work out the legs and core while shedding some pounds. It comes with a calorie tracker to help monitor progress and customizable resistance levels that can be adjusted depending on the person’s goal. Aside from losing weight, the ability to move the legs and feet while working helps an employee become more focused and stay alert.

Ask for help.

5. Ask for help. 

We don’t become less of a human when we seek help. When we become pressured because of our responsibilities, we feel that we are carrying the burden of the world. Someone’s advice might just help lighten the load for us. If you’re a supervisor, delegate tasks among the team members. If you’re a team member, ask the supervisor for help by explaining what you can and cannot deliver. Ivan and his superiors, for instance, should not rely on his talent and experience alone to bring the show back to its glory days on television. There are many talents in the team that could be tapped and utilized that Ivan might not necessarily have. Pressure is better handled when there is a more hands-on deck. 

Stay optimistic.

6. Stay optimistic. 

Yes, this is easier said than done. When in a high-pressure environment, it’s difficult to stay optimistic when everything seems to be going wrong. But if you start worrying about every worst-case scenario (which you should actually think about as part of strategizing), you lose control of the situation. You must stay firm and bank on yourself that you can get the work eventually done without pressure killing you completely. You’ll be proud of yourself once you go through this hurdle.