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4 Ways to Enjoy Time with Your Kids

07 June 2021

The epidemic has put a halt to a number of our plans. While adults can withstand the ravages of a supposedly never-ending pandemic, children have it much harder.

Due to the fact that their brains are not completely matured to face emotions or comprehend the severity of the situation, it is our job as adults to assist them in crossing this bridge — even if we are having difficulty ourselves.

Now, gather the children's crayons and books, over here are some enjoyable activities you could do together to help alleviate the loneliness caused by this pandemic.

1. Reporting

While journaling may appear to be an adult activity, your children can benefit from recording their daily activities in a notebook.

Writing and keeping track of their thoughts is an excellent approach for youngsters who have difficulty conveying their needs orally or making decisions to learn how to process their emotions. And even if your child only writes about a day-to-day relationship, she may always return and conduct a complete investigation later.

To ensure that journaling seems safe for your children, you should not feel entitled to delve into their journals, even if you were the parent who recommended the notion. If your children are certain that the notebook is for their eyes only, you can rest assured that they will readily adopt journaling as a hobby that benefits their mental health.

If you wish to read their journal, you must first obtain their authorization. If they cannot come to an agreement, then let it go. If they allow you, promise to read for a few minutes and do not be offended if they write something about you. Bear in mind that journaling is your children's way of communicating

Analyze and recognize your emotions.

Make an informed choice by carefully listing the positives and disadvantages.

Sensitize yourself to their dread and rage

Examine her ideas on an event that has already occurred.

Possess some personal insight into both herself and the people she meets.

To help make journaling a more enjoyable habit, get some stickers and coloring tools to allow children to add their own personal touch to their diaries.

Journaling is the most effective method for youngsters to recognize and openly express their emotions and thoughts during the difficult period caused by pandemics.

Cuisine et Boulangerie

For some, cooking and baking appear to be a chore and a bore. This is because they were never taught as youngsters how enjoyable and gratifying it is to prepare a meal from scratch. Which is why it is preferable to start your children young in order for them to develop an interest that will also benefit them in the future.

Participating in culinary sessions with your children engages their senses in ways other than taste. This contributes to the establishment of favorable food relationships. Touching the food they are cooking acclimates them to the texture of each meal. You may teach kids about the freshness of vegetables through their sense of sight. Additionally, cooking with unfamiliar ingredients teaches kids to be more receptive to eating new cuisines. Your child learns a more complicated food preference through a series of small taste tests, which is very beneficial for their growing bodies. Cooking together will also help you and your children develop a closer bond. Allowing children to contribute to the food you prepare will help them feel more immersed in mealtime, as they will feel seen and heard.

3.Time for a Story

Remember the last time you read a story to your child? If you have forgotten, now is the ideal time to resume an old bonding pastime.

However, here is the catch...

Rather than simply telling the narrative to the children, have them act it out while you narrate animatedly to them. Utilize some readily available household items as props for the wonderful story they would have a fun time acting.

Are you at a loss on where to begin? All that is required to enrich the moment is your wildest fantasy. The ergonomic standing desk may be transformed into a temporary castle, race car, or spaceship; simply add some flashlights and blankets, and your children are ready to blast off. A scalloped accent chair would be ideal for the most adorable rendition of The Little Mermaid for the under the sea adventure.

Consider whether this storytime is a little too frantic for you as a parent. As it turns out, storytelling has been shown to be quite beneficial for your children's success as readers. Reading and even acting out stories helps children develop their imaginations and broaden their perspective on the world. This participatory activity enables children to improve their native tongue and maybe learn a new language while having a good time. Additionally, storytelling diverts their attention away from what is going on around them and toward something more amusing, informative, and comforting for a youngster during a pandemic.

Therefore, proceed to read the greatest story ever told with the greatest performance your children will ever offer you!

4. Landscaping

Gardening with your children can assist them in practicing even the simplest tasks. They can develop locomotor skills, body management abilities, and object handling while transporting equipment, dirt, and water. Additionally, their developing muscles will be moving about to assist them in moving their body – this assists them in stabilizing and managing objects.

Additionally, gardens are a jumble of sensory stimulation for a growing child. The cool water coursing through the hose and between their fingers. The blooms' kaleidoscope of vibrant hues. The stones, soil, and leaves, together with the scent of newly cut grass and aromatic flowers, pique their interest and help them forget about the pandemic.

While the difficult periods may pass, the work you did to ensure your children's mental health will undoubtedly stay with them forever. In the meantime, use this time to strengthen your bond with your children.