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How to Keep Remote Workers Happy

05 August 2021

Remember when you did something commendable for one of your workers rather than your company or business partners?

The majority of firms overlook their workers' happiness, which ultimately results in decreased performance. Maintaining connection amongst virtual workers is among the most significant issues in the contemporary economy.

It becomes even challenging when it concerns promoting company events for the crew. To assist our dear readers, the following are some engaging work-from-home initiatives to try.

Meeting with your manager in person is no longer the majority in a society where individuals follow social distancing protocols. You might be employed in a business that permits staff to deal with the business in any place. Nevertheless, companies must develop methods for interacting with their distant personnel. While teleworking benefits both the management and the staff, you could be wondering how you can maintain the culture and traditions of employee events.

Up next are the recommendations for group development initiatives.  

Boost morale with friendly competition events

Organize daily or weekly challenges to pit your staff against one another. As you do so, take care to create only friendly rivalry amongst them. This will also help in keeping your personnel connected and engaged. You also can allow other citizens to participate in the events.

Let employees dance or sing their stress and hearts out

You may have read countless articles and know certain people who assert that art has healing properties. You can still participate in cyber music and dance workshops and profit from the associated rewards.

You can select an individual who is skilled in dance and have them conduct the classes. Another preferable idea is getting a qualified instructor to facilitate the dance or singing workshops. It may be costly, but it is well worth it, as physical workshops are typically paid.

Playing calls to mind a unique form of rehabilitation

Encouraging your staff to participate in gaming activities will assist them in carrying out their everyday responsibilities after being reinvigorated. Furthermore, games teach them to overcome complicated problems they face daily.

Nonetheless, when choosing the most awesome trivial content, check that they are connected to their area of expertise. For example, if your business is heavily involved in motorcycles, create questions related to your line of business.

Try presenting a story through virtual plays

We as humans adore tales and regard these as uplifting.

As a result, incorporating them into the existing objectives might aid in uniting your workforce. Additionally, it could lead the management to find opportunities to connect and appreciate their other colleagues. Additionally, tales aid in the development of more vital social skills. You'll see that when individuals work remotely, they turn reserved, which impairs their language skills.

Swapping images

Swapping images will keep your staff motivated. Additionally, various photographs are amusing, and hence will make them laugh and reduce stress.

Throughout the discussion, some participants also could contribute to the group with photographs from their upbringing. The participants will realize the progress they made to reach their current position.

The ideal holiday 

Once you're prepared to play, you must guarantee that each person has a buddy, contacts one another, and informs them of their halted dream vacation because of the pandemic. After a little while, they must reconvene and take each other on their dream trips once the travel bans are lifted.

Assess their skills in a fun way

Usually, whenever individuals are alongside other people, they accomplish complicated projects more rapidly than solo. Additionally, the duration required to complete the activity is less than when a single person attempts to end it all.

Likewise, gather your group and assign them the duty of completing the online assessments. The motivation for this is that they repeatedly fail to participate in initiatives that allow them to withdraw from the screen. You can administer the assessment to them in pairs, solo, or small groups.

To keep it exciting for everyone, you might set aside awards for those who complete the questionnaire the quickest. Never deny them a decent amount of time to focus.

Reading sessions and book recommendations

Individuals must take reading seriously. It can expand their knowledge and expertise. To compel your staff to do so, you might establish a cyber book discussion group that will immerse them into literature.

To ensure the team's longevity, you can designate each participant a story and a deadline for completion. This will help you remain involved and united as a unit.

Exchange of expert knowledge

The management can encourage its staff to exchange insights and information about particular issues they are most familiar with. To begin, you simply have to confirm that everyone is available and engaged. These courses are ideal since they enable participants to acquire new abilities.

Saturday night discussions

Since not everyone can go out on a Saturday night, why not establish online camaraderie through weekly group discussions? The group’s topic can range from how they will face a zombie apocalypse, how they can deal with a toxic friend outside of work, or just about anything under the sun. As long as it is not work-related, it can be a topic. Allow each employee to have a chance to share their thoughts. It will push them to speak up rather than being a digital wallflower. Make this a safe space for everyone to speak up about what matters to them whilst keeping a light vibe.

There could also be themes to follow such as wearing purple clothes or a curating the most creative costume out of household materials. These weekend discussions are not mandatory so everyone can opt not to join if they have other matters at hand. What these discussions are aiming for is the catharsis that every participant will feel as they let loose and have fun. 

Final Thoughts

The engaging method that you chose is determined by the event that you choose. Therefore, you must pick a platform where every staff would not doze off or have trouble in participating.

Once you begin, you need to confirm that all staff are linked. Make it clear to your employees that attendance at such workshops is not mandatory as long as there are the required number of attendees. You can put your own spin to the activities listed above if it fits your company culture better.