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How to Incorporate Hygge Art Decor Into Your Workplace

08 July 2022

Just like feng shui and other workplace concepts, hygge office art is fast becoming most employees' refuge. And this is not unconnected to the minimalist office design that the idea preaches. However, we deem it fit to bring this practice to everyone's notice.

So here's your chance to learn how to work in a less cluttered and more efficient space. The decor will also ensure a better flow of zeal to work. On that note, we'll need your undivided attention as we bring you all you need to know about hygge office decor and other modern workplace decor ideas.

hygge-inspired workplace

Photo Credit: Fox Architects

What Do We Mean By Hygge Art?

Originally pronounced as "hoo-ga", we can trace the origin of hygge to the ancient Scandinavian (swedish) philosophy. And it stands for cozy well-being and healthy living through the use of natural items.

If we import that definition into our world today, it means that a contemporary office design built on hygge must be comfortable and refreshing to work in. A hygge-inspired workplace will also make whoever works in it feel less tired and frustrated. Even after completing a busy day, you'll feel high in terms of energy and alertness.

Therefore, it's no gainsaying to admit that hygge modern workplace enhances work-life balance, particularly for folks working remotely. The most interesting part of living a hygge life is that you'll enjoy both physical and mental benefits. That's why the Danish people believe that hygge carries tranquility, simplicity, and ease around.

Furthermore, they believe that hygge improves companionship. That is, it encourages its adherents to pursue and maintain good rapport with people around them. Other emotional perks the concept offers include higher optimism, reduced stress level, and deeper mindfulness of the world, and its dynamics.

Where to Purchase Hygge Art Decor

Where to Purchase Hygge Art Decor?

With the increasing popularity of a hygge art and its dependence on common office items, getting its components should not be difficult. Whether online or physical, almost every furniture outlet is into hygge essentials and pieces of furniture.

Again, hygge is intertwined with all the items we use in our day-to-day life, even outside the work setting. This means that any office supply or furniture store close to your home should have all the hygge necessities.

And if you don't want to invest in ready-made items, you can also adopt the DIY (do it yourself) method. All you have to do is get the relevant items for decoration, cut them into your preferred sizes, color them, and arrange them in the office as it best suits you.

Hygge Space

How to Build a Hygge Space?

Introducing the hygge theme into your office setup comes with some level of flexibility. That's because it allows you to unleash your creativity It gives you enough room to design as you want. You can play with the neutral vibes, warm and attractive colors, and the arrangement of the ergonomic office furniture on a larger scale.

However, we understand that it might be a bit difficult when the discussion gets to setting up a minimalist small office design. Even at that, we have worked on some ideas and practices that will help you achieve a smooth and productive workplace at the end of the day.

They include:

Get an Ideal Space

This is the basic but most important part of setting up a hygge-themed office. So you need to look deeper and search for a perfect spot for the office. Getting this right means that you're giving your mind the freedom to live free of both short-term and long-term stress or heaviness.

An ideal space will also keep your focus intact and pitch you far away from anxieties or any negative thoughts. Even if your home doesn't have enough space, the hygge design will also help because it doesn't consume much space.

It'll keep your mood checked, stress level minimized, and give you an all-around grace to complete projects faster and easier.

floor lamps

Take Advantage of Lighting

Another habit you should cultivate is to determine the perfect lighting for each environment. What do we mean? While working, changing your lighting can help your mind and body differentiate between relaxation and work time.

On that note, our opinion here is that you incorporate bright lighting like fairy lights, table lamps, floor lamps, and shaded lamps during the day. This lighting will serve as a signal to your mental faculty that it's time to be fully active for work.

But during the evening, you can use dim lighting to keep your body and soul relaxed and revived ahead of the new day's tasks. If you have a small office setup, you can also go for a LED desk lamp to give you the proper illumination.

Concentrate on Warm Lighting

Imagine you're working and the ceiling lights are emitting harsh fluorescent light rays. The result will likely make your head unstable for a couple of hours. It might even lead to eye strain. But the silver lining is that you can avoid these bad effects when you go for soft lighting in your office.

