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How to Keep Your Balance on a Wobble Stool

20 April 2021

When you are sitting, how do you manage yourself? Are you the one who sways back and forth, back and forth like you are riding the carousel? Do you sometimes break a chair when you sit down after laughing so hard? Or, do you simply feel lightheaded, nauseous, and would suddenly feel like everything is turning into pitch dark? Then, when you wake up, you’re in the clinic or hospital. That I think was because you lost balance.


Why do people lose balance? Is it something just because of not being careful or because of proper posture or is it something that a person must be worried about? In this article today, we will discuss the reasons a person lose balance; things that he must do to avoid losing balance,

And the role of products like the Scalloped Accent Chair from Flexispot.


In this article too, we will discuss the possible injuries that a person might experience from losing balance. The important things to remember and how proper posture helps him avoid accidents like hitting the floor, breaking or fracturing bones.


Let’s begin now.


Losing Balance:  

To some people, losing balance is just something to ignore. Sometimes, they think that maybe they just stepped on something or made a wrong movement. However, doctors explain underlying causes of it.


They say that if it always happens to you, chances are that you have balance problems. These balance problems show when you are:


feeling lightheaded


feeling spinning

feeling of going to fall down


When you feel lightheaded, you got this feeling of being on clouds and it’s like you are getting lighter as you walk or stride. You could also feel like your head is empty.


When you are unsteady, chances are your body gets numb then once you stand up from a chair, you’d feel like your body goes sideways like the heaviness is either on the right side or left side of your body. When you don’t feel numb, you may also feel like there is an electric current running along your veins.


When you are feeling spinning, the head feels empty too and you’d look at things like they are swaying. Before your surrounding gets dark, you’d notice that your vision gets blurry and the things around you are getting smaller.


This one happens when you totally feel imbalanced. Like there is a suddenelectric shock rushing into your nerves. Heart is beating fast, nerves are tingling, your vision totally gets dark, and you’d suddenly fall down.


When does this Happen?


In most cases, people lose balance when they are sick but moves a lot.

Some lose balance when they trip over or slip on a wet surface. However, there are underlying causes of balance problems which we would further discuss in a while. According to the doctors, your muscles, bones, joints, eyes, the balance organ in your inner ears, heart, blood, and vessel should work normally. Should there be underlying causes, chances are a person is suffering the balance problems even during a light activity.


Medical Conditions:


        a reeling sensation; the feeling that you are about to fall associated with:


                  Vestibular Neuritis- an inflammatory disorder cause by a virus. This occurs in the inner ear.

                   Head Injury- a possible concussion causes Vertigo



Postular Hypotension

       a significant drop to the blood pressure takes place when someone, for example suddenly stands or sits up




This feeling of losing balance might be caused by:


   Nerve Damage to your Legs:

   Joint Muscle or vision problems

   Certain Neurological Conditions



How to Avoid These Incidents:


It is important that we do preventive measures for these incidents. Knowing some tips may help us be more proactive when dealing with these conditions. So here are the things that

we need to know:


What to Do When….


lYou have Vertigo:

As mentioned above, this condition usually begins in the inner ear. Most patients really have this condition from childhood which gets severe as they grow older. One of the ways is to do ear candling. which can relieve Vertigo as this can remove the ear wax that might be pushed against the eardrum, triggering the condition


You Have Migraine :


People with migraine is very sensitive to flashy lights,strong-scented perfume, or items with strong odor. When these scents get through their sinuses, there is a tendency that their condition would be triggered. Hence, it’s best for a patient to avoid the items mentioned earlier; choose a mild scented-perfume and avoid buying items like paint that has strong odors.


You have Nerve Damage on your Legs:


Taking Vitamin B complex can help repair damaged nerves. Doing exercises and Yoga could also help repair the damaged nerves as these activities promote good blood circulation


You are walking or Standing Up:


       Experiencing loss of balance when walking or standing up is something that might be fatal in some ways. A lot of deaths are caused by loss of balance after hitting their heads on the floor or spine or hip injury.

       Hence, here are some important tips on how to stay aligned and safe even when you lose balance.


       Relax and try to lower your body but make sure to hold on to a wall or any sturdy surface or part of a chair such as the Ergonomic chair of Flexispot.


Always protect your head, neck, hips, and spine. In most cases, people who lose balance always hit their heads on the floor because they are not able to protect their heads first. It is impossible though to do this but try to focus a little and control the impact by trying to bend your knees a bit then  move sideways so you’re not directly hit your spine on the floor.


Now, the question is what if you’re in the office? You’re busy doing a lot of stuff at your work table when you suddenly feel like you’re about to fall and lose consciousness. This

product that we’re going to discuss is what we call Height Adjustable Wobble Stool



           has a comfortable and thick seat that has high resilience so an impact or pressure won’t damage the product

            can be tilted and has a cushion that can fit the buttocks area properly


All in all, knowing the importance of keeping your balance would protect you against fatal accidents. This would help you become prepared and proactive especially if you’re a busy

office worker.