It's advisable to use floor lights that can help you cast a warm glow on the room before sunrise. They even make the early morning work sessions more productive. You can also look for a room with many natural lighting options. That's another easy way to stay away from electric light - for some hours at least

And if you're thinking of the best lighting for your desk, light bulbs will give you a warm glow. Go for it! Besides, it'll give you a more soothing effect while working. Yes, you can go traditional a bit. You should consider a candle on your table. Although it doesn't produce much light, it'll give the room an amazing and delectable fragrance.

Invest in Ergonomic Furniture

Invest in Ergonomic Furniture

Getting the right pieces of ergonomic furniture should also help here. For instance, bringing an ergonomic office chair and a height-adjustable standing desk into the workplace will free you from all sorts of body pain

You can also introduce a folding desk. Yes, a desk that you can easily fold up. This comes in handy especially when you don't have much space to design a home office. All you have to do is spend your work hours on the desk, and once you're done, you can fold it and relax.

Besides, investing in a smart desk is a wise choice if you want to have the workstation to yourself. That is, far from the living room or any distraction zone.

Stay Motivated

It's not always an easy task to maintain a happy mood. This hits harder when you work alone but you can always rely on hygge to help you stay good. When you bring hygge art into the workplace, positive thoughts should naturally flow. You can also frame and hang your favorite motivational quotes on the wall.

You can use them as your laptop's screen saver, or mobile phone's wallpaper, or stick them on your office bulletin board.

Maintain the Right Colors

Maintain the Right Colors

You should also be able to distinguish colors. That's because some colors help our brains and mental state stay active and on alert. On the other hand, some invoke a sense of ease and calmness in the mind. So you should know the peculiarities attached to each condition and give them the right colors.

Beverage Station

Looking at it from the lens of the modern workplace, having a beverage station nearby doesn't sound ideal. But as per this hygge theme we're considering, it's very appropriate. So having a spot for beverages is a fantastic way to charge your workers.

It'll make them feel revived amidst a long and sunny day. They'll also have the chance to laugh and bond with their colleagues. Most importantly, the beverage station should cover various beverages to ensure every worker gets a taste of their favorites.

Keep the Space Organized

Keep the Space Organized

A very common trait of successful office workers is that they don't leave things for the next day. It doesn't matter if it's about completing a task or arranging the desk, they're always focused on finishing the day without spilling or procrastinating any work.

What makes them active enough to do this is the psychological effect of keeping the desktop organized and clean at all times. So you should also try to finish your cleaning spree at the end of each day. That way, you won't meet a messy office the next morning and that's an ideal footing to start a new day.

Get Some Warm Blankets

Do you know that the wind directs the level of temperature in our offices? Yes, that explains why you're too warm at times and too cold at others. If it looks like you're about to develop cold, you should get some blankets to keep you warm.

And if it gets too hot, you should keep a portable desktop fan within your reach. If you have a spacious and well-equipped home office, an electric fireplace or small wooden oven should do the perfect job of keeping you warm. It'll also give you the correct temperature with a brand new level of aesthetics.

Cool Music

Cool Music

By cool music, we're not referring to the type of music you listen to that makes you lose focus or ditch the entire work. No. Rather, jamming the right music will fire up your energy and triple your productivity.

To make this more interesting and fun-filled, you can get a pair of noise-canceling headphones or speakers. In short, play some thrilling music that eases your soul, activates your mind, and refreshes your body as you work.

Final Words

As we wrap up this dialogue, never forget that you have to observe the hygge lifestyle daily before you can start feeling the impacts. And if you're a rookie to hygge, your best shot is to start small. You can select one or two items that'll improve your office outlook. Them, let's see how it goes.

Finally, always pay close attention to your mood. So once you incorporate some hygge theme into your office space, evaluate their effects on your productivity.

Here's to effective hygge-inspired office space and Scandinavia!